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The Fall / Ed Blaney & Mark E. Smith schedule

Sat. 17 Jan Casa da Musica, Porto, Portugal.
Fri. 30 Jan MES & Ed Blaney at Debaser, Malmö, Sweden. And there's some kind of private performance the next night in Copenhagen.
Sat. 31 Jan MES & Ed Blaney at a private party at Kjelfred's house in Copenhagen.
Fri. 6 Feb MES & Ed Blaney at St. Thomas' Church, Pendleton, Salford, according salfordmusic.com. £8 advance (from the venue), £10 on the door (7:30p). Their site says the large hall holds 70 but Ed says they can accommodate 500.
Fri. 13 Feb MES & Ed Blaney at Westhill Community Centre, Brighton. Support: The Sticks. SOLD OUT
Sat. 14 Feb MES & Ed Blaney at Westhill Community Centre, Brighton. Support: The Sticks.
Wed. 25 Feb MES & Ed Blaney at the Point, Cardiff Cancelled due to Mark's broken hip. The venue closed its doors on 27 Feb., so it looks like Cardiff fans are out of luck.
Fri. 6 Mar MES & Ed Blaney at the Cockpit, Leeds. Cancelled due to Mark's hip.
Sun. 15 Mar MES Q&A at the Huddersfield Literature Festival.
Tue. 31 Mar The Junction, Cambridge. Advance tickets (£18 + fees) from ticketline, wegottickets. Support: Bobbie Peru
Wed. 1 Apr Koko, Camden Town, London. Advance tickets (£20 + fees) from the venue, ticketline, wegottickets, or via cheque (@£20 payable to T.A. Wise) & SAE to "Wise Moves", 26 Lockett Gdns, Trinity, Salford, Manchester M36BJ. Support: Bobbie Peru
28-31 Aug Beachdown Festival, Devil's Dyke, Brighton, according to their (v. annoying) site.


added 4 March

A couple of notable screenings: one Fall-related in Los Angeles, the other the Monks doc in Brighton.

Los Angeles:

Cinefamily at the Silent Movie Theater will be presenting "Two Films About The Fall" on Thursday, March 12, starting at 8 pm: "The Wonderful and Frightening World of Mark E. Smith" and "Hail the New Puritan".


Toby of the Consortium is screening the excellent Monks documentary "The Transatlantic Feedback" at the Duke of York's Cinema, along with a live performance by The Sticks. It's on Saturday, 4 April, from 11pm - 1am.



added 26 February

Jonny Vincent has published a book about the Derby punk scene. You can read a few pages and/or buy the book on lulu.com.

The Fall feature several times in the book; Jonny sent in this encounter at the Vic in December 1999.

You hear so many stories about the fall and with 30 years of work behind them and probably nearly as many members of the band leaving or being sacked at one stage or another you should never expect the expected and this gig was to be no different. I spent the day working at the Vic and saw at first hand how the band functions.

I got there early in the morning as I had to do the cleaning what with the sic and other unmentionable items left from the night before,( that you wouldn’t want to touch with a bargepole) although my immune system was working overtime you never knew what you might catch, probably some unknown hybrid germ from the 17th century. Occasionally it was funny though I did once find four carrots and a brussel sprout wrapped in sellotape the mind boggles what that was for, anyway I tidied up the mess from the night before when the telephone rang it was the falls agent and the conversation went like this.

“Hello the Vic”

“You have the fall playing there tonight for god sake don’t let mark drink and make sure you pay his taxi fare when he gets there ,he is coming from Manchester in a taxi and will be there about 3,oh and the best of look your going to need it”

Then he put the phone down, no goodbye or anything that was it, end of conversation.

At 2pm the band turned up outside in a transit van with Salford van hire written down the side I recognized the band instantly as I had just bought the latest album.

“Hello, we are the fall”.

