Fall News - 19 April 1998


Dingwalls on the 27th and 28th April, and Reading Alleycat on the 30th. Swindon may or may not be rescheduled for that week.


Still no sign of the Peel Sessions release; waiting for Peel to do the sleeve notes apparently.

Live to Air in Melbourne 82 due on the 23rd April; Smith on Smith spoken word CD due 27th April


From NME at: http://www.nme.com/newsdesk/19980316161640news.html


Mark E Smith was ordered to undergo alcohol treatment by a New York judge on Tuesday (April 14), after he appeared in court to answer in relation to charges of allegedly assaulting his girlfriend and Fall keyboardist Julia Nagle last week.

Smith appeared in court with his lawyer, after going missing. He had been arrested by police on April 8 and arraigned on April 10 on misdeameanour assault and harassment charges. Smith posted his bail of US$1000 and then left without notifying any members of the band of his whereabouts. Smith is due to appear in court again on September 30. The judge told Smith that he must submit monthly reports to the court, and observe a "limited order of protection" concerning Nagle. However the protection order would allow her to still continue playing live with The Fall. The band are supposed to appear back in the US in the autumn in a line-up that also boasts Pere Ubu, The Stranglers and The Buzzcocks.

The Fall's spokeman said Smith had spoken to him and said he was well and likely to return to the UK on Friday. Smith said that the upcoming dates at London's Dingwalls would not be in jeopardy. "It's just another explosion on the Fall Rd, and the tank rolls on", the spokesman said.


Fiona's put up some pics of the recent shows at Philadelphia and Washington DC:

Step right up and see the show:


All hail Fiona!  She did a fantastic job with this!



From: "Leticia A. Martinez"
Subject: The Lathe of Heaven...
>         If anyone's still interested in unpicking lyrics, BTW - re: Various
>                  Times. That which the lyric parade has as 'the light of heaven' is in
>                  fact 'The Lathe of Heaven' (listen carefully...), which is the title of
>                  an SF novel by Ursula LeGuin, released in UK paperback sometime in the
>                  late '70s. I always meant to get around to reading it, but never did.
>                  Any SF buffs among us?

Plot Summary:

In a future world where citizens are issued Pharmacy Cards  (which are use like Automatic Teller Machine cards) to autodispense pharmaceuticals from dispensories, George Orr is caught overdraughting more than his fair share on another person's card.

He is 'volunteered' for an experiment in which an evil psychiatrist uses George's dreams (which fortell the future) to shape civilization.  The whole reason George abuses dexadrine/barbituates is to prevent sleep...to escape his nightmarish visions of existential collapse.  George's nightmares are realized and chaos results...

Those whom heaven helps we call the sons of heaven.
They do not learn this by learning.
They do not work it by working.
They do not reason it by using reason.
To let understanding stop at what cannot be understood is a high attainment.
Those who cannot do it will be destroyed on the lathe of heaven.
--Chuang Tse:  XXIII

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