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gigography 1978


January - spring, 1978 : lineups # 3 - 5 : Mark E. Smith (vocals), Martin Bramah (guitar), Jonny Brown (last documented involvement 13 February but may have played the March gigs as well?) > Eric McGann (aka Rick Goldstraw, Eric Ferret) (bass), Una Baines > Yvonne Pawlett (keyboards), Karl Burns (drums).

I don't know exactly when Yvonne replaced Una on keyboards, nor when Eric replaced Jonny on bass. Can anyone help?

Friday, 13 January 1978   Huddersfield Polytechnic

Psycho Mafia / Hey Fascist / Stepping Out / Repetition / Dresden Dolls / Bingo Master's Breakout / Frightened / Industrial Estate / Futures and Pasts / You Don't Turn Me On

Apart from the Live 1977 gig on Voiceprint, this is the earliest gig in circulation, and unfortunately one of the worst-sounding tapes to boot (sorry); perhaps the worst. Only a few seconds of You Don't Turn Me On survived (someone please correct me if I'm wrong...) Also on the bill: The Doll, The Prefects, Sham 69. Here's Danny Baker's review from Zig Zag.


Monday, 13 February 1978   "So It Goes" Granada TV programme (recording date)

Psycho Mafio / Industrial Estate / Dresden Dolls

Excerpts of these songs broadcast on Tony Wilson's show sometime in May 1978.


March 1978 : John the Postman's debut LP - "John the Postman's Puerile" - released, featuring the first appearance of Mark E. Smith on vinyl (he's on "Louie Louie")

Friday, 3 March 1978   Rafter's, Manchester

With Wayne County and the Electric Chairs and Levi and the Rockats. No tape exists?


Friday, 7 April 1978   Eric's, Liverpool

No tape exists?


Monday, 10 April 1978   Tower Club, Oldham


No tape exists? Thanks to Dirk Beaumont for the poster and Spen Harrison for the ticket.


Sunday, 30 April 1978   Band on the Wall, Manchester


No tape exists? Thanks to the Manchester District Music Archive for the schedule.


Sunday, 7 May 1978   Foxes at the Greyhound, Park Lane, Croydon

poster listing

Psycho Mafia / Mother-Sister / Like to Blow / Music Scene / Crap Rap > Industrial Estate / Bingo Master's Breakout / Repetition / Rebellious Jukebox / Hey Fascist / Stepping Out // Repetition (again)

Supporting Siouxsie and the Banshees. On the recommendation of Danny Baker, John Walters went along and afterwards decided to book the Fall for a Peel session.


Saturday, 13 May 1978 (afternoon)  Challenge Festival, London

Possibly organized by a communist group. Entrance fee of £1. No tape exists?


Saturday, 13 May 1978 (evening)  Goldsmith's College Student Union, Lewisham Way, London


With Tony Friel's new band the Passage. No tape exists?


Friday, 26 May 1978   The Squat, Manchester (Rock Against Racism benefit)

Supported by Nives and Mekon. The set included ‘Mess of My’, ‘Rebellious Jukebox’, ‘Psycho Mafia’, ‘Frightened’ and ‘Hey Fascist.’ No tape exists?


Tuesday, 30 May 1978   John Peel Session #1 (broadcast Thursday, 15 June)

Rebellious Jukebox / Mother-Sister / Industrial Estate / Futures and Pasts

lineup # 7 : Mark E. Smith (vocals), Martin Bramah (guitar, bass, backing vocals), Yvonne Pawlett (keyboards), Karl Burns (drums), Steve Davis (congas, on Rebellious Jukebox only). Produced by Tony Wilson, engineered by Mike Robinson, recorded in Maida Vale 4.


June 1978 - February 1979 : lineup # 8 : Mark E. Smith (vocals), Martin Bramah (guitar), Marc Riley (bass), Yvonne Pawlett (keyboards), Karl Burns (drums).

Sunday, 11 June 1978   Band on the Wall, Manchester

With F.C. Demestos and Mekon. Marc Riley's first gig, according to Yvonne Pawlett. No tape exists?


Friday, 16 June 1978   Concorde Suite, Droylsden (near Manchester)


Rock Against Racism gig; support by the Distractions, John the Postman, and the Mechanics. No tape exists? Thanks to the Manchester District Music Archive for the ticket.


