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midweek sports special - to clear the decks


30 Mar  Coney Island High, NYC - first reviews below
31 Mar  Coney Island High, NYC

2 Apr   Loop Lounge Passaic Park NJ
3 Apr   Middle East, Boston
4 Apr   Trocadero, Phila.
5 Apr    Black Cat, WDC

7 Apr   Brownie's, NYC
8 Apr   Brownie's, NYC

23 Apr  Swindon (venue TBC)

27 Apr  Camden Dingwalls
28 Apr  Camden Dingwalls

30 Apr  Reading Alleycat

Dingwalls - tickets £10 from over the bar, else from Stargreen 0171 734 8932
Reading - Alleycat, Gun Street, Reading. Tel: 0118 956 1116. Tickets: 10/(9 members)


Smith on Smith
Spoken word CD from MES featuring self-penned short stories, lyrics,poetry, keyboard and sound effects. Will give fans a true persona insight.
Released on Artful 27 Apr

Live in Melbourne  Double CD
We think it's from Prince of Wales Hotel, Melbourne, 2 Aug 1982 which would give it the tracklist I Feel Voxish, Tempo House, Hard Life in Country, I'm Into C.B., Lie Dream of a Casino Soul, Solicitor in Studio, Marquis Cha-Cha, Room To Live, Hexen Definitive, Deer Park, Totally Wired, Joker Hysterical Face, Hip Priest
Released on Cog Sinister 24 Apr


From: Older Brother Gert
Subject: The Fall @ CIH

I think all you Brits have seen the Fall one too many times, and as a result, you take this band for granted.

That said, I thought it was a great gig. The band I saw tonight far surpassed the hideous replica that was the Fall in NY in 1994, or even '93 for that matter.

3:40 am now so here's the set list as best I can remember, and in no particular order after Masquerade:

Spencer 10 Houses Hip Priest - excellent version of this I thought. (MES pauses a few times here to drink a few long draughts. Also uses Tommy's mic as well as his) Masquerade - the best rendition I've heard of this - greatness. Really full sounding, the Fall clicking on all cylinders. I'm A Mummy Free Range started Levitate, walk off. Some kind of sound/equipment problem. Return to the stage and into Lie Dream Of A Casino Soul Ol' Gang - MES makes Tommy take the lead vocal while he enjoys a stage-left fag. Powderkeg - this was fucking brilliant. Behind The Counter - good, but Julia's keyboards went really loud at one point, to no great effect (other than annoying Sol)

I know I'm forgetting about half the set list. Smith's random keyboard solos were a plus, the first accidentally sounding on key.

Great to meet other assembled fallnetters: Peter M with the not so candid camera, Bivs, Brent, Oliver, Mike, Stefan (a good lad!). I have to say that the people from Fallnet that I met were/are the most sincere and wonderful and frightening group. Hats off to all. Can't wait to do it again. Another highlight: realizing during Hip Priest that I was standing behind Rick Karr!

There was some dissension among us, but I really enjoyed this gig. Bodes well for the tour. Smith was in great form, vocally. Also true to form, he appeared on stage sporting an enormous black eye! Someone didnae appreciate him. Looked recent too, possibly a day old, no more.

Hanley? A god. The hardest working man in show business; did not resemble a passing labourer at all.

The sound was very good. A great gig.



From: Peter Messiaen
Subject: The Fall @ Coney Island High

It was a great night.

On hand @ the International were FF's Oliver Jenkinson(from Exeter, England) Brent & girlpal Lisa, Macrae (Chipping Sodberry Alumni), Bivins, Greg Scott (Old pal and band mate of mine), Michael Patterson (Mike Lido on Fallnet, another old pal) and girlpal Lynn, Stefan Cooke and his pal James and last but not least OBG and Scott Macualey (i.e. Sol) as well as their friend Robert.

Also International regular Nick was at the show.  He is the man responsible for having "Hip Priest" put into "Silience of the Lambs"....

We were quite a rambuctious and cheery bunch and I have yet to meet a fallnetter I am not impressed with.........I doff my cap to one and all.

