Fall News - 30 January 2000

The Fall play:
Hull Wellington Club on 20 March
Wrexham Yales on 21 March
Doncaster Leopard on 22 March
York Fibbers on 23 March
Leeds Duchess of York on 24th March

David Humphries: Passing the Duchess in Leeds last night and I saw a poster advertising a Fall gig there on 24th March, tickets £9. They can be bought from the venue, or by credit card on 0113 245 3929.



From: Saatchi advertisements Plc
Subject: possible Fall material for use in 2000 campaigns (confidential)

Client                                  Song                                         Product emphasis


BT                                     Telephone Thing                         tendril ocean bed achievements (nb: downplay "listening in")

Volkswagen                       Athlete Cured                             power-steering enhances ability to be parked "willy nilly"

Beefeater                           The Steak Place                          High-profile clientele (young lawyers)

Ikea furniture                     Carry-Bag Man                           Usefulness of Ikea armchairs as places "to put carrier bags on"

East Anglia Water              Pay Your Rates                           introduce subtle fear of water bill non-payment in customer -
                                                                                            threat of ending "up on debtors' retreat estate"

Rennies indigestion             The Classical                              "I know it means a lot of stomach gas"
tablets limited

(that's enough - C Saatchi)


Mark Waller's Glow Boys film, plus two others (incl another one with MES) will be released on vid by mailorder sometime in


From the Bent Crayon list:

FALL, THE: Live 1977 CD (COG SINISTER). "The earliest known recording of John Peel's all-time favorite band. Hidden at the back of Mark E. Smith's bedroom cupboard for the last 20 odd years, this was never a high-fidelity recording, even after the tape has been cleaned up it still sounds like a bootleg made on a first generation cassette.. Having said that, it's priceless, awe inspiring, raw, grinding punk-rock stuff, full of bile and humor in roughly equal amounts. This is vintage Mancunian crap- rapping, live and dangerous. Nothing from this early gig has ever been released." 13.99

FALL, THE: Early Fall 77-79 CD (COG SINISTER). "Features all the early singles from the Fall's time at Step Forward Records, encapsulating the first two years of the band's existence. From 1978's 'Bingo Masters Breakout' to the vicious rockabilly of 'Fiery Jack', the material on this album spent years out of print, changing hands on increasingly scratchy vinyl. Two bonus tracks are included which were previously only available on the long deleted Live At The Electric Circus compilation.. They might have got louder but they never got any stranger than this. Track Listing: Repetition, Bingo Masters Breakout, Psycho Mafia, Various Times, It's The New Thing, Rowche Rumble, In My Area, Dice Man, Psykick Dancehall, Second Dark Age, Fiery Jack." 13.99



Choice extracts from the biography of Tommy Blake:


"Retrospectively, the time Blake spent working with Belew was the most fertile of his career to date. Belew's aptitude as a country song writer was second to none, a trait that spawned a creativity in Blake that had began to wane during his time with Sun. Blake recognized this fecundity that Belew brought out in him, and quickly utilized it on his first record since leaving Sam Phillips and his Memphis based label the previous year. Signing with Recco in 1959, Blake cut "The Hanging Judge", one of the first tunes born from his association with Belew. For the top deck Blake waxed a number that he had deviously acquired while in Dallas almost four years earlier, "F-olding Money" (Recco 1006). Both tunes were raw honky tonk, albeit "F-olding Money" possessed a rhythmic boogie beat reminiscent of his period with RCA and Sun, and clearly illustrated the notion that Blake was far more comfortable writing country material rather than pop arrangements. Sales of the Recco disc told a different story, though. "

"After meeting Samantha, his future second wife, in Georgia, Blake moved to Shreveport and resumed his alcoholism and drug use, which had now taken a firm hold on him. Blake was at his lowest ebb. This paradigm continued into the nineteen eighties, much to the chagrin of Samantha, whom Blake was dragging down with him. Blake's character was deteriorating. He bore out his resentment of the music industry and lack of sustained success on Samantha. She could only withstand so much, and on Christmas Eve in 1985, when Blake returned home to their trailer park in Shreveport and became violent with her, she retaliated. He drew a .38 pistol, brandishing it at her. A struggle ensued and Blake dropped the gun. Samantha picked up the weapon and pointed it at Blake, hoping that such a threat may calm his temper. Instead, she shot him. Samantha confessed later that she did not purposefully murder her husband, she simply wanted to take the weapon from Blake to prevent him from using it. Further, when her actions were contested in court, the eventual verdict was easily anticipated. Samantha Blake was acquitted of murdering her husband on the grounds of his previous history of alcoholism, drug abuse and occasional spousal abuse."



From an interview at http://www.twomp.com/amplifier/st_e_tlk.htm
I dont think saint etienne has much of a Fall attitude, but they did do that Choc Stock track.

AMP: Who is a big influence on you that reviewers never catch?

BOB: The Fall. The Fall were a tremendous influence, particularly on me and to an extent Pete. More the attitude than the music.

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