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Totales Turns and Slates/A Part of America Therein have been re-re-reissued on Castle's Essential label.

There was a report last week that the Cog Sinister rerelease of Grotesque is scratchy and skips in a couple of places; also the following appeared in the pre-release schedules:

Grotesque (+5) CD $15.99
3rd album, reissued with 5 bonus tracks. Release Date: 29-Jun-98
Perverted By Language (+5) CD $15.99
7th album, reissued with 5 bonus tracks. Release Date: 29-Jun-98


From: "David I. Williams"
Subject: Originals

Actually I have them listed by year of original - which is interesting, if only for the noticeble concentration of 1965-68 recordings. Hope this is of some help. I'm sure someone will translate this list into the order of The Fall covering them.

Just Waiting CD Hank Williams 1953
Jungle Rock 7" Hank Mizell 1950's
Race With The Devil CD Gene Vincent 1952/6
Jingle Bell Rock CD Bobby Helms 1957
Rollin Danny CD Gene Vincent 1957
White Lightning LP Big Bopper 1958
I'm A Mummy CD Bob McFadden & Dor 1959
Brand New Cadillac tape Vince Taylor 1959
Just Waiting CD Hank Williams 1953
Strychnine CD Sonics 1965
The City Never Sleeps At Night 7" Nancy Sinatra 1965
I Hate You CD Monks 1966
I'm Not Satisfied CD Frank Zappa 1966
Oh How To Do Now CD Monks 1966
Shut Up CD Monks 1966
I Come & Stand At Your Door CD The Byrds 1966
A Day In The Life CD Beatles 1967
Ghost In My House CD R Dean Taylor 1967
Last Chance To Turn Around CD Gene Pitney 1967
Mr Pharmacist CD The Other Half 1967
Popcorn Double Feature CD Searchers 1967
Beatle Bones & Smokin' Stones CD Captain Beefheart 1968
Birthday CD The Idle Race 1968
Kimble CD Lee Perry 1968
People Grudgeful CD Sir Gibbs 1968
Legend Of Xanadu CD Dave Dee, etc. 1968
Victoria CD Kinks 1969
Junk Man CD Groundhogs 1971
War CD Henry Cow 1974
Lost In Music CD Sister Sledge 1975
(Stay Away From) The Cocaine Train 7" Johnny Paycheck 1979
Hark The Herald Angels Sing CD Johnny Cash 1980
My Telephone 7" Coldcut 1989

I'm Going To Spain tape Steve Bent ?
Black Night ! Deep Purple ?
Jerusalem William Blake


From: Jeff Curtis
Subject: $10 discount at CDNOW for Lyrics Parade visitors!

Well the nice people at CDNOW have given us another $10 discount, but you have to go there via the link on the Lyrics Parade page at http://www.freedonia.com/~jeff/fall . An excellent time to order the Live to Air in Melbourne thingy, eh?



The Fall get a pair of mentions in this month's Q.

First off, a review of the rereleased *Totale's Turns*, *Slates* and *APOAT* - all reasonably positive (3 and 4 stars at least). The review notes the contrast with the recent "unpleasantness".

Secondly, there's a kind of graph (!) - one of those "who's hot"/"who's not" type things - what kind of tosser invented those, by the way? Anyway the Fall come out pretty well in this one, which is based on who's able to flog tickets/sell out etc. I think they are topped only by Stereophonics and the Spice Girls. I would check except my brain might implode.


From: Geoff Caves

I'd sing solitaire for the B.E.F. But who wants to be with them, anyway?

The BEF - British Electronic Foundation, the business end of Heaven 17. Just been digging around on the web for info relating to Tempo House and found this:

BEF Music of Quality and Distinction - Volume 1 Virgin 2219 Released 1982 Charted at 25 in UK

Guest vocalists & Tracks:
Tina Turner: Ball Of Confusion
Billy MacKenzie: The Secret Life Of Arabia
Paul Jones: There's A Ghost In My House <---------------
Paula Yates: These Boots Are Made For Walking
Gary Glitter: Suspicious Minds
Bernie Nolan: You Keep Me Hanging On
Glenn Gregory: Wichita Lineman
Sandie Shaw: Anyone Who Had A Heart
Glenn Gregory: Perfect Day
Billy MacKenzie: It's Over

OK, so MES didn't think much of a solo sesh with the BEF, but he was keeping an ear out for a new direction in catchy cover versions all the same.

And as for Burton, I take this to mean the pedantic Welsh actor and Hell raiser Richard Burton, star of the 1960 TV series The Valiant Years for which he provided the impedimental voice of Winston Churchill! I see he also played Faust in Doctor Faustus.


greg ellis:

Latest news involves the Inertia tour... It's now scheduled, subject to change, for September/October '98 in the US and Canada! Currently, the line-up is Buzzcocks, Pere Ubu, and The Fall, with another two acts to be announced. Other acts that have been mentioned for this tour include TheDamned, the Stranglers, the Dickies, Stiff Little Fingers and Gang of Four.Check out the Inertia tour Web site for details. You can get the tentative tour dates, get on a mailing list for updates, submit questions and even what bands you think should take those fourth and fifth slots!