I could of said “yes but for how long. ., but that would have been a bit close to the bone so I showed them were to put there belongings and where the stage area was ,blindingly obvious really due to the size of the Vic but I guess I was just being polite. After about half an hour they had set up their equipment and were rehearsing the set, this went on for about two hours without a break. When mark arrived looking well a bit ill to say the least, my first words to him were “hi mark your looking well.”

As soon as I said it my brain said to me you twat he probably thinks your taking the piss.

Mark then said

“Have you got the money for the taxi?”

I went in the back and got the money of the boss the look on his face when I said it was £95 was a picture in itself ,he gave that sigh and look as if he had be made to paint the forth bridge with a toothbrush.

I handed mark the money and he disappeared to pay for the taxi. When he came back the boss said hello and shook his hand and said to him that I was a big fan of the fall and had got most of the falls albums.

“The problem is mark you work to hard it costs me a fortune and I can’t keep up with the amount of releases”

“Well you don’t have to do you”

“Yeah but ive got to have something for Xmas, its better than socks”

This bought a smile to his face and I could sense the foreboding atmosphere from the phone call disappear. He then asked if he could have a drink, the boss said there is a bottle of spirits he could have but after the show until then he would have to have a pint or two, we gave him a pint and he disappeared to the stage area to catch up with the band. Suddenly we could hear loads of shouting, apparently the keyboard player had forgot the keyboard stand and like a boss shouting at his staff he was laying in to them.

He came back to the bar and said something like

“They think they are fuckin pop stars or something”

By 8 o’clock the sound check had been done and the place was starting to fill up ready for the gig the band were in the changing room working on some new material with them listening to tapes full of ideas and sounds it came to my attention that this was a band working constantly as if they were a bunch of plumbers and mark was the gaffer but you could sense the tension that was being created in the group as the odd comment was passed between members.

At nine the band came on without mark they started playing touch sensitive but five minutes later they were still playing the same riff and the rest of the band started looking at each other wondering where the hell the singer had got to. I stood behind the sound desk for a better view it was a perk of the job as when the venue is full its hard to move about or get to see the band properly.

Mark then appeared to a round of applause and headed to the stage being patted on the back by the crowd, we went straight to the amplifiers and started meddling with the sound, the soundman looked at me in a panic and said,

“What’s he doing” and started changing the levels to stop the feedback.” he looked at me and shook his head and said

“He doesn’t want it to sound like this does he”.

“Probably this is the fall after all, you never know what you’re going to get”

That is apart of their charm for me the unpredictability the fact that you don’t get the expected.

The gig finished and it was great to watch them close at hand I made my way to the dressing room door to keep the fans from entering suddenly there was more shouting coming from inside and you could hear things being thrown across the room, a fan asked me if he could go in and say hello

“I don’t think this is a good time mate come back later”

The door suddenly opened and the drummer stormed out saying

“That’s it I quit, I aint working for him any longer”

Things then went quiet and after 5 minutes mark appeared and headed to the bar to get a drink, the boss handed him his bottle and he sat down in the corner with the rest of the band having a chat whilst fans came up to him to say hello and wish him well. The boss then settled up the contract money. We had done everything we could for him and the band to make it a good gig and you knew he appreciated the fact when he said

“I like Derby, good people”.

The fall treated the staff with respect and didn’t give us any trouble at all, but there is no way that I would ever want to be in the band, not that I would be asked but it made me realise it really is just a job to the band, hired and fired at will with no glamour.

The drummer played the next gig for the fall but left not long after and a year later the line up had changed at least twice.


added 25 February

Michael from the Huddersfield Literature Festival:

The competition has now closed. Many thanks to all the Fall fans across the world who sent their questions in, they made for interesting reading. I’ve picked six winners who will each receive two free tickets to the event. The tickets are selling fast, so if you don’t have a ticket yet and would like to attend, please phone the box office on: 01484 430528 or book via lawrencebatleytheatre.co.uk.


added 24 February

The Monks DVD -- The Transatlantic Feedback -- is an excellent artifact from the German production company, playloud!. A true labor of love.

