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gigography 1996


12 February : "The Chiselers / Chilinist / Interlude-Chilinism" single released

The rot sets in: 22 Jan / 19 Feb / 15 April : "Sinister Waltz," "Fiend with a Violin" & Oswald Defence Lawyer" albums released

Thursday, 30 May 1996   Hacienda, Manchester

Tunnel / Powder Keg / The Chiselers / He Pep / Oleano / Pearl City / Behind the Counter / Coliseum / Das Vultur Ans Ein Nutter-Wain / Feeling Numb / Stay Away (Old White Train) / Spinetrak / Cheetham Hill / Das Vultur Ans Ein Nutter-Wain (again) / Don't Call Me Darling / Birthday / The Joke / L.A.

Thanks to Mikey Smurf for the ticket.


10 June : "The Light User Syndrome" album released

Wednesday, 26 June 1996   Astoria, London

Chilinist / Don't Call Me Darling / 15 Ways / D.I.Y. Meat / Pearl City / Feeling Numb / L.A. / Big New Prinz / Mr. Pharmacist / Everything Hurtz / The Mixer / Das Vulture Ans Ein Nutter-Wain / M5 / Return

- "Now you turn around, say you're Mike Bennett." (amended lyrics to "Chilinist")
- "And the fat settles on the ankles." (before "D.I.Y. Meat")
- "Surrounded by nerve-bags." (before "The Mixer")
- "Berkshire-driven by the light user syndrome. Cab number 4028. Bumpkins, pickup corner 5128." (amended lyrics to "The Mixer")


Thursday, June 27 1996   Roskilde Festival, Denmark

Pearl City / The Chiselers / U.S. 80's-90's / Spinetrak / The Mixer / Behind the Counter / Feeling Numb / Cheetham Hill / He Pep / DIY Meat

The Fall and Neil Young & Crazy Horse played on different stages at the same time this evening.


Thursday, June 27 1996   Ko-Stalden, Roskilde Festival, Denmark

Spinetrak / U.S. 80s-90s / 15 Ways / U.S. 80s-90s ("No Fun At All Mix")

A live session performed for Danish Radio in the backstage area of the festival. I'm not sure if this was ever broadcast on Danish radio, but fortunately a pre-FM copy surfaced in 2005, thanks to Willer.

- "Annie, I'm not your daddy." (amended lyrics to "Spinetrak")
- "Welcome to the only Iron Curtain country. Europe. Britain." (amended lyrics to "U.S. 80s-90s")


Saturday, 29 June 1996   Leadmill, Sheffield

Das Vultur Ans Ein Nutter-Wain / Pearl City / US 80's-90's / 15 Ways / Secession Man / Spinetrak / Cheetham Hill / The Chiselers / Powder Keg / Feeling Numb / He Pep / The Mixer (in two parts) / Behind the Counter // Birthday / L.A.

"Cheetham Hill" is mainly instrumental, Brix supplying a few backing vocals. "Birthday" is, briefly, a duet between MES and Lucy Rimmer.

- Brix: "I just wanna say that I've missed Nottingham Rock City so much and it's lovely to be back here and I have this thing about Robin Hood." (before "Powder Keg"... in Sheffield?)
- "It's more interesting looking at cigarettes! Whup! Watch it!" (during "L.A.")



Sunday, June 30 1996   John Peel Session #20 (broadcast Sunday, 18 August)

D.I.Y. Meat / Spinetrak / Spencer / Beetle Bones 'n' Smokin' Stones

Mark E. Smith - vocals; Brix Smith - guitar, vocals; Steve Hanley - bass; Julia Nagle - keyboards, guitar; Simon Wolstencroft - drums; Karl Burns - drums. Produced by Ted De Bono, engineered by Lisa Softley, recorded in Maida Vale 4.


