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The Fall play ...

Sat 24 Jul Milhões de Festa, Barcelos, Portugal, according to their site.
Fri 30 Jul Camp Bestival, Lulworth Castle, Dorset, according to their site.
Sat 31 Jul Field Day Festival, Victoria Park, London, according to their site.
Fri 6 Aug Off Festival, Myslowice, Poland, according to their site.
Sat 7 Aug On the Sea, Playa la Glea, Dehesa de Campoamor, Orihuela, Alicante, Spain, according to their site.
Sat 14 Aug Summer Sundae Weekender, Leicester, according to their site.
Sat 21 Aug For Noise Festival, Pully, Switzerland, according to their site.
Sun 5 Sep Electric Picnic '10, Stradbally, Co. Laois, Ireland
Sun 12 Sep The Ritz, Manchester. £15 or £50 for a VIP ticket. This is the scaled-down Salford Music Festival event Ed Blaney is promoting.
Sun 31 Oct Sinners' Day Festival, Ethias Arena, Hasselt, Belgium, according to their site. The line-up could've been the same in 1981!
Sat 20 Nov Festival Saint Ghetto, Bern, Switzerland, according to their blog. Quite a lineup: The Residents / The Fall / Steven Stapleton / Charlemagne Palestine.
Tue 23 Nov Electric Ballroom, Camden, London, according to ents24
Wed 24 Nov De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill on Sea, according to their Facebook page
Thur 25 Nov Picturedrome, Holmfirth, according to their site
Sun 28 Nov The Assembly, Leamington Spa, according to their site
Mon 29 Nov Phoenix, Exeter, according to their site
Tue 30 Nov Komedia, Bath, according to their site
Tue 7 Dec Metro, Sydney. Tickets
Thu 9 Dec The Hifi, Brisbane. Tickets
Fri 10 Dec Billboard The Venue, Melbourne. Tickets
10-12 Dec Meredith Music Festival, Meredith, Victoria
Mon 13 Dec Powerstation, Auckland. See press release below for details


added 25 October

Many thanks to Hugh Owens for not only scanning in the recent interview he did with MES for Vice, but for the full transcript of the phone call:

I was lucky enough to be asked by Vice to do a phone interview with Mark E. Smith, head honcho/cantankerous genius of legendary UK band The Fall on the eve of their return to Australian/NZ shores, and it’s really an opportunity that you can’t pass up despite knowing it could potentially be the most uncomfortable and nerve-wracking 20 minutes of your life. Anyways, it was to my delight to find Mark E. Smith in a jovial mood and he kept laughing at stuff I was saying (Mark E. Smith finds me funny!). His laugh could best be described as a demented sounding cackle, a long stream of ha-ha-has, and he kept clearing his throat violently and making clicking sounds like he was one of the natives in The Gods Must Be Crazy (playing with his dentures most likely).

Mark E. Smith: oh hiya is that Hugh?

Hugh: Hi Mark how ya going?

MES: I'm well [makes sound of clearing throat/clicking sound - I’ll leave the rest of these out so as to not disrupt the flow of the interview]

H: Excellent. Where are you at the moment?

MES: I'm just at home in Manchester. Where are you?

H: I'm at home too. Hang on I’ll just shut my door, my housemate Caitlin is watching Home and Away. What's your take on Home and Away?

MES [Cackles] It's fookin’ rubbish but me ma’m likes it.

H: What's your general take on Australian soaps on the British psyche?

MES: Well Neighbours has gone down the fookin' gurgler hasn't it? [cackles again].

H Australians in Europe (sweet Fall tune, Youtube it or something). Are they still as irritating now as they were back in 1988?

MES: [cackles] I'd forgotten about that song…Most of the Australians I know are from Perth or Brisbane. Not many make it as far as Manchester. Where I live it's real Jewish like; half of Poland live here it seems.

H: The other half live in Caulfield.

MES: [cackles...again] Is that right?...The Fall actually played Poland three weeks ago and the booker over there was trying to charge us like a thousand Euros or something because I dropped the microphone and broke it... That's just something you got to get used to [sort of trails off at this point].

H: What advice would you have for Australian backpackers travelling abroad to limit the amount of damage they're doing to the Australian national image?

MES: [cackles] I'm not sure there's much that they can do.

H: On the first Fall tour of Australia and NZ back in 1982 Marc Riley got the boot and likewise Martin Bramah got axed on the 1990 tour. Should any current members of The Fall be worried about losing their job on this tour?