The conversation ranged from Fermat's theorem to German experimental music to general appreciation of GREAT OZ fallnetter Stve Dean.  May we someday all be lucky to meet him.

I was pretty relentless with my camera and did a pretty good job of blinding everyone with my flash at regular intervals.  High point was Stefan Cooke telling me he thought I'd be a lot scarier then I actually am (don't believe it I'm pretty Scary...BOO!) and John (i.e. Gert buying me a drink (Thanks you sweetie you...)

Anyway.....we descended en mass upon Coney Island High clamoring for Fall greatness to begin......and while I don't think it was the best Fall show I've ever seen (That would be Tramps and the unbelieveable mindblowing rendition of New Big Prinz) at least it wasn't as lame as the 1992 Infotainment scam show.

Set list:

---Spencer must die

---10 Houses of Eve

---Hip Priest (brillant)


---Two Pence (This was new for me...)

---Scareball  (Sol gets the prize for naming this...)

---?  (I have no idea what this was.....okay I guess)

---Lie Dream of  a Casino Soul (How great to hear this live)

---Free Range (Ditto)

---I'm a Mummy (Great to hear, but not as good as the recorded version)

---4 1/2 Inch

---Old Gang

---Powderkeg (This sounded brillant once Mark twiddled with the guitar settngs and set Tommy straight)

---Behind the Counter

My biggest complaint is that Tommy Crooks is  NO Craig Scanlon.  Not only that he's a terrible, lame, bullshit guitar player and an ugly twat......also it would behoove Julie to be a little more aware of her keyboard settings.........

Hanley and Burns were brillant..............Mark was fine.  He didn't flake out once.  Unless you count when he announced that the band was going to take a 10 minute break.  I have no idea what that was about and thankfully it was actually only a 3 minute break.

All in all........I really......really hope tomorrow's show sees the band more together and maybe Mark will be a little more pissed off cos he was veritably docile tonight.....at a certain point someone shouted out for Freebird and he and the band cracked up.  "Talk some more...." was his response....."

He changed his shirt once.....from a cowboy type black shirt to a tan button down.

Anyway I lost track of pretty much everyone after the show except for Oliver and Stefan..........but I'm sure they'll all be back tomorrow.

I hope they're better tommorow..........

Good night....Good Morning.........

******Peter Messiaen>>>>>>>>>>>>


From: Rick

Regulars to the list will remember my query as to why Martin Bramah had the Greek letters theta,epsilon,lambda,eta,mu and alpha on his guitar. These letters spell the ancient Greek word for 'will' (thelema). This has bothered me ever since I spotted this way back when (if in fact I did addled as I was for most of the 77-80 period!!). Anyway it was with relish that I was reading about Aleister Crowley and his still extant religious sect the 'thelemists'. See this weeks Obbie. So was Martin a disciple of the evil, wicked, deranged Crowley, or Frater Perdurabo? (persist ye not in this evil e-mail!!).

More fallcrowleyCon ; perdurabo's magnum opus: The Book of Lies

I have a copy of the book in front of me now and the evil is just oozing out of it, slimey and stenchy. hang on, page 42, kephali 3E 'and the Red Imps shall rise out of the patrick moraz of the third division of hell to wreck defeat in the second layer of hell, so spake Yoni Phallus III (Notting Hill)'

Wem-ber-ley, wem-ber-ley
'Sending the Book of Lies back to where it came from double fast'


From: Graeme Park

Has this been mentioned before?

Spitting Image. I watched a show from 1985 featuring the RS232 interface lead song and the classic Roger Moore, windscreen wipers on a wet night sketch. At the end of the sketch it cuts to a Barry Norman puppet doing a link along the lines of:- "And that was Roger Moore in his new film I am a curious orange".

Close enough for me. Now IAKO premiered in '88, and we know about the Curious Yellow(?) film. How well known was this film - was it in the news in '85? - the "curious orange" pun is about right for the calibre of Spitting Image humour.


