Fall News - 9 July 2000

(updated 13 July - excellent article about Triple Gang's TSNG here: http://www.sfweekly.com/issues/2000-07-12/music.html)

18 June Aberdeen Glow 303


Don't know if anyone has posted a review of the Aberdeen gig, but I spoke with my pal who went to see them (he saw them at Reading '99 too), and he described them as being "really tight". MES was "obviously wasted", and by some fiddling and twiddling managed to unplug the guitar amp for a while. Meanwhile, there were a few numbers with only bass and drums that "sounded excellent", until the amp was reinstated and normal service was resumed. His girlfriend, who has seen the The Fall twice before, thought they were much better than when she saw them last (in '98, if I remember correctly). Support group was also much acclaimed.



Fffffffffall in Portugal August

Looks like a particularly luxurious 1.5 hours has been set aside by the promoter !!



Ta to Graeme:

"I Am As Pure As Oranj" Format: CD, CAT: PILOT61, Released: 31st July

'A rare live document of The Fall's amazing 'Kurious Oranj' tour. This included the Dutch Ballet performing at the Edinburgh Festival supporting the "I Am Kurious Oranj" album.

Contains two visual tracks, also featuring the Dutch Ballet performance.' (update: the CD did not contain any video tracks, sadly).

Sleeve looks like it's going to be all orange with "I Am As Pure As Oranj" written in the middle in gothic script.


Dog Like / Jerusalem / Kurious Oranj / Yes Oh Yes / Hip Priest / Wrong Place Right Time / Acid / Friendz / Bad News Girl / Dead Beat Descendant / The Plague / Cabbing It Up Town / Bremen Nacht


Ta to Graham:

"[Paul] Morley is still an avid record buyer. He raves about The Aphex Twin, somebody called Arvo Part, the new En Vogue CD and 'an obscure Britney Spears 12in b-side, that sort of sounds like early Cabaret Voltaire'. I out-Fall him with a b-side question. But he comes back with a top anecdote. 'I saw The Fall's first ever show. I thought Mark was singing "Gosh, You're All A State", when he was singing "Industrial Estate".'

Gordon Legge interviewing Paul Morley about his new book, 'Nothing', in The List, Glasgow & Edinburgh events guide


Pete K:

From a CDZone mailout:

New Release 31 Jul 2000 £13.59 Fall Fall Masters Audio CD EEECD010 Triple CD


Ian Greaves:

Further to the latest FallNews, Mild Man Jan is Spencer Marsden who appeared and collaborated on a couple of Marshall Suite tracks. He's had releases all over the place, including the V/VM label (a 1998 CDR which hasn't seen the light of day as yet) and Skam. He is not a member of Speedranch~Jansky Noise (or Speedranch~Jansky Noise~Noise Girl as they are now) but is an affiliate of theirs. Jansky Noise (Andy McGregor) was in V/VM but is no longer.


Americans! Make up for recent lack of tour dates by seeing Triple Gang perform the whole of This Nation's Saving Grace!

Bill Gould: Bass (ex-Faith No More)
John Weiss: Drums (ex-Horsey)
Matt Jervis: Voice (ex-Clarke Nova)
Alex Newport: Guitar (ex-Fudge Tunnel)

We're playing two shows in San Francisco, CA:
July 14th @ Kimo's on Polk Street
Aug 3rd @ The CW on Folsom Street




There's a D.O.S.E. website up at:



The following shows the appalling lengths Fall guitarists were expected to go to in 1981 during the non-guitar bits in Look Know:


(Leeds Bier Keller 5/11/81)



From: "Bob Lukomski"

From the Winston-Salem, NC phonebook... I smudged the phone
# so Chip doesn't receive and midnight calls...CHIP!


>Date: Thu, 27 May 1999
>To: fall@freedonia.com
>From: David Kettle
>Subject: <fallnet> Copulating With Falcons.
>I've just found a newspaper article from last year (as you do) about "The Falconer". For those who may not have been paying attention, this film was supposed to be a film biog/portrait of Peter Whitehead, 60s fella and scenester face who went to all the right parties/knew all the people/took all the drugs etc. The film is a collaboration between former boho hipster and film-maker Chris Petit and psychogeographer novelist and poet/council workman Iain Sinclair. It turned out less a biography and more, to the consternation of PW, a heavily edited and editorialised fiction, depicting him as a bit of a tit and/or a paedophile/stalker/murderer.
>Now, to the point. I saw this film last year when it was on C4 and had the standard reaction. Namely that the techniques of video colour enhancement, overlaid images and scratchy/grainy stock allied to an elliptical narrative structure, plus jerky camera work, barely overcame a certain disinclination to engage with the somewhat arcane subject matter of some 60s deadbeat with a prediliction for fucking falcons.* Once you've seen one falcon fiddler you've seen 'em all was more or less my approach. (The man Whitehead has become a bit of a mystic, and has nurtured an interest in/obsession with "living out the myth of Isis and Osiris on the spiritual plane" which involves "the birth of the Falcon Horus and the opening of the 3rd Eye, the transformation of rational vision into visionary vision" (you know the sort of thing) and has, in conjunction with this, been engaged in the pursuit of "finding his feminine side").
>Now, the impression I gained was that the film had been made with Whitehead's approval and assistance. You'd certainly never guess from his appearances in it that he was an unwilling participant. The impression, just watching it without benefit of the internal politics, is that it's a bit of a convoluted and heavily referential in joke in which all participants are involved. But of course, this reading is far too simplistic.
>This article claims that PW is up in arms against Petit/Sinclair, who he rails against as Serial Killers Of The Mind, and who he claims to have stitched him up in portraying him as a paedophile and a stalker. Whitehead claims that he just likes to have women around him, and that CP/IS are just "living totally in the world of serial killers and the male mysteries and, you know, Burroughs shooting his wife and..........They cannot accept the fact that I am, in a sense, bisexual, that my life is a pursuit of the feminine". All of which proves, er, nothing really. It's just a salutory lesson in never believing anything you see, I guess. Or that context is required for everything. One other thing in the article though, which may be of interest, was that Whitehead claims Sinclair is all set to do another hatchet job on another iconic 60s figure, JG Ballard no less. He is set, it seems , to reveal the scandalous "true" story behind Ballard's Crash.
>* Whitehead had a special hat made which was attractive to male falcons, who would land on his head and proceed to copulate with the hat. Prince Charles apparently was much taken with this, describing it as the most amazing thing he'd ever seen. He (Whitehead) would then inject the sperm into female falcons, having first familiarised them with his scent, to gain their trust. His position as falconer to a Saudi Prince, having been apprehended for egg smuggling, afforded him the means and the opportunity for this endeavour.

>DK, only one year late

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