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Sun., Sept. 22
(more about this gig below)
King George's Hall, Blackburn (w / The Iinviisiibles supporting)
£14 adv; doors 19:30, Fall stage time 21:30; info Ronnie 07790-279557 or ronnie@north-bar.co.uk KGH box office 01254-582582 or Ticketmaster
Wed., Sept. 25 Rock City, Nottingham
tickets £11; doors 19:30; Fall stage time 21:30; advance tickets from
Rock City 0115-9412544 or from Wayahead 0115-912-9000,
or from Selectadisc, Nottingham
Fri., Sept. 27

Zodiac, Oxford
£10.50 advance, £
11.50 door; doors 19:00, Fall stage time 20:30.
Advance tickets available on their website or 01865-420042

Sat., Sept. 28 Arts Centre, Colchester
tickets £10; doors 20:00, Fall stage time 22:15; advance tickets from venue 01206-500900; Time Records 01206-545174
Mon., Sept. 30 Concorde 2, Brighton
tickets £10; doors 20:00; Fall stage time 22:00; advance tickets from
venue 01273-772770 or from Rounder Records 01273-325440
"Accompanied over 14s admitted"
Wed., Oct. 2 Irish Centre, Leeds
tickets £10 advance, £12 door; doors 20:00; Fall stage time 22:00-23:15; advance tickets from Jumbo Records, St. John's Centre (credit card bookings 0113-2455570; Venue 0113-2480887
Thu., Oct. 3 Guildhall, Gloucester
tickets £10; doors 20:30, Fall stage time 22:00; advance tickets from
Guildhall Box Office 01452-505089/396370
Sat., Oct. 5 University of Liverpool Student Union (160 Mt. Pleasant)
tickets £10 advance; doors 19:30, Fall stage time 21:30 - 22:45; advance tickets from Virgin Megastore 0151-2565555; Royal Court Theatre 0151-7094321; Guild of Students Card and Ticket Shop; Wayahead 0115-9129000
and the latest from Ed Blaney on the US tour; LA Spaceland is not happening after all
Wed., Oct. 9
(note change)
Great American Music Hall, San Francisco
Tickets $20 on sale August 18 from the venue or ticketweb.
Sun., Oct. 13 Troubadour, Los Angeles
tickets $18 advance, $20 door; doors 8 p.m.
Mon., Oct. 14 Troubadour, Los Angeles
tickets $18 advance, $20 door; doors 8 p.m.
Wed., Oct 16 Casbah, San Diego
21+ show. Tickets $15 on sale August 16 from the Casbah, Ticketmaster, Off the Record, and M-Theory Records
Fri., Oct 18 Club Congress, Tucson
Sun., Oct 20 Emo's, Austin (now confirmed)
?? Memphis (possibly a gig -- they've booked studio time in Memphis)
Sun, Oct. 27 Empty Bottle, Chicago
tickets $18 advance (+ $2.50/ticket fee) if purchased from 1-800-594-8499 or online at http://www.emptybottle.musictoday.com; 21+ show.
Mon., Oct. 28 Empty Bottle, Chicago
tickets $18 advance (+ $2.50/ticket fee) if purchased from 1-800-594-8499 or online at http://www.emptybottle.musictoday.com; 21+ show.
Wed., Oct. 30 The Magic Stick, Detroit
Tickets $15 from the venue or Ticketmaster
April 4-6, 2003 All Tomorrow's Parties, Camber Sands

From Ed Blaney, about the Blackburn gig on September 22:

The Fall kick off a mini 8-date tour of the UK on the 22nd of September at King George's Hall in Blackburn. This is going to be an extra special gig as the show is going to be filmed for a Fall documentary/DVD due to be released early next year.

The setlist will consist of Fall classics drawn from the past 25 years. As this is the only show in the northwest any Fall fans wishing to be a part of this event should attend as this is a one-off purely for the making of the Fall docu/DVD.

The filmmakers will also be looking to interview Fall fans of all ages.

Apparently they might open with The Classical, which I don't think has been played live since 1985.

While discussing the potential setlist for Blackburn, Fallnet's been wondering which songs have been played most often over the years. Craig Parker (a man with perhaps too much time on his hands) trawled through the gigography and came up with the Top Twelve:

10 F-'Oldin' Money 80 times
9= Bombast 84
9= Kicker Conspiracy 84
8 The Joke 85
7 10 Houses of Eve 87
6 Hexen Definitive (with and without Strife Knot) 88
5 And Therein... 91
4= Big New Prinz 97
4= Hit the North 97
3 Lie Dream of a Casino Soul 121
2 US 80's-90's 132
1 Mr. Pharmacist 168


Yes, that is Touch Sensitive on the Vauxhall Corsa TV advert.

