Fall News - 12 September 1999

The Fall play London Dingwalls on 20 October.

NL/B tour dates:

14 sept Doornroosje Nijmegen
15 sept Paradiso Amsterdam
16 sept Vera Groningen
17 sept O13 Tilburg
18 sept V.K. Brussel
19 sept L.V.C. Leiden

Many thanks to Arjan:

"As the Dutch september tour looms ahead, I collected as much information as I could find from various websites. More updates to follow when there is more to report.



tuesday 14 sept Nijmegen Doornroosje

address: Groenewoudseweg 322, Nijmegen website: http://www.doornroosje.nl/

Ticketsales start on 24th of August (three weeks in advance)

you can reserve tickets via e-mail to roosje@molyvos.net reservations by phone on working days from 10.00 tot 18.00 hrs, tel:(024) 355 9887 Collect those 20.00 on 20.30 hour at the box-office.


wednesday 15 sept Amsterdam, Paradiso

address: Weteringschans 6-8. tel.: 020-6264521 website: www.paradiso.nl

No reservations at the venue itself, use Ticketservice instead.

THE FALL / OZARK HENRY Venue open: 19:30. Support: 20:30. Main: 21:30

tickets are 25 guilders


thursday 16 sept Groningen Vera

address: Oosterstraat 44 Groningen, tel:050-3134681

website: http://www.vera-groningen.nl/vera1.html

If you do NOT live in Groningen-city, you can make a reservation by calling Vera: + ( 0 ) 50 - 3134681. Pick up your concert-ticket at the official opening time for the concert. In case you can't make it: please call.


friday 17 sept Tilburg 013

address: Veemarktstraat 44, Tel: 013-4609502, website http://www.013web.nl/


Venu open: 20.00 hrs, tickets are 15 guilders No reservations at the venue, ticket sales from 21st Aug from Ticket Service


saturday 18 sept Brussel V.K.

address: Schoolstraat 76, Brussel, tel: 02/414.29.07 website: http://vk.vgc.be

Ticket reservation through e-mail. Name, address, phone etc. & required number of tickets to devaartkapoen@vgc.be . Reserved tickets have to be collected before 20.00 hrs at the latest.


sunday 19 sept Leiden LVC

address: Breestraat 66, Leiden website: http://www.xs4all.nl/~lvc/

Reservations taken from 30th August onwards. Call 071-5146449 on workdays between 10.00-16.00 hrs Collect an half hour after opening at the latest.



There is an on-line ticketservice available at www.theater.nl which for sure has tickets for the Amsterdam and Tilburg gigs when they come available. Listings appear three weeks in advance and you can pay by creditcard. Go to the website and

1. select 'Ticket Service' 2. select 'Foreign Visitors' 3. a help menu pops up to tell you what to do

Mind you, they stop selling tickets to foreigners about 1,5-2 weeks before the actual date.

(www.theater.nl has the tickets for the Amsterdam (15 sept) and Tilburg (17 sept) finally on sale.)


The Fall didn't play in Dublin last week after all....


Reading 27 Augustreading

Antony Chapman:

>6.45pm Friday - The band minus MES emerge on to the stage. They fire into a song I don't recognise... the drummer appears to be coping admirably. Eventually MES emerges, in jacket, trousers, and bloodstained white shirt. The performance is shambolic at this point. The band are doing their best, but MES has started his "turning all the amps up to 10 and moving the guitar mikes" routine he seems so fond of
>recently. MES is obviously very drunk. The set progresses - I don't
>remember the exact order of the tracks, but "Ten Houses Of Eve", "Touch
>Sensitive", and "F-Oldin' Money" all feature. As the set moves on, MES
>repeatedly leaves and re-enters the stage (again, something he seems
>very fond of at the moment). Against all odds, the band (and even MES
>to a degree) pull together as the set progresses. MES comedy moment
>number 1 - Staggers up to the front of the stage, and says "I don't
>normally like working on saturdays". MES comedy moment number 2 - I
>forget the song title - it's the one from The Marshall Suite which is
>just a really ambient sounding synthy backing track... MES changes the
>words to "...and backstage, the chitter-chatter of the Reading festival
>staff is louder than the band onstage... and they still owe me £2750
>plus VAT". Highly amusing. The set closes with a FANTASTIC (all things
>considered) version of Big New Prinz. Neville shines on this one.


Not a bad gig. Tom the drummer was indeed absent. Didn't matter that much, to be honest because the stand-in was fine. Nev was in good form, as was MES. Even Julia didn't bother me!!! There was the usual amount of tinkering, but on the whole he seemed in fine spirits (no doubt due to some not so fine spirits). I thought that it was a cut above his right eye that was bleeding. Nev and MES seemed to be on very good terms to have been fighting. Best moment was when MES shooed the members of Elastica, who had assembled themselves at the back of the stage, away. Anyway, in no way a bad Fall gig.

