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30 Mar  Coney Island High, NYC
31 Mar  Coney Island High, NYC

2 Apr   Loop Lounge Passaic Park NJ
3 Apr   Middle East, Boston
4 Apr   Trocadero, Phila.
5 Apr    Black Cat, WDC

7 Apr   Brownie's, NYC
8 Apr   Brownie's, NYC

27 Apr  Camden Dingwalls
28 Apr  Camden Dingwalls

30 Apr  Reading Alleycat

Dingwalls - tickets £10 from over the bar, else from Stargreen
Reading - Alleycat, Gun Street, Reading. Tel: 0118 956 1116. Tickets: 10/(9 members)


The Peel Sessions album has dropped off the release schedules.

Latest loada Receiver shyte:
Smile...It's The Best Of The Fall CD
It contains nothing previously released, and everything's off either Grotesque, Slates/A Part of America Therein, Totale's Turns, Perverted By Language and LUS. I trust you'll appreciate the subtlety of the tracklist as much as I do. It goes something like Smile, Older Lover, Rowche Rumble, DIY Meat, Totally Wired, New Face In Hell, New Puritan, Tempo House, Pay Your Rates, He Pep, Spectre vs Rector, Oxymoron, Lie Dream, J Temperance, J Quays, That Man.
I've got the promo flyer; it seems like the above album reissues are still going through Castle and Smile is something dragged out separately by another part of the Trojan/Receiver empire. The only label mark is for something called "Renaissance Collector".
The band are thoroughly pissed off about this release and do not recommend that anyone buys it.

Also popped up in the pre-release schedules:
Fall-live in melbourne 82 cd
recorded in australia and feat. 11 tracks for 'hex enduction hour' and 'room to live'. this is a previously unreleased live album. includes 'totally twisted', 'joker hysterical face', 'hip priest' and more. on cog sinister 


Sorry, other stuff gets held over til next week, destined to be buried under 400 gig reports.

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