MES: Haha. They're all young blokes but yeah it's all coming back to me. Too much freedom. That's what happens when you give the band too much freedom.

H: so you're not going for a hat trick?

MES: Hahaha. No not really but I guess we'll wait and see.

H: While were on the Australian theme The Fall covered The Saints' ‘This Perfect Day’ on The Marshall Suite. What struck me at the time it was released was that it's the only time that The Fall had covered someone that could be seen as contemporaries of The Fall, in the sense that you both emerged from the punk thing. What attracted you to covering the Saints and this song?

MES: Oh yeah right, ahhhhhhhh well when the Fall cover a song I only do it if I feel that it can be improved, that something can be added to it. [pause] I actually think this is one example where we failed [cackles]...

H: But why chose them as opposed to other bands that came out of the punk movement...

MES: [pause] Seeing them on Top of the Pops was the other big thing. They had a certain attitude...and they could fookin’ play…which helps [cackles]. In fact, for Christmas a friend of mine gave me a live CD of theirs, it's really fucking good.

H: Your autobiography, Renegade, reads a bit like a self-help book or a guide to living in parts. Have you ever thought about going the whole hog and writing a self-help book?

MES: [big Cackle] I've never thought of that, that's not a bad idea actually. I tell you what, the strangest people have read that book. I mean people who, like, have said they never liked The Fall or my music have really liked the book. People coming up to me and saying, like, "they've got your book in the prison library or the public library [cackles] and I read it and realised your not such a bad bloke after all.”

H: It seems like the book is full of handy tips to live your life by, you could start your own religion or something...

MES: Well the book started as a sort of spoof of those footballer's biographies like “my first match” “the time we won the blah blah cup” I just took it from there.

H: Your Future Our Clutter is a snappy title but it seems to imply that you’re none too impressed with the younger generation. Do you care to elaborate?

MES: [mishears question... or something] They're only ten years younger than me most of those blokes but yeah, a lot of our audience coming to Fall shows are in their teens and early 20s. We seem to be connecting with that audience again, which is nice.

H: it's funny you should mention that because I got into The Fall in the mid-90s in high school and I couldn't find anyone who even knew The Fall let alone liked them…

MES: Oh no doubt it was like a wasteland there for a while.

H: But it does seem like The Fall have a much higher profile amongst the kids in the last 5 years or so. What do you put that down to?

MES: Well they're the downloading generation aren't they? Also having all the early Fall stuff reissued properly a couple of years back helped I think instead of the shoddy reissues and pressings that were going on in the ’90s.

H: I actually saw The Fall play in 2000 at the Royal Festival Hall as part of a John Peel presents series. Dick Dale was the support...

MES: oh yeah, I remember that.

H: And I was down the front and caught some lyrics that you chucked into the audience that go, "Everybody thinks he's a gangster/Everybody thinks he's Ali G/Everybody picks up change like he".

MES: [chuckles] I was wondering what happened to them. I thought Jarvis Cocker must've stolen them. He was hanging about with his duffle bag [chuckles].

H: I get told I look like Jarvis Cocker because I wear glasses...

MES: That's really unfortunate for you, isn't it? [big chuckle]

H: I suppose so.

MES: I heard that Sydney's changed a lot…

H: Probably not as much as Melbourne has over the years. Although I've never been there I've heard that Manchester has been rather tarted up too.

MES: [groans] I don't even recognise the fookin’ place. I was telling Elani just the other week [adopts gruff authorative tone] "I know this city like the back of me fookin’ hand" and you would wouldn't fookin' believe it but I got fookin’ lost!

H: If I were to come to Manchester what sights would you show me?

MES: I don't think you'd much like the place is all...it's a fookin' shithole [cackles]

H: Which is kinda strange because Fall fans often have a romanticised idea of what Manchester is going to be like because of your songs. Anyway moving forward, I feel your contribution on the new Gorillaz album, Glitter Freeze, was a bit of a missed opportunity given that the live version that I saw from Glastonbury benefitted greatly from having more of your vocals on it. Were your vocals edited out or was it all planned to be a minimal contribution?

MES: I don't know what happened there. There was more. What's his name...Damon said Gorillaz fans wouldn't get it.

H: Not lowest common denominator enough for the average Gorillaz fan then?

MES: hahah, I like that...