Tuesday, 20 June 1978   Leeds Polytechnic

No tape exists?


Sunday, 25 June 1978   Band on the Wall, Manchester

Spherical Objects supporting. No tape exists?


Friday, 14 July 1978   University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST), Manchester

Supporting the Rich Kids. The set included ‘Psycho Mafia’, ‘Stepping Out’, ‘Frightened’, ‘It’s the New Thing’ and ‘Music Scene’. No tape exists?


Saturday, 15 July 1978   Rock Against Racism Carnival, Aledandra Park, Manchester

clipping rar

Neither The Fool nor The Fall actually played; Howard Wheatcraft remembers it was The Smirks instead. Lots of photos here.


Saturday, 22 July 1978   Deeply Vale People's Free Festival

Repetition / Psycho Mafia / Rebellious Jukebox / Frightened / Steppin' Out / Like to Blow / Mess of My / Mother-Sister / Industrial Estate / It's the New Thing / Futures and Pasts / Music Scene (set also included Bingo Master's Break-Out and Brand New Cadillac; see note below)

It was later estimated that 18,000 people attended the festival. The Fall played on the festival's Saturday "New Wave Afternoon." Many thanks to Mark for the festival running order.

Dave: "You say about 18,000 people attended Deeply Vale July 78. I was there - no more than 3000 at most I would say. Anyway, I seem to remember seeing the Fall there - memory a little hazy so I may be completely wrong - they played in the pouring rain. About 30 people in front of the stage (me included) everyone else huddling in tents and under bin bags. Just me and my brother and a few strangers shuffling about in front of the high stage. Most animated punter was .... you guessed it - Jon The Postman - oblivious to the elements. Can anyone else corroborate my story?"

later Dave added: "There were 20,000 people there!!! The Fall did play in the afternoon and the afternoon was compered by Tony Wilson. Been thinking about the 78 festival - it wasn't entirely a pleasant experience - Hell's Angels drove through the middle of the site on motorbikes and generally behaved aggressively. Looking into people's tents looking for Punks to beat up. Police turned up on site. Things got a bit threatening so I left late one night and went home!

A fair to middling audience recording of the set was released by Ozit in June 2005. A few months later Ozit announced that they had held back two tracks from their Fall CD -- Bingo Master's Break-Out and Brand New Cadillac -- which they plan to release on a Deeply Vale box set in 2006. One of the more deplorable marketing ploys Fall fans have endured over the years.

- "Good afternoon! When I was on the witch trials of the twentieth century, they said, 'You are an aesthetic anasthetic. Your repetition will never be.' Right, noise!" (before "Repetition")
- "We're going to knock you down, we're going to come inside your head. Thank you and good afternoon...right, Psycho Mafia take one."
- "We like to be in tune, this being our first experience of open air festivals." (before Rebellious Jukebox)v
- "Right, that's for all you skinheads. 'Like To Blow'. You're all slack." (before "Like To Blow")
- "Thank you. This one's about radios, videos, a signal (...). A note of your own choice, boys and girls." (before "Mess Of My")
- "Martin (Branch), reach out and tell of industrial estate. I cannot see one - that makes a change. Get up for ind est." (before "Industrial Estate")
- "I dream about taking some terrorists out for a quiet drink and getting them to stick a bomb up the architect's arse, the tv popman's (?) arse, you know, dreams, you know, when the only solution is retribution." (extra lyrics in Mess Of My)
- Right, the new one" (before It's The new Thing)
- "Another slow one for you - a song of contrasts, for my mother and my sister." (in fake American accent)
- "Martin, reach out and tell one of Industrial Estate. I can't see one that makes a change. Get up for Industrial Estate-ah."
- "We'll do 'Futures And Pasts', Martin. Do 'Futures And Pasts', Martin, yeah? We're a democratic band, y'know." [In American accent] "We're just going for a conference to talk about our futures and our pasts." (before "Futures And Pasts")
- "Last number now, right, come on Martin, sing a song, you can do it." (before Music Scene)


Friday, 28 July 1978   Eric's, Liverpool


With John Cooper Clarke. No tape exists? (I don't know exactly when this photo with Ian McCulloch was taken.)


