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Fall News

The Fall and Von Südenfed play ...

1 June Estrella Damm Primavera Sound 2007, Parc del Forum, Barcelona.
9 June Von Südenfed at The Garden Party, Ballinlough Castle, Athboy, Co. Westmeath, Ireland.
1 July The Ritz, Manchester, part of the Manchester International Festival. Tickets on sale. Support: readings from the Perverted by Language short story collection.
6 July Von Südenfed at Fabric, 77a Charterhouse Street, London, EC1. Ticketweb.
13 July Von Südenfed at the Melt Festival, Ferropolis, Gräfenhainichen, Germany
14 July Ashton Court Festival, Aston Court Estate, Bristol. Tickets.
17 July Carling Academy, Islington, London. Tickets (£15 or £50 for all four nights) available from ticketweb and wegottickets.
18 July Carling Academy, Islington, London
19 July Carling Academy, Islington, London
20 July Carling Academy, Islington, London
4-5 Aug Tales Of The Jackalope Festival, Kimberley Hall, Norwich.
17 Aug Von Südenfed at the Pukkelpop Festival, Hasselt, Belgium
23 Sept Von Südenfed at ABC, Glasgow
24 Sept Von Südenfed at Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh
25 Sept Von Südenfed at Irish Centre, Leeds


added 1 July; updated 3 July

1 July 2007    Manchester International Festival, The Ritz, Manchester

Wolve Kidult Man / Pacifying Joint / Fall Sound / Over! Over! / Theme from Sparta FC / Hungry Freaks, Daddy / Wrong Place, Right Time / My Door Is Never / I've Been Duped / Mountain Energei / Strange Town (probably not the Jam cover...) // Blindness / Reformation // Senior Twilight Stock Replacer

Lineup UK: MES / Elena / Pete / Dave / Keiron

Reviews on the message board; the Manchester Evening News; the Metro.


added 30 June

Another one of those Q&A's in today's Independent - this one entitled "My Secret Life: Mark E. Smith, Singer."


added 28 June; updated 29 June

Spring Heeled Jim:

Friday's Newsnight Review (11pm, BBC2 in the UK) comes from the inaugural Manchester International Festival and, amongst other things, features an interview with Mark E Smith. I'm reliably informed that he was 'quite chirpy'.

With many thanks to xelders:


added 26 June

Ozit is releasing a Deeply Vale DVD that includes the TV show Deeply Madly Deeply Vale and some additional MES comments about the festival. There's also apparently a bit of video footage of the audience watching the Fall play Bingo Master's Breakout on stage, so don't buy it expecting a lot of vintage Fall content. Tracklisting on the forum.


added 25 June

Sanctuary will release a 5xCD Fall retrospective on 27 August. The tracklist was compiled by Conway and is intended as a companion piece to the Peel Sessions box, with similar packaging. The tracklist:

CD1: 1978-1983
1. Bingo-Master's Break-Out!
2. No Xmas For John Quays
3. Rowche Rumble (Take 4)
4. Before The Moon Falls
5. New Puritan
6. City Hobgoblins
7. Totally Wired
8. New Face In Hell
9. The Container Drivers
10. Leave The Capitol
11. Lie Dream Of A Casino Soul
12. The Classical
13. Hip Priest
14. Look, Know
15. Marquis Cha-Cha
16. The Man Whose Head Expanded
17. Wings
18. Smile
CD4: 1998-2007
1. The Horror In Clay (Mark E Smith)
2. Touch Sensitive (Dance Mix)
3. Shake-Off
4. Tom Raggazzi
5. Two Librans (Demo)
6. Dr. Bucks' Letter
7. Distilled Mug Art
8. Pander! Panda! Panzer! (Excerpt) (Mark E Smith)
9. Susan vs Youthclub (Remix)
10. Mike's Love Xexagon (Alternate Version)
11. Last Commands Of Xyralothep Via MES
12. (We Are) Mod Mock Goth
13. Portugal
14. Theme From Sparta F.C. #2
15. I Can Hear The Grass Grow (Slow Version)
16. Blindness (Alternate Version)
17. Fall Sound (Alternate Version)
CD2: 1984-1989
1. Oh! Brother
2. Lay Of The Land
3. Couldn't Get Ahead
4. Bombast
5. Paintwork
6. L.A.
7. Mr. Pharmacist
8. Dktr. Faustus
9. Shoulder Pads 1#
10. Excerpt From Hey! Luciani Play
11. There's A Ghost In My House
12. Hit The North (Part 4)
13. Guest Informant
14. A Day In The Life
15. Athlete Cured
16. Bremen Nacht (LP Version)
17. Big New Prinz
18. Dead Beat Descendant
CD5: Live Rarities
1. Hey! Fascist
2. Brand New Cadillac
3. My Condition
4. Pop Stickers
5. Session Musician
6. Middle Mass Explanation
7. I'm Into C.B. (Stars On 45 Version)
8. C'n'C-Black Night
9. Perverted By Language
10. He Talks
11. Hey! Marc Riley
12. Countdown
13. Race With The Devil
14. Tunnel
15. Interferance
16. Jet Boy
17. Walk Like A Man
18. The Boss
CD3: 1990-1997
1. Telephone Thing (Alternate Version)
2. Bill Is Dead
3. Arms Control Poseur (Single Version)
4. Theme From ERROR-ORRORI
5. The Re-Mixer
6. Free Range (Single Version)
7. Ed's Babe
8. Arid Al's Dream
9. Glam Racket
10. A Past Gone Mad (Alternate Version)
11. Behind The Counter (Single Version)
12. M5 (Single Version)
13. The Joke
14. Noel's Chemical Effluence
15. Plug Myself In (7" Nero Mix) (D.O.S.E. feat. Mark E Smith)
16. He Pep!
17. Inch (Inch feat. Mark E Smith)
18. Recipe For Fascism
19. Ten Houses Of Eve (Remix)
20. Calendar



added 25 June

Here's a late-entry RPTLC review, the first Fall review that I know of from Malaysia. It's not particularly glowing but it's entertaining nonetheless:

Jo Timbuoung, Malaysia Star (24 June 2007)

The Fall, a post-punk/New Wave rock band that was popular between the late 1970s and mid-1980s. Unlike, let’s say The Police, The Fall never really broke up... just kept changing members and playing to smaller audiences.

Its music is very much like the rock bands we have playing on radio today, but unfortunately, I can’t say much about the singing. I just don’t get the style...it could be due to me being too young to appreciate such “art” but it’s probably ’cos the singer can’t sing at all.

Throughout this 14-track album, lead vocalist Mark E. Smith doesn’t really make much sense. All he does is scream or slur in a monotonous voice into the microphone. Back in his heyday his style was probably considered spectacular but to these ears, he just sounds stoned.

We’ve heard of songwriters and singers being lazy and repetitious and only concerned with having enough album fodder to cash in on but this one is just bad.

Only two songs in this album made me sit up and listen. The first was White Line Fever with its Lennon-like style and musical arrangement. At the beginning of this song, Smith actually sounds as if he could pull off a good tune by singing properly for once ... but I was disappointed. I just kept reminding myself that “at least the music is good”.

There is even an Insult Song that takes the mickey out of White Line Fever, but it fails in its effort to be witty.

The Wright Stuff was another song that caught my attention only because it has a female guest singer on vocals in place of Smith. Despite slurring a bit, she manages to enunciate every word of the song. Also, the folk-like music makes it sound different.

Don’t expect to hear any of its offerings over the radio. There’s nothing in here that would be suitable for public hearing if information gatekeepers had their way. Sorry to say it but it’s no great loss.


added 20 June


Sanctuary Group plc was bought out by Universal Music last Friday (15 June). This follows a long period of financial difficulties for Sanctuary -- at one point last year it looked like it was about to go under. There shouldn't be any immediate impact on the Fall catalogue.