Even if you saw the documentary at the theater you'll probably want to get a copy of the disc for the wonderful extras. Not only do you get the complete Beat Club and Beat, Beat, Beat performances (which you've seen on youtube, I'm sure, but the quality on the DVD is better), but there's a wonderful half-hour sit down with Dave Day and his banjo. Dave shows off his technique and demonstrates the riffs to just about every song on Black Monk Time.

There's more information about the DVD further down the page here, or you can go to their Monks page and order a copy for yourself.


added 23 February

The Fall news is lurching into the 21st century with a Twitter feed. You can find me at http://twitter.com/fallnews.


added 23 February

Mark has broken his hip again and is in hospital. The Blaney/Smith gig in Cardiff has been postponed and they hope to reschedule it for the end of March. I'm not sure whether the Leeds gig on 6 March is going ahead but I'm assuming it is.


added 21 February

You may remember Praxis Hagen's exhibition Paintwork, which was held in Berlin May-June 2006. If not, there's lots of information on their site.

Now the gallery is organizing Paintwork#2, and this time it will be held in London, at the SW1 Gallery, 14 - 29 May 2009. Here's the announcement from the Praxis Hagen site:

Paintwork#2“ is an international group-exhibition about art and music.

The soundtrack is by The Fall.
The work is by artists who have a connection to the group.
Paintwork#2 is no retrospective. Working artists refer to a working group.
This is work in progress.

These artists
- made artwork for the album covers and live shows
- made explicit reference in their work to The Fall
- were inspired by both The Fall´s music and attitude
- use the band as a code or cultural phenomenon

Some of the artists know each other already: the first show was held in Berlin in 2006. www.praxishagen.de

Other artists are new on board and as well überzeugt of the idea to create an art exhibition around this very special group.

Each of the artists takes a very different position: from abstract painting to still life, comics to cream crackers, photography to multi-media, collage to drawings and graphic design. The one connection is the music.

The music of The Fall.

Paintwork#2 is curated by Praxis Hagen gallery in cooperation with the SW1gallery in London. www.sw1gallery.co.uk

The Artists:

Anthony Frost (Cornwall) who did (amongst others) the „Extricate“ cover and the cover of the last record „Imperial Wax Solvent“.

Pascal le Gras (Paris) who did more than 30 covers for The Fall and is probably Mark E. Smith´s most employed artist.

Claus Castenskiold (Los Angeles), well known in the Fall-World for famous 80`s covers like "Perverted by Language",

Suzanne Smith, Mark´s sister and cover artist („Grotesque“)

George Shaw, Painter, who contributed to the cover of „Reformation“.

Mark Kennedy (Manchester) mosaic-artist who contributed to the cover of „Reformation“

Simon Armitage, writer, musician

Knud Odde (Kopenhagen), Danish rock-legend turned painter who did a couple of MES-portraits,

Rik van Iersel (Eindhoven), painter, musician who did (amongst others) an exhibition called „The 27 Points“ directly referred to The Fall.

Paul Housley, (London), painted and exhibited MES-portraits (I Mancunian).

Paul Wilson (Leeds) developed the Mark E.Smith typewriting font.

Jeffrey Lewis (New York), anti-folk star who did "The Story of The Fall"

Jowe Head (London), rock-veteran of the Swell Maps who still does Fall-covers on stage and did the cover of the tribute sampler: "Perverted by Mark E."

Edwin Pouncey (aka Savage Pencil) (London) did the cover of „Lie Dream of a Casino Soul“

Michael Pollard, (Manchester), photographer and cover-artist.

Robert Palumbo (New York), filmmaker and photographer whose photos of african refugees were used on the cover of the album "The Fall Heads Roll" (American edition)

Tommy Crooks (Dundee) cover-artist and former Fall-guitarist.

David Alker/Peter Liddell (Manchester) who did sweet cream crackers with Fall-covers.

