Fall News -10 December 1999

The Fall play:

Derby Victoria Inn on December 19th
Sheffield Boardwalk on the 20th
Ashton Witchwood on 21/22 December.

Derby details, thanks Graham: "Victoria Inn, 12 Midland Place, Derby, Tel: 01332 740091
Ticket Price: 9.00GBP, available from the venue only, as far as I know"

(Ashton booking details, thanks Graydon: Ticket price is 9 GBP.
Witchwood tel: 0161 344 0321, Credit Card hotline : 0161 832 1111
By post: Cheques payable to "Inventive Leisure". Post cheque and SAE to : The Witchwood, 152 Old St., Ashton-under-Lyne, Tameside)

Manchester Planet K, 2 Dec:


good one ... well, passable ...

ketamine suns
new rockabilly original
garage cover ("hands up, billy" or "hands off, billy") ... excellent
weird version of past gone mad with new strummy chords
nev being a nob
big rockabilly sound
white lightning


Paul S:

Subject: <fallnet> He sings! He dances! He gurns!

I saw Glow Boys today. At Wollaton Hall (Nottingham), as part of the Atomic exhibition. At the entrance to the makeshift cinema bit there was a sign which read, "Children should be accompanied by an adult as the film contains nudity and strong language." Oh aye, I thought, maybe Mark'll get his kit off! But no such luck. The film lasts for 15 minutes and is an oblique 'tale' of a nuclear plant employee who goes to the works canteen, plays darts with his mates, and ends up shot dead by a local couple in the forest - his body then used to generate electricity at this couple's house.

That's it really. Our viewing pleasure was hampered somewhat by the poor visual and aural quality - the main character's dialogue impossible to make out. Mark was as clear as a bell though. He played the canteen assistant - the "sinister caterer." And very well too. A bit of surreal dialogue, followed later by (surprisingly enough) a rendition of The Caterer - dressed in his white canteen-assistant coat and crooning to the main character. Lots of shuffling about and looking as if he didn't give a fuck, coupled with that knowing half-smile of his. He seemed to be enjoying himself. Our kids were thrilled to see him. My daughter's current favourite song is I'm A Mummy and she was well impressed that it was the same bloke. In fact, both of them seemed to enjoy the film more than we did. But it was okay. It was alright. Mark was undoubtedly the highlight and, bias aside, easily stole the show.

The film began and ended with an instrumental version of Free Range. And as an extra bit of Fallcon, the main character wore a Mr Fantastic (Marvel's reworking of Plastic Man) T-shirt throughout.

If you get the chance, go and see it.



A Haiku in commemoration of the Fall's recent Dutch tour.

Overheard in Leiden
from irate front row punter:
"Mark Smith is Bastard"


From: "Michael Louwinger"

Dit artikel verscheen in de Opscene. Heb het zo goed als mogelijk geprobeerd te vertalen. Zie de engelse versie

Opscene nummer 74 december 1999/januari 2000 Pagina 36:

Het leids Vrije Tijdcentrum LVC stond tot voor kort bekend als een van de meest ingeslapen podia van de provincie. Goddank is er een nieuwe programmeur aangetreden, die een gedurfde poging onderneemt met het LVC het gat te vullen dat door Het Paard is opengelaten. Helaas probeerde hij dat wel met The Fall, een band die sinds mensenheugenis bekend staat om zijn afgrijselijke zaaloptredens. Ook in Leiden was het weer helemaal mis: het publiek moest lijdzaam toezien hoe Mark E. Smith pas na tien minuten het podium opkwam, de lampen verhing, zijn bassist uitschold, een paar keer yeah yeah zei - en weer aftaaide richting kleedkamer. 't Is dat Mark E. Smith nog stamt uit een tijd dat het hartstikke cool, was om schijt te hebben aan je publiek. Anders zou je je toch echt bekocht voelen.

From: Opscene number 74 december 1999/januari 2000 (dutch pop magazine) Page 36

The Leids Vrije Tijdcentre LVC was for a short time ago known as one of the most dropped off(?) popstages of the province. Thank God there is a new programmer who does a dearing effort with the LVC to fill the hole left by Het Paard in The Hague. Unfortunately he tried that with The Fall, a band known for its horrible live performances within living memory. Also in Leiden it went all wrong. The audience had to be very patient to see Mark E. Smith coming on stage after ten minutes, hanging the lamps in other places, swearing at the bass-player, a few times saying yeah yeah and left for the dressing room. It is that Mark E. Smith is coming from a time that it was cool to dislike your audience. Otherwise you would think that you had been robbed!



I was listening to an mp3 of the Easybeats' Friday On My Mind and noticed the lyric:

Do the five-day grind once more
You know there's nothing else that bugs me
More than working for the rich man
Hey I'll change that scene one day

Compare with Copped It:

I'm gonna change that scene one day
That's what you're supposed to say
Hey hey hey hey



Today's Guardian Guide:

Wednesday 8
TV Modern Times:
Strictly Bingo

Bingo masters break out in this search to find the bingo caller of the year, with a trip to Vegas and a chance to meet the King of Bingo at stake.



just downloaded a song on napster by pavement called mark e. smith. it's live, sounds like it's from some sort of british festival. the first lyrics:

mark smith used to work for me
back in manchester back in 1983
stole all his ideas from me
now i steal em right back oh yes i am.

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