From: Barrie
Subject: My letter to The Guardian (sad I know)

I was mildly surprised,given Julie Burchill's insistence that 1977 represents her Year Zero,that she needed to ask,in essence,whether there is any rock band that has not,er,'sold out to the man'by appearing on children's TV and the like(March 22).
Formed in that year,and responsible for continuously challenging and rewarding music ever since,The Fall are the epitome of a music from outside the mainstream which is a constant jab in the eye to the safe, fluffy confections offered by Julie's old mates Weller,Strummer et al. Unfortunately,resisting the hype leads to such overpowering financial rewards that (for example)the band's excellent bassist was forced to leave the band temporarily and work in a petrol station when his wife gave birth in order to support his family.
Perhaps Julie would like to ensure that the band receive some recognition for their brave and uncompromising work;if so,she should turn off Jerry Springer and toddle along to London Dingwalls on April 27 and 28,where The Fall are playing,or cease performing her one trick of writing about that which,as ever,she knows nothing and researches less.
Many regards
Barrie Francis.


From: Adam Marshall:

I've just been told that since (ahem) parting company with the Fall, DOSE have moved a rung or two up the fame ladder - apparently they're now working with TV's equivalent of MES, Will from Hollyoaks!


From: Martin Wheatley:

Due to massive public demand (Gert) here is the full text of the fax read out on Peel last night

>Next week is a momentous week for the American branch of Fallnet since
>The Mighty Fall are on a short tour of the US
>All over the continent people are embarking on hazardous journeys
>to such mythical places as Philadelphia and New York, in many cases
>to see The Fall for the first time.
>Can you dedicate something to them please
>To Mike Wright driving many a mile
>To AmC whose Cut Out Kovin is finally for real
>To Tom in Atlanta (who you know) - thanks for the emails
>To David Beus - the master of us all
>To Gert (and of course Mrs Gert)
>To JC and little C'N'C
>To Pat who has a real trip to dispense
>To Hannah and Fiona
>To three-chord Brent and the guitar contingent
>And to all the others who after many years of collecting the records
>never really believed they would get to see MES slope off in the
>middle of a gig for a crafty drag
>Martin Wheatley


From Eddie:

Do you all know the meaning of the greek verses at the beginning of "Happy Holiday" which is a lot more understandable in the DJ-promo-version?

(After I had begun to translate Telis' German back into English afraid of the possible results, I realized that I knew these verses.)

>O'er grassy dale, and lowland scene
>Come see, come hear, the English Scheme.
>The lower-class, want brass, bad chests, scrounge fags.
>The clever ones tend to emigrate
>Like your psychotic big brother,

It's the beginning of "English Scheme" from the Grotesque-album. Who dared to believe something like this? I always thought I heard a pretty

woman sitting in a tourist-office explaining the beauty of her nice little country and the comforts of visiting it.If my friend is right, - and why shouldn't he? He doesn't even know the original verses - then the Greek "big brother" is not "psychotic". Only a big brother. If someone wants a transcription of the Greek version (for better singing it out aloud in bathrooms or shopping malls) mail me privately and I'll do some job on decyphering my Greek friend's Greek handwriting.

Hear you,



From: Pete Conkerton
Subject: Nine unknown men

To pass the time before the US reports start coming in, here's another chunk from 'The Morning of the Magicians'. WARNING: This is L-O-N-G and of limited interest.

From 'Putta Block'...
The nine unknown men knew this
three sorts
The first: along Louis's (??) life
The second: the complete restructure of your pretentious life
Three: the only reason you know this is that it was well documented
But I say put a block on the words

