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Live To Air In Melbourne 82 is in the shops. For the record, it's from the 2 Aug 1982 gig at the Prince of Wales, Melbourne. Broadcast on PBS-FM and the master seems to be taken from a tape slightly chewed in one place - it rates as an essential purchase mind you. Personnel would be Smith, Hanley P, Hanley S, Burns, Riley, Scanlon.


From: Michael Pinto
Subject: the Fall, Version 25.1: Wish List

Here are the features I would like to see added to the next release of the Fall:

Get a Good Producer: I don't care if it's Puff Daddy, Steve Albini or Trent Reznor, MES really needs to get a good producer to work on the next project. Some production value wouldn't hurt either. If Puff wants to dance in the video I feel that it is a small price for MES to pay for a hit single.

Get a Real Designer to do the album cover art: I have yet to see a Fall album in the last few years that looked good. How about a real logo for the band? It's time to stop using the intern at the record company and hire a real pro.

Stop making so many CDs: Instead of a CD twice a year, how about waiting two years and doing one killer album? I'm willing to wait a year if the next one will be as good as some of the old stuff.

Get a label that will make some good videos and carry weight in the US: Say what you like about Madonna, her label know how to sell product.

Co-write more songs: If you look at some of the classic Fall lyrics they are the result of people working with MES. Perhaps Brix should help with the writing but stay off stage.

Get some name talent for the band this time: Get Krist Novoselic for bass, Eddie Van Halen for guitar or someone with a name or talent. I'm sure there are ex-members of Alice in Chains or STP that would love the chance. I would like to hear his lyrics put to more interesting music, and have him take some chances (hip hop, speed metal, industrial). After all what is there to loose?

I would like to see a play/ballet/CD-ROM or something with a bigger theme. Even if MES gave up music and wrote a novel or got into acting it would be a chance worth taking.

I would like to see a remix CD. One of the best CDs I have is "Blues Explosion! Experimental Remixes Extended Playing". I wouldn't mind seeing Beck, Wu Tang Clan and Dub Narcotic re-do some old material.

Stop drinking and smoking! Those brain cells are a national treasure and something should be done to preserve them in old age.

Michael Pinto


From: Peter Conkerton
Subject: Re: Lovecraft: _At the Mountains of Madness_

I might as well re-plug an excellent Lovecraft fanzine called 'strange Aeons'. Issue #4 out now, contains a piece by er me but don't let that put you off - it's a high-quality production. Contact Calum Iain MacIver (Cimaciver@aol.com) & tell him I sent yer.


someone's sig, from alt.music.nin

Overheard on Seance, The Church mailing list: "the fall / mark e smith mailing list, which makes us here on this list look like a bunch of wide -eyed girl guides in the cynical stakes"


From: Al Reynolds
Subject: Adequate belts in this flat

Sado-masochists Steven Bain, 27 and Steven Gawthrop 31, both of Southport, Merseyside, were jailed for 18 months at Liverpool Crown Court after admitting paying young men to beat them with belts in a flat littered with 10,000 socks

- The Independent (3 Jun)

former tenants were far from anti-corporal punish


what about the hovercraft, EH? EH? You used to be able to get a 1/72nd scale airfix kit of the first hovercraft including a moulded figurine of MES in long coat and jackboots.

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