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30 Mar  Coney Island High, NYC
31 Mar  Coney Island High, NYC

3 Apr   Middle East, Boston
4 Apr   Trocadero, Phila.
5 Apr    Black Cat, WDC

7 Apr   Brownie's, NYC
8 Apr   Brownie's, NYC

From Alan McB:
"apparently there are posters up in manc saying that mark is dj'ing at a benefit night ;
Date: 26/3; Venue: nowhere - deansgate, manchester: Phone:  0161 442 9757
Also the latest rumour on the mooted april uk gigs is that they will probably play dingwalls at camden, london on 28 & 29/4. "


The Peel Sessions album looks like it's been put back to 23 March.

TBLY/Fall Info service (from Rob Waite)

"TBLY will now be distributing Official Fall Newsletters on behalf of the band in tandem with the fanzine. GBP 7 will cover the cost of four issues of TBLY (incl. p&p) plus newsletters between issues when Fall news requiring immediate attention (i.e. tours/releases etc) is passed on to us. The extra money will cover the cost of printing and sending the additional information. This is a non-profit-making, hopefully self-financing scheme, put together with total co-operation from Mark E Smith & The Fall....Cheques payable to R. Waite.

We are not operating a fan club as such, but providing a new information service. So please don't send any mail for the band to this address for us to pass on to them. This new venture is totally unconnected with the old Cog Sinister fan club.

Though the gist of all official news updates will be appearing on the new website, TBLY at the behest of Mr Mark Edward Smith of The Fall, maintains the right to keep occasional exclusive missives for use in the fanzine. The first of these appears in #11 due out in approx. one month. This will be a limited print run until demand/interest in the new TBLY/Fall collaboration is established. Any advance orders will be guaranteed a copy plus subsequent newsletters.

Contact Rob Waite, 19 Wellington Street, Retford, Notts, DN22 6NL. Overseas rates available on request pending enquiries to Royal Mail regarding extra postage rates and the strength of the pound against foreign currencies!"

Recent news....

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From Alan McBride:

'there are two men in my life
to one I am a mother
to the other I am a wife
but I give them both the best...
I'm a mummy!
I just came back to meet
tommy crooks
and to see what problems are in his life'

dingwalls, 97


From Martin Wheatley:
[4]  | Your Computer, Your Symphony by John Alderman [5]
Tired of hearing the same old sounds on your computer day in, day out? Rather than changing the sounds, maybe you should change their context. A new shareware program will search your computer for sound files, then manipulate and string them together to create otherworldly, ambient music whose underlying familiarity adds to its intrigue. SoundRaider [6]  was developed by British programmer and experimental musician Andy Wilson, who drew inspiration from generative music composers, who write computer programs that automatically create music. Wilson admired works of generative music such as Brian Eno's "Koan," but wanted something more like "'real world' sound, sound that everyone might be familiar with," he said.
As a result, SoundRaider plunders its host and plays up to 10 sounds at a time, which have been stretched, compressed, and looped. The result, says Wilson, "is sometimes a bit like listening to your machine cursing, singing, and muttering to itself."
Wilson compares the program's creations to "isolationist ambient" music, and says that "many people - of strong disposition - like to leave it running on the desktop while they work." Next on Wilson's plate may be a version that trawls the whole Net for sounds. Maybe the sounds of the Web's internal conversations will be the signature symphony for the end of the century.


The Biggest Library Yet

Issue 10 of the excellent (and now official) fanzine TBLY came out a few weeks ago, put together by Graham Coleman. For details have a look at the TBLY pages at http://members.tripod.com/~GColeman/index.html - some back issues (3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10) are still available for the bargain price of £1.00 cash/chq/PO (overseas send 3 IRCs or $3US). Any enquiries to spleen@valise.com

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