Also, there's a compilation CD of Step Forward singles being released on Sanctuary's Castle label on 25 June. It includes the first two Fall singles. The compilation is called I Wanna Punk Rock. The complete tracklisting is:

The Cortinas - Fascist Dictator
The Cortinas - Television Families
Chelsea - Right To Work
Chelsea - The Loner
Models - Freeze
Models - Man Of The Year
Sham 69 - I Don't Wanna
Sham 69 - Ulster
Sham 69 - Red London
Chelsea - High Rise
Chelsea - No Admission
The Cortinas - Defiant Pose
The Cortinas - Independence
The Fall - Psycho Mafia
The Fall - Bingo Master
The Fall - Repetition
Chelsea - Urban Kids
Chelsea - No Flowers
The Fall - It's The New Thing
The Fall - Various Times
Lemon Kittens - Shakin' All Over
Lemon Kittens - This Kind Of Dying
Lemon Kittens - Morbotalk
Lemon Kittens - Book Burner
Lemon Kittens - Whom Do I Have To Ask
Lemon Kittens - Charlet D'Amour
Lemon Kittens - Not A Mirror


added 20 June

News from Julia Adamson (formerly Nagle):

Julia has reissued the 1990 What? Noise album "Fat" on her label. It's available on iTunes or you can buy the CD from her website www.invisiblegirl.co.uk

A video clip of "Change" from the album is on youtube:

There's also a 1989 interview:

And she says she's just putting the finishing touches on a new Invisiblegirl release. It should be out very soon.


added 15 June

Matt Thorne, one of the authors included in the Perverted By Language short story collection, has a myspace blog with upcoming book-related events. Of particular note will be Newsnight Review on 29 June, with Mark phoning in from Dusseldorf.

If you're quick you can catch The Verb on Radio 3 tonight; there'll be a segment on the PBL book. It starts in about 5 minutes... but you can always "listen again."


added 14 June

Mark talks about the Smiths in the "Inside the Smiths" documentary DVD, which is released next month. There's a (very) brief clip of him in the trailer:


added 20 June

An interview with Brix Smith-Start and Brian Molko (Placebo) appeared in Sunday's Independent (17 June). It's about how they met.


added 1 June; updated 28 June

Von Südenfed's Tromatic Reflexxions was released in North America on Domino yesterday. The reviews are still trickling in:


added 13 June

From the July issue of Word magazine: MES in the Word of Mouth feature. Thanks to Ocelot for the scan.


added 11 June; updated 13 June

Saturday, 9 June - Von Südenfed at the Garden Party, Ballinlough Castle, Athboy, Ireland

A few photos on flickr.

Scant mentions gleaned from the web:

"saw a bit of von sudenfeld, all i can say is what the f*ck was going on, i couldnt understand a word the singer fella was saying and i was up front!!"

"What a great day and night..Von Sudenfed were great..couldn't understand a word coming out of Mark E Smiths mouth but he was bolloxed anyway..fair play to the Mouse on Mars lads though for keeping the place dancing. Hot Chip were brilliant and i am loving the new tunes and The Pet Shop Boys were a fun show. Beautiful grounds, amazing atmosphere and pretty much a hassel free day."

"Von Sudenfeld were (an expected) letdown with Mark E Smith wandering around the stage occasionally shouting incomprehensively into the mic! with Mouse On Mars providing a highly caustic soundtrack. The album is very good but Looking forward to seeing them back in Mouse form soon."

Cog Sinister mentioned on the forum that Mark had a fall before the gig. He visited a doctor today (13 June) and is "in fine fettle... no problemo."


added 11 June

Not for the faint of heart: Donovan, Brix, and Nigel Kennedy butchering "Hurdy Gurdy Man" on Irish TV in 1991. Thanks(?) to djbawbag for the link.


added 8 June

A recent interview with Mark was Manchester Confidential's headline story; it includes praise for Swell Maps' 1979 tour driver Keith Allen's daughter, Lily. (The things you learn on the Fall forum...thanks Capaccino and a slice of quiche.)


added 7 June

There're some good MES ("vampire") quotes in the June issue of Harp magazine. Thanks to Kentaro for the link.


added 1 June; updated 18 June

Friday, 1 June    Estrella Damm Primavera Sound 2007 Festival, Barcelona

[missing song] / Pacifying Joint / Fall Sound / Over! Over! / Theme from Sparta FC / My Door Is Never / Hungry Freaks, Daddy / Wrong Place, Right Time / Mountain Energei / The Wright Stuff / White Lightning / Blindness / Reformation

A few comments in Spanish on this message board with translations and a couple of reviews on our message board. And some photos.