...legend of the Nine Unknown Men. This tradition goes back to the time of the Emperor Asoka, who reigned in India from 273 BC. He was the grandson of Chandragupta who was the first to unify India. Ambitious like his ancestor whose achievements he was anxious to complete, he conquered the region of Kalinga which lay between what is now Calcutta and Madras. The Kalingans resisted and lost 100,000 men in the battle.
At the sight of this massacre Asoka was overcome. For ever after he experienced a horror of war. He renounced the idea of trying to integrate the rebellious people, declaring that the only true conquest was to win men's hearts by observance of the laws of duty and piety, because the Sacred Majesty desired that all living creatures should enjoy security, peace and happiness and be free to live as they pleased.
A convert to Buddhism, Asoka, by his own virtuous example, spread this religion throughout India and his entire empire which included Malaya, Ceylon and Indonesia. Later Buddhism penetrated to Nepal, Thibet, China and Mongolia. Asoka nevertheless respected all religious sects. He preached vegetarianism, abolished alcohol and the slaughter of animals. H.G.Wells, in his abridged version of his 'Outline of World History' wrote: "Among the tens of thousands of names of monarchs accumulated in the files of history, the name of Asoka shines almost alone, like a star."
It is said that the Emperor Asoka, aware of the horrors of war, wished to forbid men ever to put their intelligence to evil uses. During his reign natural science, past and present, was vowed to secrecy. Henceforward, and for the next 2,000 years, all researches, ranging from the structure of matter to the techniiques employed in collective psychology, were to be hidden behind the mystical mask of a people commonly believed to be exclusively concerned with ecstasy and supernatural phenomena. Asoka founded the most powerful secret society on earth: that of the Nine Unknown Men.
It is still thought that the great men responsible for the destiny of modern India, and scientists like Bose and Ram believe in the existence of the Nine, and even receive advice and messages from them. One can imagine the extraordinary importance of secret knowledge in the hands of nine men benefitting directly from experiments, studies and documents accumulated over a period of more than 2,000 years. What can have been the aim of these men? Not to allow methods of destruction to fall into the hands of unqualified persons, and to pursue knowledge which would benefit mankind. Their numbers would be renewed by co-option, so as to preserve the secrecy of techniques handed down from ancient times.
Examples of the Nine Unknown Men making contact with the outside world are rare. There was, however, the extraordinary case of one of the most mysterious figures in Western history: the Pope Sylvester II, also known by the name of Gerbert D'Aurillac. Born in the Auvergne in 920 (d. 1003) Gerbert was a Benedictine monk, professor at the University of Rheims, Archbishop of Ravenna and Pope by grace of Otho III. He is supposed to have spent some time in Spain, after which a mysterious voyage brought him to India where he is reputed to have acquired various kinds of skills which stupefied his entourage. For example, he possessed in his palace a bronze head which answered YES or NO to questions put to it on politics or the general position of Christianity. According to Sylvester II (see Vol. CXXXIX of Migne's 'Patrologie Latine') this was a perfectly simple operation corresponding to a two-figure calculation, and was performed by an automaton similar to our modern binary machines. This 'magic' head was destroyed when Sylvester died, and all the information it imparted carefully concealed. No doubt an authorised research worker would come across some surprising things in the Vatican Library.
In the cybernetics journal, 'Computers and Automation' of October 1954, the following comment appeared: "We must suppose that he (Sylvester) was possessed of extraordinary knowledge and the most remarkable mechanical skill and inventiveness. This speaking head must have been fashioned 'under a certain conjunction of stars occurring at the exact moment when all the planets were starting on their courses.' Neither the past, nor the present nor the future entered into it, since this invention far exceeded in its scope its rival, the perverse 'mirror on the wall' of the Queen, the precursor of our modern electronic brain. Naturally, it was widely asserted that Gerbert was only able to produce such a machine because he was in league with the Devil and had sworn eternal allegiance to him."
