Fall News - 25 November 1999

The Fall play Manchester Planet K (Oldham Street) on Thurs 2 December. Also Ashton Witchwood on 21/22 December.

Also tbc are Derby Victoria Inn on December 19th, Sheffield (venue unknown) on the 20th, and maybe a Leicester date around the same time.

(Ashton booking details, thanks Graydon:

Ticket price is 9 GBP.
Witchwood tel: 0161 344 0321
Credit Card hotline : 0161 832 1111

By post:
Cheques payable to "Inventive Leisure"
Post cheque and SAE to :
The Witchwood
152 Old St.,

"Lucky" Alan Hamilton:

I assumed NZ was the usual several weeks behind UK purchasers, but not this time!

Live 77 is the following:

Psycho Mafia
Last Orders
Dresden Dolls
Hey Fascist
Industrial Estate
Stepping Out
Bingo Master's Breakout
Oh Brother
Cop It
Futures & Pasts (encore)
Louie Louie (also encore - goes on forever!)

This disc has a LOT OF DISTORTION which some FFs may not appreciate, although it's music to my trained ear. The liner notes say:

"Hidden in the back of MES's bedroom cupboard for the past twenty odd years, this was never a high fidelity recording. Be warned thet even after we've done everything possible to clean up the tape, it still sounds like a bootleg made on a first generation cassette recorder"

From this we can conclude:

1. Quality is worse than LATWT CD
2. MES has not moved house for 20 odd years.

77-79 Early Fall is:

Repetition Bingo Masters Psycho Mafia Various Times I'ts the New Thing Rowche Rumble In my Area Dice Man Psykikck Dancehall Second Dark Age Fiery Jack
Stepping Out Last Orders

Quality is vinyl master but good so far - listening for the first time.


Andy Halper:

MP3s of "Good Evening, We Are Not The Fall" are now available from the Web page at:


You should be able to download individual songs in *.mp3 format, or an entire side in *.tar.gz format (each side is ~37M, so you might not want to try this at home).

We will no longer mail order cassette tape copies anymore. It got to be too much hassle and mostly we are too lazy/disinterested to deal with the responsibility involved.



In The Times, Nov 15 (by Dominic Bradbury):

At 25, Matt Thorne not only has his second novel out, he's leading a literary rebellion by a brat pack of writers called the New Puritans.

Thorny issue

Surprisingly, there is a slice of the puritan in Matt Thorne; New Puritan, that is. Thorne, together with crime writer Nicholas Blincoe, has created a new literary movement, New Puritanism, which sounds like a Nineties catch-all mix of "dirty" and "magic realism" with a twist of iconoclasm thrown in.

As the two of them get down to editing their guiding anthology of the genre, All Hail the New Puritans, to be published next autumn, it sounds as good an epithet as any for the younger, more serious, end of the current literary scene.

The Fall are not mentioned anywhere in the article though!


Paul S:

From today's NME - the continuing pointless saga of the 100 moments in rock that shook the world, or something:

No.79: Mark E. Smith's Lost Weekend.

After 20 cantankerous years of cryptic ranting, engagingly ugly indie riffology and hilarious, liberal-baiting interviews, Mark E. Smith and The Fall were still a going concern. Here they were in April 1998 in New York for a short tour, still bashing away. So what prompted the ruckus that ended up with Smith in jail and up before a Manhattan judge remains unclear. He had been drinking heavily since landing in Manhattan and his mood had darkened a tad. First he sustained a black eye after a row with girlfriend and Fall keyboardist Julia Nagle. Then at the Brownies club, drummer karl burns leapt over his kit and started beating up a drunken Smith in mid-gig. The band returned to their hotel where Smith apparently ran topless and amok through the lobby, threatening other members of the band. Police were called after he hit nagle. The judge, who amazingly had never heard of The Fall, ordered him to undergo six months of counselling in the UK. New York had been scandalised to its roots - Smith and Nagle, meanwhile, were in fine spirits the next day, wondering what all the fuckin' fuss was about.

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