Fall News - 11 July 1999

The Fall play Edinburgh at Queens Hall, Edinburgh on Sun 22 Aug. This gig is part of the Flux Festival. Tickets @GBP10 can be bought on-line via the Flux Festival website or by telephone 0870 90 70 999 or 0131 220 4349 or 0131 668 2019

They also play Reading Festival on 27 August, Leeds Festival on 28 August on the Radio 1 Evening Session Stage. Tickets (GBP 33/day) from 0541 500 044, 0171 344 0044, HMV, Ticketmaster. Other details here.

Provisional Dutch tour dates:

15   LVC, Leiden
16   Paradiso, Amsterdam
17   Doornroosje, Nijmegen
18   Vera, Groningen
19   013, Tilburg


Artful will be releasing the new Fall single "F-Oldin' Money" (from The Marshall Suite) on the 26th July on 2 CD singles (CDARTFUL3/CDXARTFUL3). B-sides are: cd -this perfect day, birthday song, cd -crying marshall, tom ragazzi, these being remixes/alt versions of some description

ALSO the new single from The Clint Boon Experience 'You Can't Keep a Good Man Down' released on Artful/Booney Tunes on August 9th features Mark E. contributing vocals to the b-side 'Now I Wanna Be Your Dog', recorded live and spontaneously at the Monarch in Camden on April 19 this year, and continues the Inspirals/Mark E. connection...this track will only ever be available on this single, CD-CDARTFUL31...7"-7ARTFUL31

Elastica - 'How He Wrote Elastica Man' featuring Mark E Smith
It's from a forthcoming 6 track e.p that includes another MES collaboration. On first hearing it sounded more like a Fall track than an Elastica one!


The Fall fanzine TBLY#16 is now on sale.

An excellent issue as ever, featuring Rob Waite's tour diary, a couple of press interviews that haven't appeared here, opinion and well/ill-formed comment on whether The Fall are any good or not, interviews with Tom Head and MES (on Tony Blair & gun control) - all the usual stuff. And some short story about a paperboy nicking booze. 64 pages.

A 4-issue sub (plus newsletters) available for GBP 7, GBP 8.50 Europe & Eire, $15 cash from R Waite, 29 Leverton Road, Retford, Notts, DN22 6QF, UK.


Eston Martz:


R Meltzer:

From the night in '79 he was on my radio fandango to somewhere in the 80s, when our correspondence dwindled to nothingness, Mark Smith of the Fall and I were something like friends. When he played LA we hung out, preferably in bars where he didn't expect to meet members of his band ("It's a bad idea to socialize with your musicians"). On one occasion, he berated me for going home with a woman he'd introduced me to, a rockwriter who when I kissed and fondled her had no panties and a dangling tampon string, oo wee ("Sex is not a good motivating factor"). Before my VCR got stolen, I ran him a tape of Plan 9 From Outer Space, and he played me a cassette of songs about trucks by some actual trucker trying hard to sound like Dylan ("It's not the Dylan part that matters--it's the truck part"). He decried London as "too French," unlike Manchester, his home ("The Norman Conquest didn't make it that far north"). Back there during the Falkland Islands thing, he feigned a rooting interest in the UK, contending it was "much too easy to side with Argentina." Mark E. Smith: a man of pith and whimsy.

As a band, as a musical realization of something, the Fall were more intelligent, more after-the-end-of-the-world (aka "post-rock"), AND more sonically compelling than Sonic Youth (if less nerd-empowering). The last of their albums he sent me was Grotesque (After the Gramme) (Rough Trade 18), which I must've played but don't remember. The cover is an old Dick Tracy-type guy gritting teeth like the likeness of Phil Alvin on the cover of the second Blasters LP. Speaking of which, of whom, the last time I saw the Fall play I was standing with Dave Alvin, who after a couple songs said, perplexed, "There's no hooks." "Well," said I, "that's the point."

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