Safi Sniper (Berlin) video-artist and support-act of The Fall,

Globo (Norwich), a trio which recently covered the record “This Nation´s Saving Grace“

Elaine Will (Canada) Cartoonist

Harley Richardson, (London) Cartoonist

Antigoni Pasidi, (London), painter, sculptor, friend


added 21 February

Conway is running another knockout tournament on the forum: The Peel Session Cup 2009. The week 1 draw is underway.


added 15 February; updated 21 February

Saturday, 14 February    Westhill Community Centre, Brighton (Ed Blaney + Mark E. Smith)

The Train / Mettle Claw / When We Were Young / Real Good Time Together / No Retreat / Hustle / Durasti / Luddite / Transfusion / My Ex Classmates Kids

Reviews and close ups on the message board.


added 15 February

Friday, 13 February    Westhill Community Centre, Brighton (Ed Blaney + Mark E. Smith)


Reviews on the message board. Thanks to Mark for the setlist.


added 10 February

Simon Reynolds:

I thought your readers might be interested in news of my new postpunk book Totally Wired: Postpunk Interviews and Overviews, and a related event in Manchester featuring Una Baines from the original line up of The Fall.

It is 6.30 pm, Thursday 12th Feb, at Waterstone's, 91 Deansgate, Manchester. A panel discussion with Una Baines and Mick Middles.

More information about the event here:
Totally Wired also features an interview with Martin Bramah of the original Fall line-up and Blue Orchids.

More information about Totally Wired, the companion volume to Rip It Up and Start Again, can be found here: totallywiredbysimonreynolds.blogspot.com/

London based Fall fans who are interested in the postpunk era in general might also be interested in a simlar event in on Sunday 15th Feb, The Roundhouse, Chalk Farm Road. Panel with Colin Newman (Wire), Viv Albertine (The Slits), and Tom Morley (Scritti Politti).
more information here


added 10 February

There's going to be a show on Gene Vincent, hosted by Roger Daltry, on BBC Radio 2 on Valentine's Day at 7pm GMT. The Radio Times says there's some M.E.S. involvement.


added 10 February

The Monks documentary The Transatlantic Feedback will be out on DVD soon, and it looks like an essential purchase. A press release from the producer, play loud!:

At http://www.playloud.org/shop.html

play loud! announces the DVD release of the award-winning documentary film MONKS: THE TRANSATLANTIC FEEDBACK.

DVD includes 81 minutes of bonus features:

1) biographies dave, eddie, gary, larry and roger talk about their origins and musical backgrounds.

2) a date with dave day these field recordings with elvis fan dave day introduce us to the concept of monks banjo playing. enjoy this master class by the first rock´n´roll banjo player in music history!

3) monks 60s live appearances on german tv the only 60s performances preserved on film are made available for the first time in their entirety.

4) reunion new york 1999 the 6th monk or how gary burger lost his voice and mike fornatale rescued the monks.

5) movie trailer

6) subtitles english, german, spanish, french, italian & polish.

7) other play loud! releases featured on the dvd are martin rev live, doc schoko live, reverend billy trailer

8) DVD-pack with 8-page booklet and liner notes by Allison Anders and filmmakers.

9) DVD-9, no regions, NTSC

In conjunction with the DVD play loud! and Universal will release:
1) re-issue of the first monks single COMPLICATION / OH-HOW TO DO NOW
2) silver monk time - a tribute to the monks (double-cd with 20 page booklet)
3) monks demo tapes 1965 (cd/lp)
4) the third official release of BLACK MONK TIME by Universal Music Germany (vinyl/CD/DL).
5) poster by famous artist Daniel Richter



Order together with SILVER MONK TIME (double tribute CD) and save 8 €

Your support is crucial to help us survive as truly independent filmmakers, so please get the word out about this documentary...


added 10 February

A couple of Fall nights upcoming, one in Leeds and the other in honour of Smith's 52nd in London.

London, hosted by the excellent The Quietus:


Leeds, hosted by Fall Night veteran, Jonny Strangeways:

Friday 10th April @ The Verve (next to Mojo's), 8pm-2am.