August 1978 : "Bingo Master's Break-Out / Psycho Mafia / Repetition" single released

bingos bingo

August 1978   Band on the Wall, Manchester

Rebellious Jukebox / Psycho Mafia / Mother-Sister / Like to Blow / Repetition / Industrial Estate / Mess of My / Stepping Out / Brand New Cadillac / Frightened // Futures and Pasts


Saturday, 19 August 1978   Apollo, Manchester

Many thanks to Warren for the poster. Set included: ‘Psycho-Mafia’, ‘Steppin’ Out’, ‘Two Steps Back’, ‘It’s The New Thing’ and ‘Music Scene’. No tape exists?


Sunday, 20 August 1978   Lyceum, The Strand, London


Rebellious Jukebox / Like to Blow / Frightened / Stepping Out / Mess of My / It's the New Thing / Various Times / Bingo Master's Breakout / Industrial Estate / Music Scene

A couple of photos from this gig from Paintwork:


Monday, 21 August 1978   Tower Club, Oldham

Repetition / Like to Blow / Frightened / Stepping Out / Mess of My / It's the New Thing / Various Times / Futures and Pasts / Bingo Master's Breakout / Industrial Estate // Psycho Mafia / Mother-Sister / Music Scene

Supporting Here and Now on their second 1978 free tour. Wilful Damage (and Alternative TV?) also on the bill. Some tapes are missing Mess of My and Various Times; the Voiceprint edition is missing the former and has stuck the latter at the end of the set.

- "When I was at the Witch Trials of August it was written, 'You are white crap. You're an asthetic anasthetic. You're rrrrrrrrrrrrr...' Right, noise!" (before "Repetition")
- "Look over England, what do you see? (Laughs) and drudgery, yeah." (amended lyrics to "Repetition")
- "This song is an endless song. It has endless possibilities. We're gonna wind it up, right in a minute, if you just hang on for a few seconds." (during "Repetition")
- MES: "Right, this next one... you ready, Marc? 'Like To Blow'." A very young sounding Marc Riley: "Yeah, I'm ready. Let's go." MES: "It's 'Like To Blow'. Yes!" (before "Like to Blow")
- "We'd like to slow things down a bit, so just calm down! 'Frightened'. Not for you." (before "Frightened")
- "Thank you. This next song is a sequel to the last one. 'Stepping Out'." (before "Stepping Out").
- "This is the history lesson in our set. We're bringing you a bit of culture." (before Various Times):
- "Nice relaxed atmosphere down here in Oldham. The next one is just for you.'s about videos. Which you don't get a lot of in Oldham. A note of your own choice, boys and girls. (before Mess of My)
- "Thank you. Another one from the vaults: 'Futures And Pasts'." (before "Futures And Pasts")
- "This one's for John." (before Industrial Estate)
- "Last number now. Not dead, calm inside your head. Psycho, psycho, psycho." (before "Psycho Mafia")
- (Martin Bramah) "Is it all right if we do another? (calls to off-stage) Mark...? This is our party piece... Mark's just putting his make up on, it splits in the heat, you know..."
- "Thank you Martin, man of the people...Er, the next one is Music Scene, you asked for this. Ten minutes of it at least."


Tuesday, 22 August 1978   Mr. Pickwick's, Liverpool

Like to Blow / Stepping Out / Two Steps Back / Mess of My / It's the New Thing / Various Times / Bingo Master's Breakout / Frightened / Industrial Estate / Psycho Mafia / Music Scene / Mother-Sister

Supporting Here and Now. Released on Cog Sinister / Voiceprint in June 2001, supposedly mastered from a cassette bought at a market stall.

There must be a few dates missing here from the Here and Now free tour.