H: I noticed on the live footage that you turn down the amp on (ex-Clash guitarist) Mick Jones’ amp and he looked a bit perplexed...

MES: hahah, I never really was a fan of The Clash to be honest. I haven't seen the footage myself but a friend of mine said he looked a bit pissed off but it's what I'm always doing in The Fall, twiddling amps, it's just that I forgot where I was for a moment. Haha. It's only one song he’ll live...

H: Is that to keep the band on their toes?

MES: Yeah, something like that. Have you got all that you need from me?

H: Absolutely and I look forward to seeing you play in Melbourne. You have my number now so if you want to have a barbeque or something round at my place just give us a call...

MES: Thanks mate, that's really kind of yer. See you in Australia.

H: bye Mark



added 19 October

The Fall leave Domino.

Thanks to Fritter for this scan of Sydney mag, Brag (4 Oct. 2010 edition), which includes: "I shouldn't be telling you but I left Domino last week, so I'm just going to record - then we're touring November and December, and then we'll see what the New Year brings. That's the way I do it though, I don't plan ahead."


added 19 October

A recent interview with Adrian Sherwood on Slow Thrills, conducted by Fall news contributor Francisco Scaramanga.


added 24 September

Hello, my name is Susan Vale. I'm a comedy lady and I'm doing a show as part of the Manchester Comedy Festival called The Fall by Numbers, it's on 27th October at Simple, Tibb Street, is £3 and starts at 8.30.



added 13 September; update 17 September

Following their Paintwork exhibitions in Berlin, London and Hamburg, Praxis Hagen are showing new work by Pascal Le Gras in Lychen, Germany (100km north of Berlin), later this month. The opening reception is Saturday, 25 September, 4 – 7 p.m. Details on their site.

Update! Pascal has another exhibition this month, this one at the Librairie Loliée in Paris (72 rue de Seine 75006 Paris). Opening reception on Thursday, 30 September, 6 – 9:30 p.m. Details on Facebook.


added 16 September

Eat Y'self Fitter redux - stills & comment here.



added 13 September

Sunday, 12 September 2010   Salford Music Festival, The Ritz, Manchester

OFYC Showcase / Strychnine / What About Us? / Cowboy George / Bury / Chino / Psykick Dancehall / new song / Weather Report 2 / new song / Funnel of Love / Blindness

Reviews on the forum.


added 13 September

Sunday, 5 September 2010    Electric Picnic, Stradbally, Ireland

Review on the forum, and photos on flickr. Highlight of the festival Alan McBride's kids!


added 18 June; updated 30 August

update: The 4-disc set of The Wonderful and Frightening World of The Fall now scheduled for 25 October. One disc will contain the unreleased Saturday Live, Janice Long, and Kid Jensen BBC sessions. Full track listing and artwork on their site.

18 June: From Beggars Archive. The Wonderful and Frightening World box set is due in September and This Nation's Saving Grace by Xmas. WAFWOTF will include an unreleased, short version of No Bulbs but won't include the short version that was released on the 7" or the A-sides compilation.


added 25 Aug

The lengthy press release for the Auckland, NZ show on Monday, 13 December:

95bFM and The Groove Guide present

The Fall
Monday 13 December 2010
Powerstation Auckland

Pre sales available from Tue 31st August 9am until Thurs 2nd September at 8.59am.
Presale info available by signing up at www.powerstation.net.nz

Public onsale from Thursday 2nd September 9am from www.ticketmaster.co.nz and Real Groovy Auckland.

Seminal English post-punk band The Fall are to return to Auckland, New Zealand – 28 years after playing the shows which Flying Nun released as the peerless live album, Fall In A Hole.

There have been many live albums since Fall In A Hole, but only one further opportunity to bear witness to The Fall’s uncompromising and unforgettable live experience in New Zealand: and that was 20 years ago. But now Mark E. Smith and The Fall are to set it all straight, and bring their bristling brand of social complaint to the Powerstation on December 13.

Now in their 34th year of existence, The Fall are the rarest of anomalies in pop culture: a band whose currency has risen with each successive release. This year saw Your Future Our Clutter – their 28th studio album – issued to acclaim, astonishment, and admiration.

Mark E. Smith has reshuffled the line-up of The Fall countless times over the years, and as a result,
The Fall have remained fresh, vital and energised. Legendary UK DJ John Peel memorably summed up
The Fall with the phrase, “Always different, always the same”. The Fall recorded 24 Peel Sessions
between 1978 and 2004 – a feat unequalled by anybody else.

