Fall News - 20 August 1999

There's a gig at Planet K, Oldham Street, Manchester on the 20th August.

The Fall play Edinburgh at Queens Hall, Edinburgh on Sun 22 Aug. This gig is part of the Flux Festival. Tickets @GBP10 can be bought on-line via the Flux Festival website or by telephone 0870 90 70 999 or 0131 220 4349 or 0131 668 2019

They also play Reading Festival on 27 August, Leeds Festival on 28 August on the Radio 1 Evening Session Stage. Tickets (GBP 33/day) from 0541 500 044, 0171 344 0044, HMV, Ticketmaster. Other details here.

NL/B tour dates:

14 sept Doornroosje Nijmegen
15 sept Paradiso Amsterdam
16 sept Vera Groningen
17 sept O13 Tilburg
18 sept V.K. Brussel
19 sept L.V.C. Leiden

Many thanks to Arjan:

"As the Dutch september tour looms ahead, I collected as much information as I could find from various websites. More updates to follow when there is more to report.



tuesday 14 sept Nijmegen Doornroosje

address: Groenewoudseweg 322, Nijmegen website: http://www.doornroosje.nl/

Ticketsales start on 24th of August (three weeks in advance)

you can reserve tickets via e-mail to roosje@molyvos.net reservations by phone on working days from 10.00 tot 18.00 hrs, tel:(024) 355 9887 Collect those 20.00 on 20.30 hour at the box-office.


wednesday 15 sept Amsterdam, Paradiso

address: Weteringschans 6-8. tel.: 020-6264521 website: www.paradiso.nl

No reservations at the venue itself, use Ticketservice instead.

THE FALL / OZARK HENRY Venue open: 19:30. Support: 20:30. Main: 21:30

tickets are 25 guilders


thursday 16 sept Groningen Vera

address: Oosterstraat 44 Groningen, tel:050-3134681

website: http://www.vera-groningen.nl/vera1.html

If you do NOT live in Groningen-city, you can make a reservation by calling Vera: + ( 0 ) 50 - 3134681. Pick up your concert-ticket at the official opening time for the concert. In case you can't make it: please call.


friday 17 sept Tilburg 013

address: Veemarktstraat 44 website http://www.013web.nl/


Venu open: 20.00 hrs, tickets are 15 guilders No reservations at the venue, ticket sales from 21st Aug from Ticket Service


saturday 18 sept Brussel V.K.

address: Schoolstraat 76, Brussel, tel: 02/414.29.07 website: http://digitaalbrussel.vgc.be/nl/index.html

Ticket reservation through e-mail. Name, address, phone etc. & required number of tickets to devaartkapoen@vgc.be . Reserved tickets have to be collected before 20.00 hrs at the latest.


sunday 19 sept Leiden LVC

address: Breestraat 66, Leiden website: http://www.xs4all.nl/~lvc/

Reservations taken from 30th August onwards. Call 071-5146449 on workdays between 10.00-16.00 hrs Collect an half hour after opening at the latest.



There is an on-line ticketservice available at www.theater.nl which for sure has tickets for the Amsterdam and Tilburg gigs when they come available. Listings appear three weeks in advance and you can pay by creditcard. Go to the website and

1. select 'Ticket Service' 2. select 'Foreign Visitors' 3. a help menu pops up to tell you what to do

Mind you, they stop selling tickets to foreigners about 1,5-2 weeks before the actual date.


F-'oldin' Money is out on two CD singles; the B-sides are the orininal PWL recording of The Crying Marshal, a falsetto Perfect Day, and alt.take sof Birthday Song and Tom Raggazzi.  

The Elastica 6-track EP is out on the 23 August. Featuring MES vocals on two of the tracks: How He Wrote Elastica Man and KB. You'll be able to order this online at Deceptive Records.


You can now find Artful stuff at their website, http://www.artfulrecords.co.uk




Couldn't agree with Paul more re: I Wanna Be Your Dog. Disappointing to hear MES doing an Iggy impersonation of all things. OK, so he changes a few lyrics here and there, but really, what was the point? No bonus points for the fact that the Clint Boon Experience! are the lowest of the low cabaret fodder (after the a-side's intro I couldn't bear to listen to the rest of the song) and deserve to be buried alive, preferably somewhere cold.

"they won't let me go home", indeed. Puh.