Sunday, 21 July 1996   Phoenix Festival

He Pep / U.S. 80's-90's / The Chiselers / 15 Ways / Pearl City / Powder Keg / Behind the Counter

- "I act like you do. I talk like you do, Mike. I thought I was you." (amended lyrics to "The Chiselers", referring to Mike Bennett)
- "At (...) docks, with the vegan calf. Puh!" (after "Pearl City")
- "You're fucking lost (...), are yer?" (during "Behind the Counter")

Incomplete from a BBC radio broadcast.


September 1996   D.O.S.E. @ Concorde, Brighton

Lineup: Simon Spencer (keyboards), Kier Stewart (guitar) + MES, Steve Hanley & Simon Wolstoncroft.

Anyone know the exact date? They played about 40 minutes, Gary remembers. No tape exists? Gary took three photos.


Saturday, 21 September 1996   Barcelona, Spain

No tape exists?


UK : 25 September - 11 October (some gig reviews on David Bivin's site...)

Wednesday, 25 September 1996   Zodiac, Oxford


Friday, 27 September 1996   Prince of Wales Centre, Cannock

set ticket

10 Houses of Eve / He Pep / M5 / Powder Keg / Cheetham Hill / The Mixer / Oleano / The Chiselers / Spinetrak / Hurricane Edward / Behind the Counter / Das Vultur Ans Ein Nutter-Wain / 15 Ways / U.S. 80's-90's / The Joke / Birthday / Don't Call Me Darling // D.I.Y. Meat

Mike Bennett provides additional vocals on "Cheetham Hill", "The Chiselers" and "U.S. 80s 90s". What are the lyrics he's singing in "U.S. 80s-90s"? "Birthday" is MES only. "Don't Call Me Darling" is in two parts. There's a tape of the original sample of "Masquerade" playing before "D.I.Y. Meat"

- "The ten houses of evil. Four, rabid clogs. Three, like you don't know. Good evening, we are The Fall. Five, (...). The group, the ten houses of the Black Country. Good evening, we are The Fall and the next song is called 'You Pep'. Comes round in a little bit. Hup!" (during "10 Houses of Eve")
- "I don't want to go work in the rain any more. I don't want to go work and back again like the bachelors." (amended lyrics to "He Pep")
- "I tell yer, town is and two-five-five. Dyslexic in it's environment! One, two! Hup! Shout!" (during the introduction to "M5")

The setlist posted above doesn't r match any of the gigs on this tour, but it's closest to Cannock. Thanks to Mikey Smurf for the ticket.


Saturday, 28 September 1996   Corn Exchange, King's Lynn

ticket 10 Houses of Eve (instr.) / Spinetrak / Powder Keg / Cheetham Hill / The Mixer / The Mixer (take 2) / Oleano / M5 / He Pep / The Chiselers / Behind the Counter / 15 Ways / U.S. 80's-90's / Mr. Pharmacist / Birthday / Feeling Numb

Mike Bennett provides additional vocals on "Cheetham Hill" and "The Chiselers". There's some "Secession Man" lyrics in "U.S. 80s-90s". "Birthday" is MES only.

- "Come on!" (before "Cheetham Hill")
- "Start again, please. Start again. Start again at the right pace, please." (between attempts at "The Mixer"; the tempo of the second doesn't seem to be any different to the first!)
- "Do 'Counter'. Do 'Counter'." (before "Behind the Counter")
- "I'm getting thin from idiots who write rock books. Never quite made it. Idiots from Manchester on the decks. Can't keep their hands to themselves." (amended lyrics to "Behind the Counter")
- "(Better to get) a microphone that works - not one chance in three million, Jack." (amended lyrics to "U.S. 80s-90s")

Thanks to Rob Kiernan for the ticket.