Additionally, Smith has lent his inimatable vocal approach to many other artists over the years, including Coldcut, Mouse On Mars, Edwyn Collins, and most recently, Gorillaz on their album Plastic Beach.

The Fall return to New Zealand for the first time in 20 years, this December at the Powerstation.
Make sure you don’t miss out on witnessing this band’s legendary scorn and energy on this very rare appearance.

Media enquires: John Baker Email: actionman67@paradise.net.nz Ph: 027 366 0801

Scattered observations on The Fall, on the occasion of the release of the 28th LP, Your Future Our Clutter.

Every LP by The Fall is the greatest LP by The Fall. Simultaneously.
The Fall do not exist on the ordinary evolutionary continuum upon which pop culture is routinely mapped. Conceivably, any of the albums could have been released at any point in the group’s history, in any order, by any of the line-ups.
The Fall have never played any music that could be considered “of its time”. All configurations of The Fall played Fall music, which is neither a category or genre. No other group play this music.
If The Fall do not exist, it is necessary for Mark E. Smith to reinvent them. Over and over. Again and again.
The three R’s are repetition, repetition, and repetition.
It is possible there is a secret lottery system by which one is called up for service in The Fall. It works like the draft, and your number could be drawn at any time. In 34 years, about 49 have served: and as Mark E. Smith famously stated, “If it’s me and your Nan on bongos, it’s The Fall”. No matter who the musician is, whatever their skill level or experience, once they are in Smith’s orbit, they become part of The Fall: literally, metaphorically, and -- arguably -- magically.
Mark E. Smith begins every show with the greeting, ‘Good evening, we are The Fall,” and he has never lied about this. As yet, nobody’s Nan has been playing bongos when he has said it.
Some of The Fall’s album sleeves display photos of the personnel playing on the album within. Your Future Our Clutter is one of these: strangely, in this case, Mark E. Smith is absent. In his place appears to be a cropped photo of Robert Mugabe, who has never been in The Fall.
Smith has explained the necessity for changing the composition of The Fall by using the analogy of a sports team. While many people have a lifelong favourite sports team, whoever happens to be playing in it, Mark E. Smith once said he thought The Fall would be a favourite band for people who don’t have favourite bands.
If Mark E. Smith’s fellow Mancunian songriter Morrissey can be said to possess a “literate wit”, then Smith may display a “withering lit”. Despite many journalists investigating, it remains unknown whether either of these individuals are as prickly as their lyrics suggest they are, or whether they just can’t stand journalists.
Scholars, academics and sundry weird people have attempted to interpret the lyrics of Mark E. Smith and The Fall. A study of these papers and articles seems to indicate that this field of endeavour is generally inadvisable, except for when a) The Fall are covering other artist’s songs; b) the songs are instrumentals; or c) when the song being interpreted is Hey! Luciani, which is most likely related the play of the same name that Mark E. Smith wrote about the death of Pope John Paul I.
Smith’s research for Hey! Luciani was reading the investigative book In God’s Name by David Yallop, which presents a good case that Pope John Paul I was murdered. With this as source material, Hey! Luciani presented an even better case. To those who could understand it.
Shakespeare might not have written his own plays. Mark E. Smith drafted in a ghost writer for his autobiography. Ghosts appear frequently in the writings of Shakespeare, and in the songs of Mark E. Smith. Unfortunately, no Fall fan alive at present will still be here to discover whether Smith is as lauded in five centuries time as Shakespeare is nowadays.
Of the 150 or so Fall releases, some are legitimate, some semi-authorised, others are of dubious origin. However, the usual rules of engagement do not apply. Some of the more questionable releases contain live material, different takes or edits of somgs, and some contain entirely different songs by the same name. There are also entirely official albums that are a mix of live, studio and demo recordings of lesser sonic quality than cheapo bootlegs. It is up to you to navigate your way around.
There are many live Fall albums, but the long-playing debut Live At The Witch Trials was a studio effort.
Furthermore, Mark E. Smith “spoken word” releases often contain music. Instrumental music.
The Fall frequently re-record or otherwise reinvent songs; for example, Hip Priest begat Big New Prinz and New Big Prinz; and there are four different released versions of Sparta FC. This is nothing to do with running short of ideas or being “crippled by nostalgia”. Consider these sitiations as being akin to a genetic remix, with the DNA altered at a sub-molecular level.
The Fall do not seem to be designed for high fidelity, low fidelity, or anything in between. As with most aspects of the group, ordinary considerations are out the window. “Fall Sound” can be as accurately reproduced by the memory or in dreams as in any other format of playback.
After The Fall song Powder Keg was released mere days before a bombing in Manchester, Mark E. Smith was beseiged by the media bemused by the song’s prescient description of Manchester City Centre brought to a standstill. Mark’s statement was simple: “What can I say? I’m fucking psychic”.
In recent years, Smith has stated he is “no longer psychic”, having “drank his way out of it”. There is plerntiful evidence to suggest that this statement may well be the absolute truth. At least the drinking part.
The Fall has existed just over a decade less than the Rolling Stones.