Lineup: MES / Elena / Tim / Rob / Dave / Orpheo


MES in perfect shape. Fourth Fall gig in Barcelona (at least since 1992) and their best by far. I received good reviews from non-fuckfaces that knew my longing for the fall group. Smith, as usual, messing around with everybody else's amps, kicking a cameraman while playing keyboards, and taking the mic from Eleni in the middle of the wright stuff.


added 1 June

There's an interview with Jan St. Werner and a review of Tromatic Reflexxions (both in French) on Fluctuat.net. Thanks to Max for the notice.


added 1 June

Mark E Smith will be on BBC 6 music on The Music Week show on Sunday, 3 June at 1pm, talking about "punk poetry" with John Cooper Clarke. Thanks to James for letting us know.


added 1 June

The Guardian's music blog has an amusing article entitled Mark E Smith's greatest interview hits.


added 28 May; updated 1 June

Amazon notes a new book coming on 14 September 2007 entitled "Complete Guide to the Music of the Fall" by Mick Middles. A 144-page paperback published by Omnibus Press. Mick has (so far) been very quiet about this on our message board!

1 June: Mick says the book is "more for people who are new to the band...and are somewhat bewildered by the enormity of the catalogue" and it is "a device to get more people interested".


added 28 May

Many thanks to Elizabeth for this Irish Sunday Tribune article from 27 May in which Jinx Lennon talks about MES, and also from the June 2007 issue of Foggy Notions, letters from John Robb and Dave Simpson in response to comments made about them by MES is the March issue.


added 28 May

There's an interview with MES, mostly about Von Südenfed, in the 26 May Guardian. It says Mark will begin work on a new Fall album in 2 weeks' time.


added 28 May

Thanks to Jon for this scan from the Guardian of 19 May with an extract from Stewart Lee's "The Aphid" short story, taken from the forthcoming book, Perverted By Language.


added 25 May

I have been asked to post this message, which also appears on the official website:

"RE: Dr. Freaks Padded Cell video on youtube

Just a note to say, apart from three vowel backing vocals, I have nothing to do with that piece of crap.

The real MES"


added 25 May

You can hear the Von Südenfed album online from this Dutch website (scroll down the page). The sound files will probably be online for another week or so. Thanks Bastiaan for the link.


added 18 May; updated 23 May

The Von Südenfed 12" (details below) and album, on CD and double LP, are out on Domino. All releases are available from Action Records, and remember to put "fallnet" in the coupon code box to get our website's 10% discount.

A1. Fledermaus Can't Get It [Tromhead Cut]
A2. Fledermaus Can't Get It [Dr Dong-Hun Chung Version (We Call It Rave Bounce)]
B1. Fledermaus Can't Get It [Max Tundra Mix]
B2. Fledermaus Can't Get It [Hooloo Rock]

There's mention of Von Südenfed and links to some video and audio clips in the Dublin Opinion blog. Thanks Alan for letting us know. And thanks Volkmar for pointing us to this german article on the die tageszeitung website.


added 18 May; updated 23 May

Tom Hingley and the Lovers, featuring Steve and Paul Hanley, have some live dates coming up:

Jabez Clegg, Manchester 6 June 2007
The Trades Club, Hebden Bridge 6 July 2007
The Gassienda (New Variety Club), Keighley 21 July 2007
Nine Standards Festival, Kirkby Stephen 1 September 2007

Note: the Manchester gig on 6 June has changed venue (was previously the Night and Day Cafe).


added 18 May

Many thanks to a serious man from the forum for scans of a 4-page interview with John Leckie from Tape Op Magazine #58, March-April 2007 issue, in which he talks about his experiences with the Fall. This interview is a reprint from issue 42, July 2004.