- MES: "You ready now?" Bramah: "I'm all right." MES: "Right, 'Like To Blow'. Sorry about the interruption." (before "Like To Blow")
- MES: "Thank you. 'Two Steps Back'. No it wasn't. 'Stepping Out'." [Kay Carroll says something] MES: "Er, yeah. Yeah." Bramah: "OK, yeah." MES: "Thanks. 'Stepping Out'. We were gonna give you a slow one but the other was one." (before "Stepping Out")
- "Thank you. The last line of that song was 'Our affections are turning grey', so it's all slow. 'Two Steps Back'." (before "Two Steps Back")
- "The old sheiks used to give themselves (worms) so they could a bit eat more. That's like you lot." (during "Two Steps Back")
- "Thank you. The next number is about videos and the signal din. A note of your own choice, ladies and gentlemen." (before "Mess Of My")
- "Thank you. A slow one again, haha. A history lesson." (before "Various Times")
- "Can you start 'Bingo'? I'll just go and get my tape in the dressing room, all right. 'Bingo'." Bramah: "This is 'Bingo Master's
Breakout'."(before "Bingo Master's Breakout")
- "A slow one, haha, again. Oh! Look in my pocket and look what's come out: a slow one! Oh!" (before "Frightened")
- "Thank you. Left-handed." (before "Industrial Estate")
- "Knock dead... we're not doing that one tonight. Sorry! Psycho psycho!" (before "Psycho Mafia")
- MES: "You've got a novelty here, you've got a bass player with three strings. It's the avant garde part of the set." Bramah: "Avant garde a third string! It's too late to fucking (...)." MES: "We're going off in a minute, anyway. Right!" (before "Music Scene")
- "The mock-Gothic University building (howls) next to the skyscraper slums as the pretty little students cycle to University. The people in the slums knew nothing about it. Instead, they go in shops and buy about half an hour for about five pound or about six minutes for about a quid. But the sleeves are very nice. You might even get a picture sleeve. Oh, aren't you lucky?" (during "Music Scene")
- "Your fears, your arrears, they're all here. Some people write things about it. They have outgrew their crime. We will have revenge. When we've finished with him they will have to pump air into him." (also during "Music Scene")
- "Thank you. Thanks a lot. Have to go now, time's up." (after "Mother-Sister")


Friday, 8 September 1978   Marquee, London

Supported by the Bristol group, Gardez Darkx. Admission 75p. No tape exists?


Thursday, 21 September 1978   Harp Lounge, Belfast

Supported by Protex. A Good Vibes / Alternative Ulster Co-Production. No tape exists?


Friday, 22 September 1978   Harp Lounge, Belfast

Rebellious Jukebox / Like To Blow / Futures and Pasts / Various Times / It's The New Thing / No Xmas For John Quays/ Stepping Out / Frightened / Psycho Mafia / Mother- Sister / Last Orders / Repetition // Industrial Estate / Bingo Masters Breakout

Supported by Protex.

- "Good evening, we had a few, er, equipment problems, but ah we're all sorted out now. For all the tourists in tonight ... it's worse than last night, because we've only got two amps."
- "Thank you. This next one is our new single, and should be out about 1995, [with a bit of luck?]" (into It's The New Thing)
- "Right, we'll have a bit of a rest now ( ... ) Sorry about that last one, we really got into it [Bramah: yeeah] we really got into ourselves on that one. So now we're gonna make up for it! Stepping Out, Stepping Out!"
- "This song is about nothing. The words just fit the music. So anything I say, take no notice of it, but it sounds good, know what I mean? Mother Sister."
- [MES]: "I never liked him, I never liked that Smith. So I'm gonna take his place, Ok?, haha. Industrial Estate, c'mon, before Smith comes back!"


Monday, 25 September 1978   Music Machine, Camden High Street, opposite Mornington Crescent tube stop, London


Futures and Pasts / Like To Blow / Two Steps Back / Rebellious Jukebox / It's the New Thing / Various Times / Stepping Out / No Xmas For John Quays / Frightened

With fellow Step Forward artistes Chelsea and the Snivelling Shits (fronted by music journalist Giovanni Dadamo); the latter had a single released ‘Terminal Stupid’ on Ghetto Records around this time. Thanks to Spencer for the poster.


Friday, 29 September 1978   The Factory, Manchester


Supporting Chelsea; Emergency also on the bill. No tape exists? Thanks to the Manchester District Music Archive for the poster.


Thursday, 5 October 1978   Kelly's, Manchester


With the Distractions and Militant Frank. No tape exists? Thanks to the Manchester District Music Archive for the clipping.


Saturday, 21 October 1978    Manchester Polytechnic

A ‘Leveller’ benefit. Also appearing: The Passage, The Distractions, Crass, and Agony Column. No tape exists?


