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Manchester University, 11 August
London LA2, 12 August


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From: David Auerbach

The other Fall conversation I had that day was with a clerk at Kim's in
NYC, because I see a promotion for the American domestic Levitate, saying
"Awesome remixed new CD!"

ME: Is Levitate really remixed?

CLERK: Oh, yeah, it is!

ME: Cause I heard that they were going to remix it for American release, but they didn't...

CLERK: Oh, well, I don't think it's different from the import, if that's what you're asking.

ME: But it's remixed?

CLERK: Yeah.


ME: But it's not any different from the import?

CLERK: No, I don't think so.

ME: How was it remixed, then?

CLERK: Oh, if you mean, did they have someone remix the album for domestic release, they didn't do that.

ME: Then how is it remixed?

CLERK: I mean, it's remixed from what the Fall used to sound like.

ME: Oh.

> The Fall's Perverted by Language was also at No. 5 in the Observer's Top 5
> new albums, with a write-up saying something like "Mark E Smith at the
> height of his powers before his head and band exploded".
what, as in "unfortunately PBL marked the beginning of Smith's creative decline; over the next 15 years he would produce less than 35 albums, many of them merely excellent and hugely influential..."


From: Graham Coleman


from review of How to Operate with a Blown Mind Lo-Fidelity Allstars [Skint, 1998]

"Remembrances : avec leur premier album, l'incroyablement dense et jouissif How to Operate with a Blown Mind, les Lo-Fidelity Allstars, rappellent en effet l'ensemble des grands moments de la musique britannique : the Fall, avec un chant amélodique proche de Mark E Smith présent sur l'ensemble des morceaux (les formidables hits "Kool Roc Bass" et "Vision Incision" en premier), la vague baggy (le funk flasque de "Kasparov's Revenge", morceau plus faible que les autres mais toutefois convaincant, et celui plus groovy de l'excellent "Battle Flag"), avec ses grooves lents et trainards."


From: Chris Kovin
Subject: Grimm of the Week

Once upon a time . . . two mountain goats happened to be going down the opposite slopes of a valley, through which flowed a rushing river. Now, some of the mountain dwellers had bridged the river by placing a largetree trunk that had been struck by lightning, to join the steep rocky banks. The two goats met head on half way across the tree trunk for each wanted tocross to the other side. But the trunk was not nearly wide enough for them to pass each other, and neither goat was inclined to give way. Obstinately, they began to bicker, but neither would budge an inch. Words soon led to action andthey started to fight, till finally both tumbled off the tree trunk into the river below. Wouldn't it have been much simpler if only one of the goats had been courteous enough to allow the other to pass.

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