Montreal September 30 - October 1, 1998
Toronto October 2-3
Detroit October 4
Boston October 8
New York October 9-10
Washington D.C. October 11
Cincinnati October 15
Cleveland Ocober 16
Chicago October 17
Milwaukee October 18
Vancouver October 21-22
Seattle October 23-24
Portland October 25
San Francisco October 28-29
Los Angeles October 30-31



Some singers deliver non sequiturs with such coolly-detached authority that you find yourself searching for wisdom in their most abstract utterances - Mark E Smith instantly comes to mind. The Face, May, p. 213 (the piece is about the Lo Fi Allstars)

Stranger still, the main ''Right about now/the funk soul brother'' sounds more like The Fall than Fab 5 Freddy. The Face, May, p. 215 (review of Fatboy Slim's The Rockefeller Skank


Subject: Fat Hell

The New Zealand Listener magazine just about sums it up with their recent rock group anagram quiz (pg 14):

Anagrams Rock-

"Did you know that Meat Code Flow is an anagrram for Fleetwood Mac? Or that Bust Hid Torment is an anagram for < free kiwifruit for the first correct answer> or that Fat Hell is an anagram for <our favourite ex group>".

The Mag has 10 copies of Tori Amos's new cd for the 10 readers who come up with the most inventive or amusing anagrams for "Tori Amos". Ehhh ther's a challenge.

alan h


Veteran DJ John Peel said today he hopes his OBE honour will help him get a seat to see his beloved Liverpool FC.

Speaking from his Suffolk home, known as Peel Acres, he said of his honour: "My mum and dad would have been really knocked out and it will really pee-off my brothers. "I accepted it rather hoping it would help me get a season ticket for Anfield next season - as John Peel OBE - you can't seem to get one any other way."

Peel, whose real name is John Ravenscroft, has made his reputation as a DJ by being the champion of underground music for more than thirty years. After completing his military service in the early 1960s he headed to Texas to work in his father's cotton business. But he soon managed to talk his way onto radio shows in Dallas, the Wirral-born lad told station bosses he was a pal of the Beatles. He soon landed a full-time radio presenting job and on his return to Britain he became a DJ at the pirate station Radio London. His Perfumed Garden show introduced Britain to emerging American counter-culture acts like Country Joe And The Fish and Captain Beefheart.

Peel joined Radio One at its launch in 1967 and he has been at the forefront of every major musical movement since those days. He is the only DJ left from the original line-up of presenters. He has also brought obscure African guitarists and genres like jungle to a wider audience and he is renowned for an unstinting devotion to his favourite band The Fall, long after the abrasive Mancunians fell out of favour.

Awards are nothing new to John Peel. Among other honours he was named "Godlike genius" in the New Musical Express Brat awards, for his contribution to music.



Tempo House
Falcon Road
SW11 2PJ

Contact: Robert Dyson

Tel: 0171-223 7662
Fax: 0171-223 7116
Member of: TESA


From: Chris Kovin
Subject: the story behind the mousey beans

Thursday, December 18, 1997 Published at 21:11 GMT


Dead mouse costs firm a lot of beans

A British firm has been fined #8,000 after a man found a mouse in a tin of baked beans.

Robert Howard, from Brockley, southeast London, was about to tuck into the beans when he spotted what he thought was a piece of string.

As he peered closer Mr Howard, who was eating straight from the tin, realised the `string' was in fact a mouse's tail. He recoiled in horror as he pulled out the rest of the dead rodent.

After the discovery he went to Lewisham Hospital saying he felt sick and feared he may be at risk of infection.

Nurses informed Lewisham Council's environmental health department, who performed the tests on the creature and the beans.

The mouse had been cooked in the tin produced by HL Foods of Long Sutton, Lincolnshire, who make own-brand baked beans for supermarket giant Sainsbury's.

HL Foods were charged under the Food Safety Act. After pleading guilty, they were fined #8,000.

Mr Howard is now considering suing HL Foods for damages.

But the company says its factory has been inspected by environmental health officers, who were "fully satisfied" with its procedures.

A Lewisham Council spokeswoman said: "Nobody knows for sure at what point of the process the mouse got in. The beans are sieved and blanched, tomato sauce is added and the tins are sealed and cooked at 130 degrees.

"The mouse's stomach was full of starch so it may have been eating the beans before it was boiled with the product."

More than 12,000 tins from the same batch were removed from supermarket shelves by the company.

HL Foods sales and marketing director Robin Brooks said the company processed more than four million cans a day. He said it was the first time such an incident had occurred.

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