Doktor Pete replies:

>well, I've got the single........hmmmmmmmm.
>red cd....... why?
>this perfect day remix is f-ucking awful and a waste of space.

This is hilarious. Sung throughout in an anaemic, barked falsetto, with the bass very muddy and low in the mix. Not what you'd exactly call "good", but a seminal Fall moment.

>birthday remix is dulllllllllllll.

Aw, it's nice enough. If anything it's a bit more hypnotic than the album version. Nothing special, though.

>blue cd...........nice.
>the real life of the crying marshall isn't full enough of insane beats for
>my liking.

True, it doesn't have full-on nutterness of the album version, but this one is definitely worth having. Tight as a gnat's chuff. Album version is credited to Smith/Hitchcock, this one to Smith/J. Baron/M. Neary, two fellas who seem to know their way around the controls of an 808. If you only buy one of the singles, make it this one.

>tom raggizaaaaaasssssazzzzza is just a remix of antedotes with some
>shouting, is it the same on the lp ?

Similar. LP version has the silly vocoder voices more upfront (though it's actually easier to hear the words on the CDS version), a better-sounding bass drum, and is altogether a much sparser affair. I think this new mix is longer.


Press Release:

The Fall

NEW SINGLE: F-Oldin' Money

(Artful /Circus) CD Cat No.: CDARTFUL3 & CDXARTFUL3 Released 16th August 1999 NEW ALBUM: The Marshall Suite Out Now LIVE: 22 August - Queens Hall, Edinburgh 27 August - Reading Festival 28 August - Leeds Festival

Once again the irrepressible Mark E. Smith returns with a stomping rockabilly classic 'F-Oldin' Money!, the second single from the much acclaimed album, The Marshall Suite. This song is a cover of a Tommy Blake 45 that predated 'Summertime Blues' and features specially modified lyrics to suit Mr. Smith's singular purpose. The fabulous F-Oldin1 Money is backed with four previously unavailable b-sides. These include the original PWL recording of 'The Crying Marshal' re-christened 'The Real Life Of The Crying Marshal' (not really the same song at all actually!), the falsetto version of 'Perfect Day' which boasts even more distortion than the album version, an alternate take of Birthday Song and last but not least, Mark Ets reggae extravaganza 'Tom Reggazzi'.

The new Fall line-up is: Mark E. Smith: vocals, Neville Wilding: guitars, Julia Nagle: keyboards, Adam Helal: bass & Tom Head: drums. The band will be playing their first UK festival dates in years and start touring Europe in September.

"In two decades of Fall War, Smith's scorched-earth policy can seldom have been so vigorously applied. That's Mark E Smith - a great national resource and an exemplar of creativity in abundance. Ignore at your peril." NME - Gavin Martin

"It's characteristically crackers, veering from pumped-up rockabilly to electro-meanderings and throwing in some frighteningly beefy bass lines for good measure. As ever with Smith, when he's good he's very, strange and when he's bad he's better." The Express - Jeremy Novick

"This is indisputably premium Fall, accept no substitutes." The Mirror - Richard Wallace

"Mark E. Smith has managed to come up with the best Fall album in years. The Marshall Suite seethes with righteous indignation and restless imagination, whether the band are powering imperiously through the breakbeat Krautrock of '(Jung Nev's) Antidote' or essaying an obscure rockabilly cover like 'F-Oldin' Money'. The Independent - Andy Gill

"The Fall exit the decade the way they came in, with an album as self-assured as 1990's Extricate." Uncut - Simon Goddard

*This is the twenty second anniversary of The Fall, now on their ninth UK label. The Fall is the brainchild and vehicle for eccentric hauteur Mark E Smith (b 5/3/57 Salford, Manchester). The Marshall Suite is approximately their 31st album (although no-one is completely sure).

*Mark was given the Godlike Genius Award by the NME for his "outstanding contribution to music". The Fall have had 27 line-ups and 34 members including Marc Riley aka Radio One's Lard!

*The band have had a huge influence on acts ranging from Pavement and Blur to Suede and Hole. Mark E Smith can justifiably be credited as the founder of today's indie scene.


Paul Saxton:

In the new issue of Internet Monthly magazine Stewart Lee answers ten questions about his internet usage activities:

Q5 What was the last website you visited?
A: The Fall

Q7 What are your five most used websites?
A: Lee and Herring
Fall Net
Internet Movie database
Hopi Indian Tribe website

Er, that's it.

Paul S.

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