added 14 May

Many thanks to Kyle for scanning in the Von Südenfed interview from the May 2007 issue of Wire (it's a 2.5 meg PDF).


added 9 May

The Reformation promo video on youtube, with lots of MES dancing and TLC signing. I believe this was filmed at the Salutation Inn in Manchester on 6 April. They sent out a message that Friday evening inviting people to come down to watch and perhaps participate -- late notice.



added 9 May

Lionel is doing a 30th anniversary Fall show on Jet FM in Nantes, France. It'll air next Thursday, 2 - 5 p.m French time, and you can listen online at http://www.jetfm.asso.fr/spip/. There's an announcement for the show here (with two of my 1998 photos).


added 24 April; updated 1 June

1 June: The final week of round 1 is now underway.

23 May: Week 4 polls are closed. In the first tied match of the competition, Conway had to cast a deciding vote to allow Deadbeat Descendant to go forward, ahead of The Mixer. Week 5 is now underway.

18 May: Week 3 is closed, after some tough match-ups. The closest one to date saw Dice Man pip I Feel Voxish, 64-63. Week 4 is underway with, hopefully, not so many headaches this week...

9 May: Week 2 polls are closed, with Hip Priest scraping past No Xmas for John Quays after a mighty battle. Week 3 is underway with several cruel, early matchups: e.g., Joker Hysterical Face vs. Frightened, Neighborhood of Infinity vs. Lie Dream, Dr. Buck's Letter vs. Xyralothep, Fantastic Life vs. Gramme Friday.

2 May: Week 1 is closed with no real surprises, although the race between Various Times and High Tension Line was closer than I'd though it'd be (68-60). Week 2 is now underway with some tough matchups, e.g. Hip Priest vs No Xmas for John Quays.

24 April: Round 1 of Fall Cup 2007 is underway over on the message board. Here's Conway's introduction to the second edition of our knockout tournament. Will Wings squeak past Garden in the final once more?


added 2 May

Here's Jesus's bit in last night's episode of Ideal, with thanks to Ocelot.

If you're in the UK I believe you can see the whole episode here.


added 15 April; updated 14 May

14 May: The commenting function is again broken on the official site, and it appears that Elena has taken over posting duties. There's a "misage" from Mark that's prompted much discussion on the forum.

1 May: I thought my Fall News comment of 29 April might do the trick. Clayts has fixed the Track Record and the commenting function on the Official site. Still nothing new added to the latter.

29 April: The Track Record has been hacked to death by another Turkish group and is now unusable. If there's an entry you're looking for, you could try Google's cached page service (e.g., do a search like "fall track record" +levitate and then click the Cached link). I didn't have much success with archive.org's Wayback Machine.

20 April: Still no reply to my email or fix from Clayts, who appears to have abandoned the official Fall site and the Track Record. I've decided to remove the link to the Track Record from the navigation menu on this site. It's still linked from every page of the official Fall site.

15 April: The site's Track Record has been "HaCkeD By TürKPoweR >>> TURKISH HACKERS". I've emailed Clayts about the infiltration but I don't know if or when he'll fix the problem, since he hasn't done anything with the Track Record for several months. Unfortunately I don't have access to the server it's on.


added 29 April

A rare Fall mention in The Onion (April 19-25, 2007; "Random Rules" column):

English writer Tom McCarthy comments on The Fall's "W.B." which has just come up on his MP3 player.

"I assume the title is a reference to W.B. Yeats, because The Fall are super-literary. Mark E. Smith was basically this working-class boy from Manchester who never had much formal education, but sort of came across Modernist literature in a drug-addled haze and really loved it. Mark E. Smith is like the original classical figure of the poet--he's like Orpheus, you know, who's just halfway dead. He's got one foot in the underworld. He's just picking up some transmission on the threshold between sense and complete nonsense that might contain all these incredible words of wisdom, or might just be complete garbled rubbish. But you know, in Greek plays they have seers and oracles who always talk in riddles. I always get the impression that Mark Smith is like an oracle."

Thanks to Neville for sending it in.