Sunday, 29 September 1996   Waterfront, Norwich

U.S. 80's-90's (instr.) / Birthday / Birthday (take 2) / Birthday (take 3) / 15 Ways / Masquerade / Hurricane Edward (instr.) / Behind the Counter / The Chiselers / Oleano / Spinetrak / M5 / The Mixer / He Pep / Powder Keg

The various attempts at "Birthday" are MES only. Mike Bennett provides additional
vocals on "The Chiselers")

- "Right! Right, do it properly this time! Good evening, we are The Fall. Sorry I'm late! 1, 2, 3, 4!" (between the first and second attempts at "Birthday")
- "Hey! Come on! Right, we'll do it... we'll do it right, all right? 1, 2, 3, 4!" (between the second and third attempts at "Birthday")
- "And this the finish... this is the finish of this song!" (during "Masquerade")
- "(...) it really close, Simon." (before "The Mixer")


Tuesday, 1 October 1996   Ritz, Manchester


10 Houses of Eve / He Pep / Powder Keg / M5 / Cheetham Hill / Oleano / Behind the Counter / The Mixer / The Chiselers / Spinetrak / Hurricane Edward (instr.) / Das Vultur Ans Ein Nutter-Wain / The Joke / U.S. 80's-90's / Don't Call Me Darling / 15 Ways / D.I.Y. Meat / Feeling Numb

Thanks to Grant for the ticket and Angela Forrester for the photo.


Thursday, 3 October 1996   Civic Centre, Aylesbury

10 Houses of Eve / He Pep / M5 / Powder Keg / Cheetham Hill / The Mixer / Oleano / The Chiselers / Spinetrak / Behind the Counter / Hurricane Edward (instr.) / The Joke / Das Vultur Ans Ein Nutter-Wain / U.S. 80s-90s / Don't Call Me Darling / Mr. Pharmacist

- "Good evening, we are The Fall and the second number is 'You Pep'. 1, 2, 3, 4!" [followed by silence] (during "10 Houses of Eve")
- "I myself do not enjoy this song. You'd better lighten up." (amended lyrics to "Powder Keg")
- "This was the hell of H.M.S. Oleano." (before "Oleano")
- "Not one chance in three million, Jack." (during "The Chiselers")
- "Wilkommen to the U.S. nineties, two-thousand." (before "Das Vultur Ans Ein Nutter-Wain")
- "Brother, I cannot write these signs any more." (amended lyrics to "Das Vultur Ans Ein Nutter-Wain")
- "You boring fucking trash." (more amended lyrics to "Das Vultur Ans Ein Nutter-Wain")
- "Welcome to the guy in the white shirts with flabby-backed, black fucking pants." (amended lyrics to "U.S. 80s-90s")
- "Welcome to the guys in the bar who (...). He's run out of the building. He's run to get his aftershave." (more amended lyrics to "U.S. 80s-90s")


Friday, 4 October 1996   Town Hall, Cheltenham


10 Houses of Eve / Mr. Pharmacist / He Pep / M5 / Cheetham Hill / The Mixer / Oleano / Spinetrak / The Chiselers / Behind the Counter / Powder Keg / Hurricane Edward / U.S. 80's-90's

Thanks to Mikey Smurf for the flyer and Darrell Taylor for the ticket. .

Chris: "A great gig this, mainly due to the aftershow happenings... I was there to review the gig for Cheltenham Art College (what is now the Uni). Tried to meet Mark beforehand, but the tour manager said no chance, although if I tried after the gig then it might be a different story. So, into the hall, at the front for the gig. All I remember is Mark was constantly messing around with Brix's guitar amp, turning the dials, changing the sound, altering the volume, much to her annoyance. Loads of tension. Also remember a fan trying to piss into a bottle (not a great aim) at the front cos he couldn't get out.... Anyway, an interesting gig, went backstage to see the tour manager. Told me no way once again, but as he did old Mark walked up behind him... I asked Mark if I could have a chat with him backstage and he shook my hand like a gent and invited me (and my mate) into the dressing room..... Expecting a party/ a happening/ something but it was just the band sat around... No one else.... I took what looked like the biggest and comfy seat going, sat down and waited for something to happen... Nothing. Just the bandmates looking at each other. Then Mark walks in. Then Brix. Then a big argument starts, shouting etc, then I notice I am being lifted up out of my chair by Mark himself and told to get out, "I think you'd better go" Waitied outside with mate while loads of shouting. Then walked away, no interview, but a moment with Mark all the same. That was the last gig with Brix I think....." [Second to last; she played the last gig of the tour in London - ed.]