Had other Europeans any contract with this society of the Nine Unknown Men? It was not until the nineteenth century that this mystery was referred to again in the works of the French writer Jacoillot.
Jacoillot was French Consul at Calcutta under the Second Empire. He wrote some quite important prophetic works, comparable, if not superior to those of Jules Verne. He also left several books dealing with the great secrets of the human race. A great many occult writers, prophets and miracle-workers have borrowed from his writings which, completely neglected in France, are well known in Russia.
Jacoillot states categorically that the society of the Nine did actually exist. And, to make it all the more intriguing, he refers in this connection to certain techniques, unimaginable in 1860, such as, for example, the liberation of energy, sterilisation by radiation and psychological warfare.
Yersin, one of Pasteur and de Roux's closest collaborators, was entrusted, it seems, with certain biological secrets when he visited Madras in 1890, and following the instructions he received was able to prepare a serum against cholera and the plague.
The story of the Nine Unknown Men was popularised for the first time in 1927 in a book by Talbot Mundy who for twenty-five years was a member of the British police force in India. His book is half fiction, half scientific enquiry. The Nine apparently employed a synthetic language, and each of them was in possession of a book that was constantly being rewritten and containing a detailed account of some science.
The first of these books is said to have been devoted to the technique of propaganda and psychological warfare. 'The most dangerous of all sciences', wrote Mundy, 'is that of moulding mass opinion, because it would enable anyone to govern the whole world.'
It must be remembered that Korjybski's 'General Semantics' did not appear until 1937 and that it was not until the West had had experience of the last World War that the techniques of the psychology of language, i.e. propaganda, could be formulated. The first American college of semantics only came into being in 1950. In France almost the only book that is at all well known is Serge Tchoctine's 'Le Viol des Foules' which has had a considerable influence in intellectual political circles, although it deals only superficially with the subject.
The second book was on physiology. It explained, among other things, how it is possible to kill a man by touching him, death being caused by a reversal of the nerve-impulse. It is said that Judo is a result of 'leakages' from this book.
The third volume was a study on microbiology, and dealt especially with protective colloids.
The fourth was concerned with the transmutation of metals. There is a legend that in times of drought temples and religious relief organizations received large quantities of fine gold from a secret source.
The fifth volume contains a study of all means of communication, terrestrial and extra-terrestrial.
The sixth expounds the secrets of gravitation.
The seventh contains the most exhaustive cosmogony known to humanity.
The eighth deals with light.
The ninth volume, on sociology, gives the rules for the evolution of societies, and the means of foretelling their decline.
Connected with the Nine Unknown Men is the mystery of the waters of the Ganges. Multitudes of pilgrims, suffering from the most appalling diseases, bathe in them without harming the healthy ones. The sacred waters purify everything. Their strange properties have been attributed to the fact that they contain bacteriophages. But why should these not be formed in the Braahmaputra, The Amazon or the Seine? Jacoillot in his book advances the theory of sterilisation by radiation, a hundred years before such a thing was thought to be possible. These radiations, he says, probably come from a secret temple hollowed out in the bed of the Ganges. A
voiding all forms of religious, social or political agitations, deliberately and perfectly concealed from the public eye, the Nine were the incarnation of the ideal man of science, serenely aloof, but conscious of his moral obligations. Having the power to mould the destiny of the human race, but refraining from its exercise, this secret society is the finest tribute imaginable to freedom of the most exalted kind. Looking down from the watch-tower of their hidden glory, these Nine Unknown Men watched civilisations being born, destroyed and re-born again, tolerant rather than indifferent, and ready to come to the rescue - but always observing that rule of silence that is the mark of human greatness.
Myth or reality? A magnificent myth, in any case, and one that has issued from the depths of time - a harbinger, maybe, of our future?