Friday, 27 October 1978    Leeds Polytechnic

No tape exists? Rob England: "I don't know if this'll be worth adding to the Gigography or not, but this was a Rock Against Racism benefit that should have also featured John Cooper Clarke and The Passage, and the admission fee was 30p(!)

However only The Fall turned up, so it only cost us 20p to get in - I'm proud to say this was my first ever gig at the tender age of 15, sorry I can't provide a set list. How I wish I'd realised the significance of it at the time and tried to find something to record it on. There were only about ten people there, and, being a live music virgin I was left with tinnitus for a week.

I think it was a couple of months after their first Peel session, and I recall a woman who was probably Kay Carroll dancing round the mixing desk.


Monday, 30 October 1978   Band on the Wall, Manchester

With Rodent Enterprises. No tape exists?


November 1978 : "It's the New Thing / Various Times" single released


Friday, 3 November 1978   Eric's, Liverpool


No tape exists? Thanks to the Manchester District Music Archive for the listing.


Monday, 13 November 1978   Carlton Club, Warrington


No tape exists? Shaun Hampton got his single (some given out free on the night) signed by Mark Roman Totale Smith et al.


Tuesday, 21 November 1978   Apollo, Manchester

With A Certain Ratio and Grow Up. No tape exists? Yvonne Pawlett says they played the Band on the Wall this night - did they do both shows on the same day?


Saturday, 25 November 1978   Prestwich Hospital Social Club

Stepping Out / Bingo Master's Breakout / Rebellious Jukebox / Two Steps Back / No Xmas for John Quays / Put Away / Mother-Sister / Like to Blow / Mess of My / Underground Medicin / It's the New Thing / Repetition / My Condition / Industrial Estate // Futures and Pasts / Frightened


Monday, 27 November 1978   John Peel Session #2 (broadcast Tuesday, 12 December)

Put Away / Mess of My / No Xmas for John Quays / Like to Blow

Mark E Smith - vocals; Martin Bramah - guitar, bass, backing vocals; Yvonne Pawlett - keyboards; Marc Riley - bass; Karl Burns - drums. Produced by Bob Sargeant, engineered by Dave Dade & Brian Tuck, recorded in Maida Vale 4.


Saturday, 2 December 1978    The Factory, Manchester


No tape exists? Thanks to the Manchester District Music Archive for the poster.


Monday, 4 December 1978     Bolton Institute of Technology


Thanks to the Manchester District Music Archive for the clipping. No tape exists?


Thursday, 7 December 1978   Strathclyde University, Glasgow

With Here and Now and Patrik Fitgerald. No tape exists?


Friday, 8 December 1978    Teasers, Dundee

Frightened (soundcheck)

Stepping Out / Like To Blow / Underground Medecin / Two Steps Back / It's the New Thing / Mother-Sister / Industrial Estate / Frightened / No Xmas for John Quays / Rebellious Jukebox / Put Away / Repetition


Saturday, 9 December 1978    Stirling University

With Here and Now.


Friday, 15 December 1978   Camden Sound Suite, London

Tracks for Live at the Witch Trials were recorded on the 15th and mixed the following day. The studio had been booked for five days but they missed the first three due to Mark's "psychosomatic voice", according to Martin Bramah.


Sunday, 17 December 1978   Marquee, London


Jumper Clown > It's the New Thing / Rebellious Jukebox / improv / Two Steps Back / Put Away / Like to Blow / Frightened / Underground Medicin / Industrial Estate / My Condition / Mess of My / No Xmas for John Quays / Psycho Mafia / Various Times / Futures and Pasts / Stepping Out / Music Scene

£1. With fellow Manchester band, Manicured Noise. Tape also circulates as "Marquee December 1979" so watch out. Thanks to John Walker for the advert.

- "First time we played here we had a lot of hassle with chains and pins, and things have changed around here..."
- "This next one is about what people from Cleveland would call, 'Neat, really neat'." (before Industrial Estate)


Thursday, 28 December 1978   Electric Ballroom, 184 Camden High Street, London

£2. Supported by Subway Sect and Monochrome Set (advert in NME, 23 Dec. 1978, p. 59). No tape exists?


Saturday, 30 December 1978   The Venue, Manchester (aka New Electric Circus)

No tape exists?


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