added 25 Aug

Saturday, 21 August 2010    For Noise Festival, Pully, Switzerland

O.F.Y.C. Showcase / Strychnine / What About Us / Cowboy George / Chino / Bury / Psykick Dancehall / Slippy Floor / Weather Report / Funnel of Love / Blindness / Hot Cake

Setlist TBD. Reviews on the forum.


added 18 Aug

Review of the Paintwork conference book in The Wire, thanks to Kyle.


added 18 Aug

Saturday, 14 August 2010    Summer Sundae, De Monfort Hall, Leicester

O.F.Y.C. Showcase / White Lightning / What About Us / Chino / Cowboy George / Bury / Slippy Floor / Strychnine / Weather Report / Funnel of Love / Blindness

Reviews on the forum


added 13 Aug

Sunday, 6 August 2010    Off Festival, Myslowice, Poland

O.F.Y.C. Showcase / White Lightning / What About Us? / Chino / Cowboy George / Bury / Slippy Floor / Hungry Freaks, Daddy / Weather Report 2 / Over! Over!

Reviews on forum + some TV footage and a smiling MES interview with obtrusive translation into Polish.


added 13 Aug

Saturday, 31 July 2010    Field Day, Victoria Park, London

Short set TBD:

OFYC Showcase / Over! Over! / Hot Cake / new song / Strychnine / I've Been Duped / Slippy Floor / Mexico / Bury

Reviews and photos on the forum. Video of new song on youtube (2 mins in; after Hot Cake)


added 13 Aug

Friday, 30 July 2010    Camp Bestival, Lulworth Castle, Dorset

Setlist? Reviews on the forum.


added 2 Aug; updated 13 Aug

Saturday, 24 July 2010    Milhões de Festa, Barcelos, Portugal

Setlist? A few clips on youtube, starting with Chino and some pro-shot footage.


added 20 July

About a week ago Craig Scanlon recorded three tracks at Ding's studio with Steve and Paul Hanley: Howl and Scream (with Moet of The Hamsters/Sicknurse), NYC, and Portrait in Trash. Rumour has it that Marc Riley will play them soon, and Bob Osbourne will play a track on his Salford City Radio show tonight at 9pm.


added 20 July

And Tommy Crooks is back on stage for a one-off gig at the Electric Circus in Edinburgh, again with Steve and Paul Hanley backing:

Instruments of Darkness

Art Late - Edinburgh Art Festival, Thursday 26 August, 7.00pm to 3.00am

A night of iconoclastic music and performance featuring artists and their associates from the exhibition Prints of Darkness, presented by Edinburgh Printmakers and curated by Sarah-Manning Cordwell, Norman Shaw and Edward Summerton.

Headlining this event is The Frankensteins who are Tommy Crooks - Ex The Fall (Guitar and Vocals) and Steve Hanley (25 years Bass Player with The Fall) who are getting together with a group of hand picked musicians to deliver a one off special performance which will include a few Fall songs.