I'm making no comment here, except to point out the lack of scientific rigour & the number of bald, unsourced statements, but also that it was written in 1960. I'm happy to discuss it with anyone interested, maybe with more time than me to research some of the references?


And here's some other shit about the Nine Unknown Men (massively truncated):

>SUBJECT:  Ancient Indian Aircraft Technology                 FILE:
>                            by D. Hatcher Childress
>from The Anti-Gravity Handbook avaliable from:
>     Many researchers into the UFO enigma tend to overlook a very
>important fact.  While it assumed that most flying saucers are of
>alien, or perhaps Governmental Military origin, another possible
>origin of UFOs is ancient India and Atlantis.
>     What we know about ancient Indian flying vehicles comes from
>ancient Indian sources; written texts that have come down to us
>through the centuries.  There is no doubt that most of these texts are
>authentic; many are the well known ancient Indian Epics themselves,
>and there are literally hundreds of them.  Most of them have not even
>been translated into English yet from the old sanskrit.
>     The Indian Emperor Ashoka started a "Secret Society of the Nine
>Unknown Men": great Indian scientists who were supposed to catalogue
>the many sciences.  Ashoka kept their work secret because he was
>afraid that the advanced science catalogued by these men, culled from
>ancient Indian sources, would be used for the evil purpose of war,
>which Ashoka was strongly against, having been converted  to Buddhism
>after defeating a rival army in a bloody battle.
>     The "Nine Unknown Men" wrote a total of nine books, presumably
>one each.  Book number was "The Secrets of Gravitation!" This book,
>known to historians, but not actually seen by them dealt chiefly with
>"gravity control." It is presumably still around somewhere, kept in a
>secret library in India, Tibet or elsewhere (perhaps even in North
>America somewhere).  One can certainly undertand Ashoka's reasoning
>for wanting to keep such knowledge a secret, assuming it exists. if
>the Nazis had such weapons at their disposal during World War Ii.
>Ashoka was also aware devastating wars using such advanced vehicles
>and other "futuristic weapons" that had destoryed the ancient Indian
>"Rama Empire" several thousand years before.
>     Only a few years ago, the Chinese discovered some sanskrit
>documents in Lhasa, Tibet and sent them to the University of
>Chandrigarh to be translated.  Dr. Ruth Reyna of the University said
>recently that the documents contain directions for building
>interstellar spaceships!

etc etc etc


From: Steve Beeho, continuing a Great Fall moments in Life thread......

>Tell ya what...I used to work in a water rates office, and people really
>did put their lives on pieces of paper if they considered their rates
>too high. They'd just write "why should I pay this?" followed by ranting
>pages of biog......
>This happened A LOT...(their rates were too high but that's kinda
>besides the point)..anyone else found peculiar little truths in Fall

This reminds me:

Back in the 80s I spent a grim 2 years in a Leytonstone bedsit, as a procession of psychopaths, lunatics and bores passed through its hallowed portals and the house gradually had about 30 grand knocked off its market value due to successive tenants' bloody-minded destructiveness.

By the end there were only 2 of us living there, me (due to indolence and apathy) and a schizoid psycho who used to wash his bed linen EVERY NIGHT at 4am, once threatened 4 Scottish builders who took exception to this practice (after returning late from a nightclub) with an axe (they wisely backed off) and one Easter was bludgeoned into submission (and Whipps Cross hospital) by the meek painter from the house next door who, pushed beyond breaking point by Winston's incessant and deafening music, smashed our front door down (no mean feat) and attacked Winston with whatever implements came to hand. (Unfortunately I'd gone away for the weekend and tragically missed this beautiful moment). But I digress ......

Another endearing character who passed through Fillebrook Rd worked as an Environmental Health Officer for a council which is a byword for corruption and incompetence. Nuff said. Rather bizarrely, in his spare time he was a keen volunteer for the Samaritans, despite being a gratuitously nasty and surly brute (I often brooded on the terrible shock innocent callers must've got, expecting a sympathetic ear, only to receive a volley of heartlessness for their troubles).

Anyway (*finally* getting to the point), Mr EHO told me that nearly all mail that the council received from OAPs had no stamps on as a matter of course - instead, where the stamp should have been, the old dears would self-righteously scrawl "Pensioner", underlined 3 times for luck, and the letters would *always*  get through unscathed.

Then Al chimed in with:

As someone else pointed out, other subliminal Fallcon used to be heard at all British Rail stations: the notes used to announce the cancellations, sorry "announcments", (usually read out by M.Wheatley), were presaged by the first three notes of Bill is Dead...

This was particularly appropriate, as the ensuing annoucement would often be a series of barely-comprehensible phrases fed through a defective loudspeaker, interspersed with screeches of feedback and general distortion...hilarious!

OB:BR: the best announcement I ever heard was a few years ago in Paddington on a very hot day when all the track (clearly manufactured from various thermally-stable substances such as milk chocolate, ice etc, had melted, along with the rolling stock etc). Anyway the electronic noticeboard finally paacked in, and the woman on the PA apologised for this but then said "it doesn't really matter as the trains have all broken down anyway". She desrved a medal for that - suddenly a whole station of tired, sweaty, irritated passengers were laughing out loud in a spirit of Dunkirk-style camaraderie.


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