Fall News - 26 July 1999

The Fall play Edinburgh at Queens Hall, Edinburgh on Sun 22 Aug. This gig is part of the Flux Festival. Tickets @GBP10 can be bought on-line via the Flux Festival website or by telephone 0870 90 70 999 or 0131 220 4349 or 0131 668 2019

They also play Reading Festival on 27 August, Leeds Festival on 28 August on the Radio 1 Evening Session Stage. Tickets (GBP 33/day) from 0541 500 044, 0171 344 0044, HMV, Ticketmaster. Other details here.

NL/B tour dates:

14 sept Doornroosje Nijmegen
15 sept Paradiso Amsterdam
16 sept Vera Groningen
17 sept O13 Tilburg
18 sept V.K. Brussel
19 sept L.V.C. Leiden


From NME:

THE FALL release a new single on August 16, coinciding with their Edinburgh Queen's Hall date (August 22) and Reading/Leeds sets (27 & 28). 'F-Oldin' Money' - an updated rockabilly cover originally by Tommy Blake - is backed with unavailable-elsewhere b-sides.

They are

CD1 'F-Oldin' Money' 'Perfect Day' (falsetto version of Saints song) 'Birthday Song' (new mix)
CD2 [[/F::'oldin' MONEY]// The REAL Life Of The Crying Marshall (new version) Tom Raggazzi (new mix)

The Fall follow up their festival appearances with a European tour in September.


Glow Boys


Glow Boys (15 mins-ish). Set in a nuclear reactor, MES plays The
Caterer in suitably Brechtian style. At one point he starts crooning The
Caterer in a pseudo-jazz style which conclusively demonstrated that if he
wants to, he *can* sing "conventionally" so SUCK ON THAT all you
non-believers!! The keyboard line to The Caterer was also used to
underpin the credits. It would seem from the hand-out that The Caterer was
specifically written for the film. (And there was me thinking it was all
some convoluted analogy for MES's relationship with the previous line-up).
Well I never.....

Then MES and Julia performed The Caterer itself (with slightly
different lyrics). Not as good as at the QEH but dandy to hear all the

Then they did "Midwatch song" which was a bit of a dog's dinner on first

Rounding things off was another short film ie Midwatch. It was set
on an old warship, with MES (as the Caterer again) and Steve Evets (a
mutineer) in quarantine after nuclear tests (?) Something like that. I
infinitely preferred this to Glow Boys - the lines were much wittier and
MES's performance was actually top-notch. No, really!


Johnny Law:

I attended the Glow Boys event at The Lux on July 16th. MES was heavily involved, featuring as the character "The Caterer" in two short films from director Mark Aerial Waller; "Glow Boys" and "Midwatch".

In the first of these films, MES wore a white chefs pinafore, had a few lines and performed a karaoke version of the film's title track. The second film purported to take place on board a warship (actually someone's kitchen) and was a comic rambling exchange with another character, filmed with an infra-red camera.

MES also appeared to perform two songs, with Julia Nagle; "The Caterer" and "Midwatch", the second of which also featured John Paul Gandy on baroque organ. The songs came across well, in a style similar to the more keyboard-based songs on the last two Fall albums. MES had a small tape recorder with him which he tried (not always succesfully) to play through his microphone.



JAMESTOWN (G-2) pop. 34,700, elev. 1,323'

Jamestown's founder, James Pendergast, built
the town's first dam and sawmill in 1811, taking
advantage of the vast white pine forests on the
hills overlooking the southeast tip of Chautauqua
Lake. by the mid-1800s, Jamestown was one of
the state's leading producers of furniture and
wood products. Locally produced "pearl ash"
was used to make glass, and the town was nick-

Pearl City.


diw tracks the recent team selection:

Dingwalls & Reading, April 1998: MES/Nagle (gtr + keys)/Methen (drums), no bass

Manchester & London, August 1998: MES/Head (drums)/Nagle (gtr + keys)/Leatham (bass)

St Bernadettes, October 1998: MES/Head/Nagle (gtr + keys)/Leatham

Bristol, Decemebr 1998 (1st set): began with MES/Head/Nagle (gtr + keys)/Leatham, then joined by Wilding (gtr), then Nagle 'sent-off' to dressing room

Bristol, December 1998 (2nd set): MES/Head/Nagle (gtr only)/Leatham/Wilding (gtr), no keys

London, December 1998: MES/Head/Nagle (gtr +keys)/Wilding/Halal (bass)

Manchester, December 1998: MES/Head/Nagle (gtr +keys)/Wilding/Halal/Leatham (ie 2 bass)

Ashton, Feb 1999 (1st night): MES/Head/Wilding/Halal, no keys

Aston, Feb/March 1999 (2nd/3rd night): MES/Head/Nagle (gtr +keys)/Wilding/Halal

XFM, April 1999: MES/Head/Wilding/Halal/Leatham, no keys

May tour 1999: MES/Head/Wilding/Halal, no keys

Clearly there is a 'squad system' in operation.


John Howard:

From Bully For Beef by Sean O'Hagen


The 78 "songs', - and I use the word in its loosest sense - on Grow Fins are
testament to both the singular quality of that vocation, and, although he
has retired from music-making to paint, theenduring influence of a man was a
true visionary. If you are coming to Beefheart and his extraordinary Magic
Band(s) for the first time, chances are you will already have heard echoes
andtraces of this strange, disconnected music in other places: the
broken-down songs of Tom Waits, the swamp-blues of PJ Harvey or early Nick
Cave, in the disconnected mojo of The Fall or in the melodic twists and
turns of early Pavement.

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