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Lead by Mark E. Smith, the Fall is one of my favorite bands of all time. Formed in Manchester, England in the late 1970's their sound has been described as post-punk and indie rock. Over the last twenty years the Fall have featured over two dozen lineups and have produced quite a few records. Smith has kept up with the times, and his two last albums combine the best of big beat with a little bit of rockabilly. The most interesting aspect of the Fall are the lyrics, which draw from a wide range of subject matter ranging from the history of social strife to H.P. Lovecraft.

U***S***E***F***U***L ****L***I***N***K***S

The Official Fall Website Approved by Mark E. Smith: One my favorite websites, I visit it at least once a week on average. It always has the latest news and almost everything that you ever wanted to know about the Fall. The website includes a great selection of lyrics, previous gigs and albums. It's maintained by the fans, and they give it the love and detail that a record company PR dept. could never muster. In addition they maintain the lively e-mail list, which is called Fallnet.

G***R***E***A***T ****M***U***S***I***C

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