Fall News - 14 November 1999

The Fall play Manchester Planet K (Oldham Street) on Thurs 2 December. Also Ashton Witchwood on 21/22 December

(Ashton booking details, thanks Graydon:

Ticket price is 9 GBP.
Witchwood tel: 0161 344 0321
Credit Card hotline : 0161 832 1111

By post:
Cheques payable to "Inventive Leisure"
Post cheque and SAE to :
The Witchwood
152 Old St.,

Alan McB:

Subject: <fallnet> review of brussels gig, sept 99

mark e smith was in a generous mood, offering his beer to a guy in the front row

nothing extraordinary you might think - until you remember the fall frontman's reputation as the grumpiest man in rock, notorious for viciously berating audiences

still, there's little other evidence that the 41-year-old mancunian motormouth is mellowing.

at last month's reading festival, he and guitarist neville wilding sauntered on stage covered with blood after a backstage brawl.

a famous boozer, smith has the same haggard features and startled glare as fellow swigger with attitude shane macgowan

another attribute he shares with the ex=-pogues singer is an unerring ability to deliver the goods

never one for nostalgia, smith largely ignored his back catalogue, focusing on incendiary new album the marshall suite

seriously mistreating their instruments, the group whipped up a glorious cacophony - like the velvet underground if they'd hung around british working men's clubs instead of warhol's factory

after two decades of non-stop rating, smith's vocals are still laced with invective, particularly on new single f-oldin' money, a rampaging rockabilly monster

and the band find time between the racket for a tearjerker, the meandering birthday song, which sails perilously close to romanticism

despite the best efforts of their no 1 fan, british dj john peel, the fall managed only the odd minor hit in the eighties

now on their 24th line-up, they are destined to remain a cult

yet with echos of their work in music from happy mondays to pavement, their influence is inestimable

britain's saving grace? you bet


>Quote of the Day

>"Whilst all these fucking bastards go on about the Beatles, Noel and Liam, Manics etc., there is no doubt that Mark E. Smith is one of the most overlooked men in
>rock today"
>Posted by Anonymous on The Fall


Colin Kerr:

here are the Fall's entries in Peel's Festive 50 since 82. Oh, and there were sometimes more than 50 in the Festive 50. There may be some mistakes...hope not

82 - No47(?) Look/Know
83 - No8 Eat Y'self Fitter
No21 The Man Whose Head Expanded
No35 Kicker Conspiracy
No40 Wings
84 - No9 Lay of the Land
No8 Creep
No35 No Bulbs
85 - No3 Cruiser's Creek
No23 Spoilt Victorian Child
No33 Gut of the Quantifier
No39 Couldn't get ahead
No42 LA
No55 Rolling Dany
86 - No3 Mr Pharmacist
No10 US Eighties - Nineties
No15 Living Too Late
No20 Bournemouth Runner
No26 Realm of Dusk
No37 Lucifer Over Lancashire
No48 Dktr Faustus
87 - No2 Australians In Europe
No9 Hit the North
No26 Athlete Cured
88 - No14 Cab It Up
No16 Bremen Nacht
No24 Big New Prinz
No27 Kurious Oranj
No36 Jerusalem
No40 Guest Informant
89 - No38 Dead Beat Descendant
90 - No1 Bill Is Dead
No15 White Lightning
No30 Blood Outta Stone
No35 Telephone Thing
No41 Chicago, Now!
91 - Never actually played
No4 Edinburgh man
No9 A lot of wind
No24 High tension line
No35 The war against intelligence
No41 The mixer
No43 So what about it?
92 - No5 Legend of Xanadu
No6 Free Range
No12 Ed's Babe
No34 Kimble
No50 Birmingham School...
93 - No11 Why Are People Grudgeful
No19 Lost In Music
No20 Glam Racket
No22 I'm Going To Spain
No26 Service
No29 Ladybird (Green Grass)
No41 A Past Gone Mad
No43 Behind The Counter
No48 It's A Curse
No50 War
94 - No2 Hey Student
No38 City Dweller
No41 M5
95 - No7 Feeling Numb
No24 Don't Call Me Darling
No30 Bonkers In Phoenix
No49 The Joke
96 - No6 Cheatham Hill
No13 The Chiselers
No16 Hostile
97 - No7 Inch
No17 I'm a Mummy
98 - No 49 Shake Off


Paul S:

Dear Q

I am a middle-aged clergyman. Over the years I have enjoyed listening to music by the likes of The Bible, Genesis , The Church, The Christians, The Faith Brothers (whatever happened to them?) and, ahem, The Fall. I have in strict numerical order, every copy of Q since June 1989. Come the millennium, I was going to call it a day with your magazine. However, I am now thinking of carrying on a bit longer. Is this alright with you image-wise? The Reverand David Rivers Ripon, North Yorkshire

What a wag eh?

Another letter alludes to a page from "Italian publishers Arsendo's new catalogue showing Mark E. Smith's second career as a writer on venetian interiors." The accompanying pic does indeed reveal the legend "Mark E. Smith" in fancy serif type over a fancy Venetian interior.

In the interview with Brett Anderson we get: "While he fetches his two glasses of water, Q peruses his CD collection: a preponderance of Prince and The Fall, funk and reggae box sets..." And the man himself sez, about the new Elastica LP: "It's not so Fall-y at all. But I really like How He Wrote Elastica Man, I think it's a really vibey track."

From today's NME:

Speaking of fights, at The Fall's Camden Dingwall's show, the band invaded the stage during opening band Pacinos' set, forcibly removing them and disconnecting their amps because their set was too long. Surprisingly, Mark E. Smith was not involved.

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