£4 tickets, £5 OTD. 70 ONLY this may sell out in advance.
Tickets available now from www.jumborecords.co.uk

Dave Simpson author of The Fallen will be answering questions on his book and will also be presenting a Fall quiz.

Followed by a Fall disco with Jonny Strangeways, playing The Fall all night.

He will also be playing Simpo's top 10 Fall tracks immediately after the reading which he has agreed to dance to, on stage.

The venue is a small basement bar in the Verve, with a limited capacity. It sells imported beers that are quite pricy , but it a a nice modern venue with seating around the outside for the older Fall fan and room to dance for the younger-or pissed-Fall fan.

I have done two fall nights before, the first had approx 70 people, the second about 12, but i am expecting this to be busy or even sell out in advance due to the added Simpo factor, so get your tickets early i suggest.


added 9 February; updated 10 February

Friday, 6 February    St. Thomas' Church, Pendleton, Salford (Ed Blaney + Mark E. Smith)

The church was full and the magnifence of the occasion has struck reviewers dumb. From the message board:

1) "It was very nice, Mark the vicar was very impressed."
2) "The church was full, it was a great night very bizarre, a real one off experience."

update: review thread saved by an excellent one from Ray.


added 5 February


The Fall News mourns the loss of one of the greatest frontmen in rock'n'roll history. Lux Interior (né Eric Lee Purkhiser) died yesterday in Glendale, California, aged 62. He had a pre-existing heart condition. Our very deepest condolences to Ivy, his family, and his thousands of friends and fans.

I was lucky to see the Cramps a few times in London in the early 1980s and those gigs remain among of my favourites. My girlfriend was a diehard Cramps fan and introduced them to me in 1980, and although our relationship didn't last very long my love of the band continued. Rest in peace, Lux.

Human Fly, at the Napa State Mental Hospital, in 1978.


added 2 February

Saturday, 31 January    Private party at Kjelfred's house, Copenhagen (Ed Blaney + Mark E. Smith)

Mettle Claw / The Train / Real Good Time Together / Durasti / When We Were Young / No Retreat / Hustle / Transfusion

TBD. Transfusion performed from the laundry room.

Reviews on the message board and lots of photos on flickr (including the guest list), thanks to Dr. Sprtschk.


added 31 January

Friday, 30 January    Debaser, Malmo, Sweden (Ed Blaney + Mark E. Smith)

Mettle Claw / The Train / Real Good Time Together / Durasti / When We Were Young / No Retreat / Hustle / Transfusion / Luddite / I Wake up in the City

Review on the message board, and a video clip of The Train on youtube, thanks to David...


added 27 January

M.E.S. will be doing a Q & A at the Huddersfield Literature Festival on Sunday, 15 March. The festival's director, Michael Stewart, is inviting Fall fans to send him questions to ask Smith on the day. If your question is chosen you'll win a pair of tickets to the event.


"The kind of things I'm interested in are the writers and writing that have inspired Mark (although not too much because this is well trodden ground); his approach to his own writing, looking at some of his lyrics and getting him to go into more detail. Plus, stuff from the book — stuff fans want more info on or things that are missing from it."

Please send your questions to Michael at michael@darkanddirty.co.uk


added 22 January


added 20 January

Jon Coupe, host of the Salford Music Hour on Salford City Radio:

Simon "Ding" Archer is on The Salford Music Hour this Wednesday (21st Jan) between 9 and 10pm talking about his chequered music history with The Fall, PJ Harvey and Black Francis etc and playing some appropriate tunes of the aforementioned.

You can hear it on Salford City Radio 94.4fm if you live in the Salford area or online at www.salfordcityradio.org if you live a bit further afield.


added 18 January; updated 21 January

Saturday, 17 January    Casa da Musica, Porto, Portugal


Hot Cake * / Fall Sound / Wings / 50 Year Old Man / I've Been Duped / Wolf Kidult Man / Bury / Reformation / Theme from Sparta F.C. / Carry Bag Man // White Lightning

* with lyrics from the Stooges' "1969", updated to 2009.