Tickets available online from The Electric Circus or over the phone/email from Edinburgh Printmakers T 0131 557 2479 or office@edinburgh-printmakers.co.uk.


added 16 July

Interview on The Quietus site with Jesus Jones's Mike Edwards on his working with M.E.S. on "Popcorn Double Feature."


added 10 July

Graham Duff of Ideal:

Elena makes a cameo appearance in an episode of the new series of IDEAL which starts transmitting on BBC3 at the end of August. She plays a pretentious fine artist alongside Mark Radcliffe and John Robb - and she's excellent in it too. The show also features a guest appearance from Manchester's own Barry Adamson.


added 6 July

Mark E. Smith of The Fall on Art & the Artist. A good interview on the Quietus site, conducted around the time of the "Sound and Vision" thing for the Tate.


added 2 July

A Fall night in London on 18 July:



added 26 June; updated 2 July

MES joins Gorillaz last night during their headlining set at Glastonbury. Hailed as the second coming on the forum...


added 22 June

Loads of Fall T-shirts from the ill-fated 2004 US tour are on ebay. Six designs, modelled by tour manager and washboard player Roy Lee Gittens.


added 22 June

Chris Sievey, aka Frank Sidebottom, r.i.p.


added 16 June; updated 18 June

The Fall recorded a session for Mike Joyce's Coalition Chart Show at Blueprint Studios in Manchester on 16 June, and it was broadcast on eastvillageradio.com yesterday (17 June), with chat from MES and Mike interspersed between the tracks. It's well worth a listen. You can hear the two-hour show on the show's webpage, or download the Fall bit here or here.

tracks: Mexico Wax Solvent (Part 1) / Hungry Freaks Daddy / Over! Over! / Von Sudenfed - Rhinohead (from CD) / Mexico Wax Solvent (Part 2)


added 18 June

In the "who'd've thunk it" category, Renegade will appear in a French edition, entitled Renegat. It's due to be published in November.


added 27 May

pblClaus Castenskiold is offering his Perverted By Language tour poster once again. The posters are thick paper stock 30" x 24", in color. Each poster is hand signed by the artist and dated. The price is $25.00 USD for each poster (including shipping) in the US. The price for one poster to Europe is $30.00 USD (shipping included). The posters are sent in thick, sturdy tubes.

Payment options are; E-check, Paypal, or other pre-arranged payment.

Your order(s} can be placed with Claus, at clauscastenskiold@yahoo.com
If using Paypal, the account is clauscastenskiold@yahoo.com. Any questions/concerns can be dealt with by emailing clauscastenskiold@yahoo.com

25 Oct 2010

This is the latest news and gossip off the message board, Fallnet, and elsewhere. If you have something to contribute, please email Stefan at fallnews@gmail.com.

To subscribe to Fallnet, send mail to:

ta to biv for this

Recent news...

03jun10 YFOC reviews; UK tour + Primavera; Times (London & New York interviews); "worker bees" interview; Bury, England's Heartbeat videos; caption comp.; Beleaguered Fall Fan; Paintwork conference book; Bury/Cowboy Gregori 7"; Mojo, Tim Cumming Q&As.

02apr10 Berlin gig; FIGFALP; Domino YFOC press release; Tate's "Sound & Vision" series; Gorillaz' Glitter Freeze; Gavin Friday int.; Beggars archive update; #1 Cult Figure (Alex Chilton, rip); MES as Narrative Lyric Writer; Quietus, Independent interviews; couple of Youtubes.

30dec'09 Oct-Nov UK tour +Berlin +Milan; Slippy Floor single; Paintwork #3; Elena int. in La Bouche, Martin Bramah int.; Your Future - Our Clutter announced and delayed; HudLit transcript; Beggars archive update; Fallnet Xmas; Frances Stark; 100 Fall albums; Radio 4 Pick-ups; Factory Star; Pearl Divers (Mike Leigh).

29sep'09 Summer UK/Euro gigs; Factory Star; The Fallen twitter; another Smith/Blaney cd; Huddersfield Q&A; Beggars reissues; Greenwich Sound radio 1983; 1982 photos; Alan Wise; Chris Knox; Palais DVD; Jeffrey Lewis interview.

19may'09 Annual MES Missive; London, Glasgow, Cambridge gig reviews; Domino press release; Paintwork#2 exhibition + photos; Observer int; Nazi cattle; John Robb MCR book; Safi interview; Globo; Monks screenings.

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30dec'06 Reformation Post TLC announcements, NYC & Strangeways gigs, Julia Adamson photos, Dave Milner songs, Gusgus Not Clean remix, Fall forum crash, Sonic Arts Network cd, PBL book, Mitsubishi Blindness, Monks live session, MES on Dylan.

30oct'06 Silver Monk Time & Monks gigs, Oct. UK & Ireland gig reviews, Ben Pritchard interview, "Renegade: The Gospel According to MES," MES DJ set on Radio 1, Environmental Health News, Stewart Lee in Sunday Times.

