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Fall News


The Fall play ...

21 April Maria am Ostbahnhof, Berlin, Germany. Tickets on sale here.
2 May Stubb's, Austin, Texas (tickets)
4 May Gypsy Tea Room, Dallas, Texas (tickets)
6 May Club Congress, Tucson, Arizona (scroll down for tickets)
7 May Brickhouse Theater, Phoenix, Arizona
9 May House of Blues, San Diego, CA (link is to tickets)
11 May Glass House, Pomona, CA (tickets)
13 May Knitting Factory, Los Angeles, CA (link is to tickets)
14 May Independent, San Francisco, CA (tickets)
15 May Independent, San Francisco, CA (tickets)
23 May Knitting Factory, Los Angeles, CA (link is to tickets)
25 May The Depot, Salt Lake City, Utah (tickets)
26 May Boulder Theater, Boulder, Colorado (link is to tickets)
27 May Record Bar, Kansas City, Missouri (tickets)
29 May Varsity Theater, Minneapolis, Minnesota (tickets)
30 May Logan Square Auditorium, Chicago, Illinois (ticketweb)
1 June Knitting Factory, New York, NY (ticketweb)
2 June Southpaw, Brooklyn, NY (ticketweb)
10 June New Century Hall, Manchester. A 30th anniversary special gig, they say. Tickets from ticketline; Easy Internet Cafe on St Anne's Square, Manchester; King Bee Records, Chorlton; Piccadilly Records, Oldham Street, Manchester; Endless Music, Prestwich. Also from quaytickets.com (£1.50 booking fee)
11 Aug. Oya Festival, Oslo, Norway (schedule of bands)
26 Aug. Reading Festival (Radio 1 / NME stage)
27 Aug. Leeds Festival (Radio 1 / NME stage)
8 Sept. Bestival, Robin Hill, Isle of Wight

updated 1 May

The provisional Seattle, Portland, and all the Canadian dates are not happening after all.

The Fall have booked studio time in Los Angeles during the mid-May break, and they're scheduled to appear on San Diego's Fox Rox TV show after May 9. (According to their site, the program airs on Thursdays at midnight and Saturdays at 10:30 p.m. on Fox 6. Also on Saturdays at 11:30 p.m. on UPN 13.

Also, the Fall are likely going to appear on the Henry Rollins Show on IFC. If the plan goes through, they would be taped on or around 12 May, and the show would air sometime in July. Hopefully there'll be an MES interview.


added 25 April

Conway on the message board:

Steve Hanley is part of The Reclaimers on a song for the World Cup 2006 entitled Onwards the Few. The Reclaimers also includes Jason Brown from The Lovers on guitar and Paul Hanley - Steve's son, not his brother! - on drums.

You can hear the song (a Flash swf file) at http://www.onwardsthefew.co.uk. See also http://www.myspace.com/thereclaimerssong.

Meanwhile, The Lovers featuring Steve and Paul Hanley - his brother this time, not his son! - are working on their next album. A couple of tracks have got Denise Johnson on backing vocals (she played Mary in The Manchester Passion and is well known for backing vocals on tracks by ACR, Primal Scream, Electronic, etc.).


added 24 April; updated 25 April

Maria am Ostbahnhof, Berlin - 21 April 2006 :

Youwanner / new song / Theme from Sparta F.C. / What About Us / Ride Away / The Boss / I Can Hear the Grass Grow / Mountain Energei / Pacifying Joint / Wrong Place, Right Time / Systematic Abuse / Blindness / White Line Fever / Touch Sensitive / Bo Demmick

Reviews on the message board. Lots of photos by Sebastian Cording (of Margrave of the Marshes fame).


added 7 April; updated 11 April

Mark appears in the "In Their Own Write" section in the May issue of Uncut. Many thanks to Graeme for scanning it in.

The same issue has a brief review of the Middle Class Revolt and Cerebral Caustic reissues; again thanks to Graeme.


added 14 March

Gojohnnygogogo is organizing a Fall Night in Leeds on 6 May. Five hours of the Fall, a quiz, prizes (including a life-sized M.E.S.), etc. Further information and advance tickets on this page.


added 6 February; updated 7 April

An announcement from Bert of the Praxis Hagen Gallery in Berlin, Germany.

The Fall : Paintwork
A Tribute to Mark E. Smith

18 May through 12 June 2006 in the Praxis Hagen Gallery.

For the 30th birthday of The Fall there will be a special event in Berlin.

Twelve artists who either made artwork for the record covers, referred their work to The Fall, got inspired by the music and the attitude or used the band as a code, a cultural phenomenon will exhibit old and new work. The artists in this group exhibition are very different -- and very much the same: they all relate to music and transfer this passion into art -- paintings, drawings, videos, sculptures, performances.

Especially the artists who did the old album covers have since then developed and will be showing new work. Now, as then, inspired by The Fall.

So the exhibition will not only be a retrospective but a "work in progress" like The Fall. Paintwork.

It is the first time these artists exhibit together. Their only link: The Fall.

It looks like it will be a great show with many familiar names and faces. Artist bios and websites are on the gallery's website, and the official Fall website has a few images from the exhibition.


Claus Castenskiold still has some of his artist-signed PBL tour posters for sale on his site -- http://www.clauscastenskiold.com.

1 May 2006

This is the latest news and gossip off the message board, Fallnet, and elsewhere for those with weak stomachs. If you have anything to say, you can mail Stefan, but you can't mail the FallNet mailing list direct anymore. To subscribe to FallNet, send mail to:

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