There's a review on the message board and a clip of Carry Bag Man on youtube. Thanks to Rui and Daniel for the setlist and Paula Guerra for the photo. I think that's Safi next to the wolf kidult man.


added 6 January

Bad news... Ron Asheton (Stooges guitarist) was found dead at his home in Ann Arbor last night. Here's a local report.


added 6 January

Good news... Julia Adamson has posted a video of her first rehearsal with the Fall on youtube. It's from January 1995 and was filmed by Mick Middles. Mick filmed hours of the Fall in the mid '90s for a documentary that never happened.

part one:

part the second:


added 22 December

2100 hours GMT: Invisionfree.com, the company that hosts the Fall Online Forum, has been offline for an hour or two. Not sure what's going on but I hope it's temporary.

2300: now it's back.


added 18 December

Dick Witts has posted clips of his presentation at last May's Messing Up the Paintwork conference on youtube.

And here's a bizarre clip of Grant Showbiz talking to MES and Elena at the conference evening's festivities, with one of Mark's sisters asking for her phone back.


added 15 December

Buy Kurious on the forum has unearthed a video of DNA featuring Mark E. Smith doing a song called "Misery" on youtube. An appropriate title.


added 5 December

Michael Pollard has sent me 80 photos of the Holmfirth gig (29 November), and they're up to his usual high standards. Thanks Michael!


added 5 December

Angus Kennedy is one of today's better writers on The Fall, I think. He has a review of The Fallen on the Culture Wars site.


added 2 December

From the Sky Arts site:

From The Basement

A back-to-basics live music show where the focus is on the music, the artists and their performances. No presenter, no audience, no talking, no nonsense. It's a place where credible, established acts can perform their music free from the strictures of the charts and the marketing cycle. You’ll feel like you’ve got a VIP pass to a private recording session…

The new series starts at 10pm 3 Dec on Sky Arts 1 and Sky Arts HD. Here's what you can expect from this stunning show in the weeks to come:

3 Dec Gnarls Barkley, Sparks, The Kills
10 Dec My Morning Jacket, The Fall, White Denim
17 Dec Iggy Pop and The Stooges, CSS and Shortwave Set
24 Dec Radiohead, Andrew Bird, Fleet Foxes
31 Dec The Raconteurs, Seasick Steve, Band of Horses
7 Jan Queens of the Stone Age, Terry Callier and Mercury Rev


4 March 2009

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To subscribe to Fallnet, send mail to:

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14jun'05 UK & Lyon gigs, Conway's guitar tab and Adult Net pages, Jools Holland, Deeply Vale cd, MES int. w/BBC on Peel, Lime Lizard 1993, Festive 50 book, Live from the Vaults delayed, Wake Up in the City, Cuz'n Roy's yard sale on ebay, Jahn Rhondos.

27apr'05 UK gigs, Left of the Dial & Scotland on Sunday interviews, Deeply Vale CD preview, Bingo Masters press release, Scherzo Schist, Live from the Vaults, Simon Reynolds, Simon Armitage, Prenzlauer Berg, Fall Cafe, Poloraoids special offer, Brix & Gromit, MES on Funhouse, Fall documentary transcript, the Fall wants your photo.

25feb'05 BBC4 Fall doc, Hex reissue, KFNY gig, Fall Forum's TNSG, Ice Magazine (UK) MES int., Sun Zoom Spark articles, Playlouder appreciation, unofficial Sparta FC video, Peel set postponed 1 month, MES's New Years Honours list, 9may81 photos, Hunter S. Thompson, RIP.

7jan'05 Jim Watts resigns, UK gigs, Pseud Mag, Festive 50, Deeply Vale, documentary, City Bar "fall-out", Polaroids on the Fall, Wipe That Sound, Narnack sampler.

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