21sep'06 Simonfb, r.i.p., Bournemouth & London gigs / UK festivals, Silver Monk Time, Sunday Herald & Maximum RnR interviews, Julia Nagle's latest projects, another Peel tribute CD.

17aug'06 Brooklyn Vegan / Arena Homme Plus interviews, Oya Festival, Tesla-K, The Blimp, Tycoons Follies, Artrocker review, Tony Friel archive, PBL book update, KFNY poster, Billboard, more Voiceprint CDs.

13jun'06 US tour (second leg), more US press (NYT, The Pitch, SLC Weekly, Stop Smiling), Manchester gig (inc. MEN preview & FT review), What Sven Could Learn from Me (Guardian int. from last year)

23may'06 US tour (first leg), US press (LA Alternative, LA City Beat, SF Chronicle, OC Weekly), Smog Monsters, Morley on MCR/L'pool

1may'06 Berlin gig, Reclaimers' footy song, MES "In Their Own Write", Praxis Hagen exhibit.

6apr'06 UK tour, Greek/ Swiss gigs, "The Two-Year Gap" announcement, John Peel Fall intros/ outros mp3, Wire's Fall Primer, Q's Manchester special, Monks Beat Club clips, Fallnet's "Dr. Buck's Letters", Fall album survey results, Nikki Sudden / Ivor Cutler r.i.p., Brix's new house, cult musicians, Gavin Esler.

21feb'06 Official Fall site now Unofficial, Guardian ex-Fall members article, Mojo interview and poll results, IS, IAH, MCR & CC remaster details, Mixing It session, Antwerp & Wigan gigs, Ding's two new bands, Ghostigital, New Year's Honours, fashion corner: Brix interview & Lagerfeld show, Blue Orchids new album, history of Salford bands.

3jan'06 Word MES interview, ticket refund information, Festive 50, misc. year-end press roundups and Fall forum poll results, preview of Guardian's ex-Fall members article, MES lego minifig, Armitage Shanks & Necropolis Fall-related songs, Ghostigital's "Not Clean" & "Codomatopoeia," Corsa ad back on TV, John Peel's Record Box.

8nov'06 Fall Heads Roll reviews, UK tour, Incendiary, Rock Sound & Pitchfork interviews, PBL book preview, Commercially Unfriendly cd.

30sep'05 Fall Heads Roll details, MES to read footy scores, Peel tribute CDs, ChronicArt preview, Blast Off DVD sampler, Frank Skinner, Jacob's Cream Crackers, Stewart Lee, Deisel-U-Matic award.

18aug'05 Paul Hanley BBC radio int., MES Metro "60-second" & Kitchen Sink ints., 1979 Jamming! int., Deisel U Matic award, Paul Wilson's Fall Mix, Stewart Lee's favorite things.

26jul'05 Berlin & Paris gigs, Fall site news, Diesel-U-Music & Mojo awards, Live from the Vaults: the "real" story, Sanctuary / Slogan Records announcement, Mayo Thompson, Commercially Unfriendly CD, links to loads of Peel box reviews.

14jun'05 UK & Lyon gigs, Conway's guitar tab and Adult Net pages, Jools Holland, Deeply Vale cd, MES int. w/BBC on Peel, Lime Lizard 1993, Festive 50 book, Live from the Vaults delayed, Wake Up in the City, Cuz'n Roy's yard sale on ebay, Jahn Rhondos.

27apr'05 UK gigs, Left of the Dial & Scotland on Sunday interviews, Deeply Vale CD preview, Bingo Masters press release, Scherzo Schist, Live from the Vaults, Simon Reynolds, Simon Armitage, Prenzlauer Berg, Fall Cafe, Poloraoids special offer, Brix & Gromit, MES on Funhouse, Fall documentary transcript, the Fall wants your photo.

25feb'05 BBC4 Fall doc, Hex reissue, KFNY gig, Fall Forum's TNSG, Ice Magazine (UK) MES int., Sun Zoom Spark articles, Playlouder appreciation, unofficial Sparta FC video, Peel set postponed 1 month, MES's New Years Honours list, 9may81 photos, Hunter S. Thompson, RIP.

7jan'05 Jim Watts resigns, UK gigs, Pseud Mag, Festive 50, Deeply Vale, documentary, City Bar "fall-out", Polaroids on the Fall, Wipe That Sound, Narnack sampler.

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