From music365.com:

FALL : Reading Radio 1 Evening Session Stage, Friday August 27 1999
With supermodel Caprice gatecrashing the world of popular music, there's something hilariously perverse about good taste's act of revenge, sending out Mark E Smith to become this year's model for Calvin Klein. Though after today's performance it's doubtful whether 'Eat Y'Self Fitter' will be played the next time Kate Moss sashays down the catwalk. Today's appearance is just embarrassing. Not a man noted for his sobrietry, Smith contributes almost nothing while staggering around the stage, lost in an alcoholic stupor and leaving his hapless latest line-up to pick up the pieces. Quite literally, in places; when not ranting incoherently, Smith vanishes back stage for lengthy periods. Presumably to finish off the rider before the rest of the band get there. It's left to the guitarist to fill in the vocal gaps, of which there are enough to make a fishnet stocking. When Smith does bother to reappear, he proceeds to lurch over to various band members' amplifiers, fiddling with the settings for a minute or two, maybe dislodging the mics and generally making a nuisance of himself. Mark E Smith is so drunk that you wouldn't be surprised if he started speaking in an obscure Belorussian dialect while singing and dancing to 'Remember You're A Womble' [Take it from us, dear reader: Julian knows what he's talking about here - Ed.]. Which is a crying shame. Over the years The Fall have made some wonderful and indeed frightening albums, and their contribution to popular culture shouldn't be underestimated. With this year's 'The Marshall Suite', Smith's ever-changing outfit appear to have got back into their artistic stride, and a sizeable proportion of tonight's set is drawn from it. But it's only really current single 'F-Oldin' Money' that sounds even slightly awake and interesting. It's painful to have to report, then, but it would seem that, like that other pickled poet Shane MacGowan, Smith seems to be doing his damndest to piss his genius up the wall. Heartbreaking.
Julian Marszalek Sun Aug 29 1999 01:25 BST

From NME:

18:55 - The Fall are running late. They'll be here shortly.

19:00 - A whisper spreads that The Fall sacked their drummer at a service station en route.

19:05 - Still no Fall.

19:15 - The Fall! They're here! Onstage! And ohmigod, someone in the crowd actually knows their drummer! He works for the Chemical Brothers' management and was, apparently, recruited backstage moments ago. He hasn't drummed for five years. Still, he seems more au fait with The Fall's ouevre than The Fall do. It's like watching a school punk band fronted by the leering, renegade history teacher. And it's actually ace in a chaotic, really ugly way.


Leeds 28 August

Simon Christian:

This is not going to be long 'cause Mark Smith was in a real distructive mood again. I onlt went to see The Fall, I feel like writing him a stern letter asking him to refund my £25 quid. He and Neville reappeared while the engineers were sorting out the equpment and we were treated to a duet of And Therin. That was good. MES acted like he owned the place, irate conversations with the front row, he lobbed his mic at some folks right of center and they all ran off! He then effed and blinded and one of them and he returned the mic off the floor. Hilarious. He pulled faces throughout and was generally an ass to everyone. Pulling the cymbals to bits, fucking around with the amps, hassling the guitarists fucking with Julias keys. He was a twat. He didnt even sing that much. He did a short set so that he could get an encore in the insecure tosser.

.....If you saw him - he was the worst I've seen - he singled out some poor chap on the front row and really spat out "no more inner city for you" repeatedidly to the guy. It was horror. He was really nasty, *really* nasty. He was twisted and gnarled and laughing. He really stuck the knife in with the Yorkshire stuff too. He went on and on about Yorkshire in a lyric change to Antidotes. Not all nice I can imagine.



From the "chart new entries" mailing list thingy:

114 F-`OLDIN' MONEY...............................The Fall(Artful-Circus)


Paul S.:

More NME news on Britain's least favourite comedy group:


The Fall are back as one big happy family following bloody backstage clashes and the sacking of drummer Tom Head at last week's Reading Festival. Head was reinstated into the band the day after so he could perform at Reading's sister festival at Leeds. He was replaced at Reading by the Chemical Brothers' co-manager Nick Dewey - formerly of Revolver.

During last week's Fall performance, both Mark E. Smith and guitarist Neville Wilding appeared onstage covered in blood. It's thought a backstage brawl broke out between the two just before the band took to the stage. A spokesman for the band said: "There was an altercation between them that has been resolved. This was a purely one-off thing. It was just a Band-Aid job."


From today's Guardian books section, The Loafer:

To the Granada Studios for the launch of Manchester, England by Dave Haslam, where The Fall's Mark E Smith made a guest appearance - fresh from the Reading Festival, where he had sacked his drummer and been punched by his guitarist. Other guests, including Terry Christian, members of New Order and M-People and Factory Records boss Anthony H Wilson, chowed down on fish, chips and mushy peas in the salubrious surroundings of the Rover's Return, before spilling over into the Woolpack, handily located just next door.

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