Saturday, 5 October 1996   Concert Hall, Motherwellticket

10 Houses of Eve (instr.) / 10 Houses of Eve / M5 / He Pep / The Mixer / Cheetham Hill (instr.) / Oleano (instr.) / Oleano / Mr. Pharmacist / The Chiselers / Spinetrak / Das Vultur Ans Ein Nutter-Wain / U.S. 80's-90's / U.S. 80's-90's / Masquerade (instr. / backing tape) / Behind the Counter / The Joke / Hurricane Edward (instr.) / Big New Prinz (MES on guitar) / Athlete Cured (intro only)

Thanks to Martin for the ticket

A witness: At the Motherwell Civic Centre 1996 gig I brought my two friends who were only part-time Fall fans...I bought drinks and was given change of a twenty from a tenner, which did us alright... as we were drinking and wandering about we noticed Steve Hanley, Simon Wolstencroft and Brix Smith sitting on one of the arty benches that the civic centre seemed filled with. Oh good I thought. My chance to meet the Fall. As I approached I noticed the long faces, and the teary eyes of Brix. They were all giving off an air of 'don't come near us', so I didn't bother. Chance blown, never to come up again. Later I hear that Brix tried to hit Mark with her guitar. She never appeared on stage. Mark, unfortunately, did, and peering at the audience shook his head at the fifty-plus crowd and immediatly tried to pull the band offstage. Hanley refused, noted by my part-time - fan mates... The gig was a farce...numerous walk-offs...a guy at the front has what looks like a twenty-four track studio stuffed up his jumper. I recognise him. 'That the guy from the Barras' I say to my friend. 'He sells me Fall Bootlegs'. My mate asks him if this is true. 'Just enjoy the gig mate' the guy says, staggering away. After forty-five minutes Mark E grabs a guitar and hides behind a speaker, strumming and grinning with no teeth. What a disaster. Every time I bring my mates to a Fall concert it is crap. No other word for it. Wierdly, every time I bring a woman they seem to do alright. Is it all my fault?


Sunday, 6 October 1996    South Shields Arts Theatre, South Shields


Shaun Hampton, who sent in the ticket: "There was a gig at the brand new (opening weekend!) South Shields Arts Theatre, north of Newcastle Upon Tyne, on 6-10-96, this just put the top hat on a disastrous weekend (we had been to the North Lanarkshire Festival of Culture at a Leisure Centre in Motherwell the day before!). A over-officious theatre manager insisted on an early start and finish. A sound check took place, Smith was grumpy but unfortunately so were the Arts Centre management.

"As we left many after public arguments between MES and management, new seats were ripped out, others damaged, fights ensued with theatre staff in front of and behind the stage and as we beat a hasty retreat at least six police vans and cars arrived. Total fiasco, nightmare weekend complete! I could not even drink, as I borrowed my Dads car due to the inaccessible locations of Motherwell and South Shields by public transport!! The journey home was only cheered by Alex ‘Big Clive’ S., being infuriated at two hours of obscure 70’s disco, on the car cassette player all the way back to Atherton/Duckinfield/Warrington!"


Tuesday, 8 October 1996   Assembly Rooms, Worthing

10 Houses of Eve (instr.) / He Pep / M5 / Spinetrak / Oleano / Mr. Pharmacist / Das Vultur Ans Ein Nutter-Wain / The Mixer (instrumental) / The Mixer / Behind the Counter

Considered by some (including Steve Hanley) to be the worst Fall gig of all time. No Brix again. Stephen Bull's review and photos from TBLY # 8, and Mark wrote an excellent review for the Pseud Mag (# 5). Thanks to plastickman for the ticket and the Argus review (10 Oct.).