"W.B." refers to William Blake, not W.B. Yeats, and as mentioned on the Lyrics Parade the song's lyrics refer to Blake's The Song of Liberty.


added 28 April

Brix Smith has an mp3 album, Neurotica, available for download. Samples and purchase on playlouder.com.


added 24 April; updated 4 May

Here's a couple of minutes of John Peel's 1996 appearance on This Is Your Life, featuring MES and David Gedge.

And many thanks to Stephen for answering my plea for the entire episode, which he's now posted on youtube: part 1, part 2, part 3.


added 20 April; updated 24 April

There's an interview with Von Südenfed in the May issue of Wire, and "Family Feud" from Tromatic Reflexxions is included on the accompanying Wire Tapper 17. Thanks to Tony for the cover.

From the latest Domino Records newsletter (thanks to Kentaro):

Von Sudenfed are a trio formed by Andi Toma and Jan St Werner of Mouse On Mars and Mark E Smith of The Fall.

Mark E Smith has led The Fall through more than 25 studio albums since their formation in Manchester 31 years ago. His lyrics, delivery, song-writing and attitude have had an incalculable influence on punk, post-punk and as many of their close relations and off-shoots as you care to think of, with artists from Wu Tang’s RZA, to LCD Soundsystem, DJ Shadow, and Pavement all acknowledged fans.

Jan St Werner and Andi Toma are best known for their work together as Mouse on Mars, debuting in 1994 with Vulvaland. On albums like Niun Niggung (their first for Domino), Idiology and Radical Connector they’ve gone on to perfect a signature sound which blends the lateral improvisational moves of jazz with the abstract complexities of electronica and the directness of acoustic instrumentation.

Von Sundenfed [sic] will be releasing a 12" 'Fledermaus Can't Get It' on 14th May and that will be followed by the release of their incredible album 'Tromatic Reflexxions' on 21st May. More details and pre-order opportunities to follow shortly.

Amazon.co.uk pre-order page.


added 15 April

From today's Observer article on the top 500 British surnames, thanks to Ocelot.


And not to be outdone, here's Stewart Lee in today's Sunday Times, with a wonderful photo, thanks to thefrenzexperiment.


added 14 April

The MES interview from the May 2007 issue of Record Collector, with many thanks to Ocelot.


added 13 April

A third 2007 French interview (the Rock & Folk and Liberation interviews were in the previous Fall news), this time from the latest issue of Numero. Many thanks to Jean-Philippe for scanning.


added 13 April

Michael Pollard sent in a virtual tonne of excellent photos from the Holmfirth gig (22 March 2007). Many thanks, Michael.


added 12 April; updated 14 April

Two Friday the 13th Fall radio specials: one English, one French:


Friday 13th April 2007, 5.30pm - 7pm BST

Thought you might want to know that this week's edition of Sound Projecting will be a Fall special, our second. This time we're dedicating the show to the avant garde end of The Fall's output, and also presenting some choice selections from the MES solo albums. A show for fans of Mollusc in Tyrol and Das Boat! (I'm not sure that we'll get round to playing Crew Filth though).

As with all Resonance broadcasts, you can tune in on the wireless in Central London on 104.4FM or stream it online via http://www.resonancefm.com.

All being well it'll also be made available as a podcast on the Sound Projector website for a couple of weeks following the show.


Hello, I am doing a show in french at Radio Campus Paris (93.9FM or www.radiocampusparis.org for streaming) about The Fall to celebrate the 30 years of the group's existence and the new album. It is during the night of Friday 13 april to Saturday 14 april at 1am to 4 am.

Although it is in french it is a nice occasion for all fans to hear some Fall's music.

The live stream wasn't working last night, but Déborah's show is now online at http://www.radiocampusparis.org/?p=2719


3 July 2007

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07feb22 RPTLC UK released, Malaga gig, MES interviews: Independent, Welt am Sonntag, Stool Pigeon, The Times, Fantastic Man; Johnny Vegas' Ideal preview, Memorex of the Krakens, Anjulireeves on youtube, Packing a Gun, 7 Wives of MES, Saturn 5, Grayson Perry, Brix's "Star," Frank Sidebottom.

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