There's some badly played guitar in "He Pep" by MES and some hilariously out-of-tune backing vocals on "Spinetrak" by Steve Hanley. "Oleano" has audience-participation vocals, with none by MES)

- "And what I wear is a secret in Mr Moody's lair in his attic." (amended lyrics to "He Pep")
- "One! One! One! Fucking... fucking hell! The microphone works! You've got to understand that the PA company are from Newcastle so you've got to fucking like hang on about two hours for everything. All right? All right. All right? What's the next song, Steve?" (before "Mr. Pharmacist")
- Punter: "I want my money back!" (between attempts at "The Mixer")
- "Hold your fire! Hold your fire! Remember, you are in a provincial area!" (amended lyrics to "The Mixer")
- "Hold your fucking job, like anybody else! You are provincial scum! Hold your fire! Count your fire! Move yer fucking arse!" (more amended lyrics to "The Mixer")
- Punter: "Drum solo, Simon!" (after "The Mixer" stutters to a halt)


Friday, 11 October 1996   Forum, London

10 Houses of Eve (instr.) / Spinetrak / Powder Keg / Cheetham Hill / The Mixer / Oleano / M5 / He Pep / The Chiselers / Hurricane Edward (instr.) / Behind the Counter / Das Vultur Ans Ein Nutter-Wain / U.S. 80's-90's / Don't Call Me Darling / The Joke (w/ "Inch" lyrics)

Brix's final Fall gig.

- "Good evening, we are The Fall. (...). I am not a bouncer." (during "Spinetrak")
- Roadie / soundman: "Come on, let me have a (network). Here we go now. Here we are. All together now, here we go! Cheetham Hill in the area! Get down! Go on, get down! Are we 'avin' it or wot, eh? Let's go! Cheetham Hill! You all know the score! Cheetham Hill! Yeah, yeah, yeah! Let's go! C'mon, get down!" (during "Cheetham Hill")
- Roadie / soundman: "Here we go again! Chiselers in the area! Here we go!" (during "The Chiselers")
- Roadie / soundman: "I thought I was you... come on, altogether now, alright! You know the words!" (also during "The Chiselers")
- Brix: "This is new. Fresh. Fresh out of the womb." [long pause] "It's getting stale now." (before "Das Vultur Ans Ein Nutter-Wain"; the original plan was to play "Masquerade" instead)
- "I always like flashing lights. I can see and see on Channel 4 every day at 2p.m., 2 a.m." (during "Das Vultur Ans Ein Nutter-Wain")
- "Bloody (...). Play it (...)!" (before "Don't Call Me Darling")
- Brix: "Goodbye." (after The Joke)

Thanks to Craig Parker for the ticket.


December 1996 : lineup # 32 : Mark E. Smith (vocals), Steve Hanley (bass), Adrian Flanagan (guitar), Lucy Rimmer (keyboards, backing vocals), Simon Wolstencroft (drums).

Tuesday, 24 December 1996   Volksbuehne, Berlin, Germany

10 Houses of Eve (instr.) / He Pep / D.I.Y. Meat / Das Vultur Ans Ein Nutter-Wain / Powder Keg / Cheetham Hill / The Mixer / I'm Going to Spain / Spinetrak / The Chiselers / Pearl City / Oleano / Kicker Conspiracy (aborted) / Behind the Counter / Hark the Herald Angels Sing / Masquerade (instr.) / Birthday / Big New Priest / U.S. 80's-90's (instr.) / The City Never Sleeps

There's some "No Xmas For John Quays" lyrics in "Hark the Herald Angels Sing".

First and only live Hark the Herald Angels Sing; Mark and Lucy duet on The City Never Sleeps. Thanks to Adrian Flanagan for confirming the lineup for this gig.

- "Steve, give it another go!" (between attempts at "Kicker Conspiracy")
- "Counter! Counter! 1, 2, 3, 4!" (before "Behind the Counter")
- "We'll have something cheerful!" (before "Hark the Herald Angels Sing")
- "(...). The group has retired now. They're gonna go and see (...). So can we have them back on stage, please? 1, 2, 3." (before "Big New Priest")


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