Geoff Caves:

It played in my region around Corrie time on Monday night. It all flashed by rather quick as this bewildered FF tried to figure out what had gone wrong with his TV/hifi setup. Doesn't feature any lyrics apart from "Hey! hey! hey! hey!".

Also earlier this year I heard a Fall track on "The Estate Agents" on Channel 4. Think it was a bit of Way Round. I seem to remember it was a car chase scene featuring an Austin Allegro stuck in reverse.

..and there was a lite version of Totally Wired on the BBC's Commonwealth Games coverage.


upcoming releases:

For vinyl collectors - Live At The Witch Trials and Dragnet are about to be released on 180 gram vinyl in original sleeves on Turning Point (an Italian outfit). We're not sure whether these are legit sub-licensed releases or not; nor do we know the mastering source. If anyone picks them up, please let us know what they sound like.

Castle is to re-reissue The Light User Syndrome on CD on 16 September, including The Chiselers and Chilinist off the Chiselers single. These tracks had been added on the 1999 reissue on Receiver Records.

It seems that Castle is also rereleasing the rest of its Fall catalogue in September, although I don't think anything was ever out of print. The albums in question are: Totale's Turns, Grotesque, Slates/A Part Of America Therein 1981 and Perverted By Language.

The previously reported Bootleg Box Set (4 CDs) and The Step Forward Years, which were also due to be released by Castle on 16 September, have been put back with no confirmed release date. Castle has declined to provide details or tracklistings for these items. The Step Forward Years could only be a rehash of Early Years 77-79, perhaps in a different running order? As for the Bootleg Box Set, who knows?! Except it's interesting to note that Castle's parent company, Sanctuary Records Group, took over the Trojan catalogue last year and Receiver Records was a subsidiary of Trojan (as was Jet Records, which originally put out Light User Syndrome). So maybe the 4 CDs are a repackaging of all those well-loved Receiver compilations...

For those disappointed with the Rough Trade Singles Box not using the proper Peel versions of Container Drivers & New Puritan, help is close at hand. Conway is helping Voiceprint put together a 2CD compilation of the first 11 singles (all the Step Forward, Kamera & Rough Trade A & B sides) & it will include the original versions of those tracks. Release date currently pencilled in for November 11. Title: Early Singles (COGVP136CD).

Pander, Panda, Panzer:

pander panda panzer

The follow-up to "Post Nearly Man" is due to be released by Action Records on September 23. Fallnetter Tom Wootton interrogated John Peel in the pub the other day, as you do, about the new spoken word album. Peelie said he had just received it and although his general impression was vaguely favourable he did say that it was going to be extremely difficult to play on the radio as it was a continuously recorded CD, ie. one track of approx. 61 minutes length!

Sixty-one minutes was being a little generous: actual running time is 42m 55s (one track is correct!). According to the back cover, the CD includes the following:

Mount Street Sermon; PPP/The End; Enigrammatic Dream; Life Just Bounces; Copenhagen "Set-Up"; Dissolute Singer; Lucifer Over Lancashire; Lakeland Opus 1; Sport Duet; Idiot Joy Showland; "Plus 5 Previously Unreleased Sentences"

Recorded: Salford/L.A./NYC/Cambs.

Another "Best Of The 1990's" compilation:

Out on Snapper Music's mid-price label Recall on September 23 will be High Tension Line, a 2CD compilation of material sub-licensed from Artful Records. Recall seems to specialise in recompiling compilations, having previously brought us The Less You Look, The More You Find (which recompiled the first 3 Receiver comp's). This one basically recompiles A Past Gone Mad and A World Bewitched.

another compelling compilation

CD1: Life Just Bounces / Idiot Joy Showland / Behind The Counter / Hey Student / Bonkers In Phoenix / The League Of Bald-Headed Men / A Past Gone Mad / I Come And Stand At Your Door / Middle Class Revolt / Paranoia Man In Cheap Sh*t Room / Hurricane Edward / The Mixer
CD2: War / Free Range / Glam Racket / Immortality / Spencer Must Die / The Birmingham School Of Business School / High Tension Line / Don't Call Me Darling / Levitate / Cloud Of Black / Noel's Chemical Effluence / Why Are People Grudgeful?

Recall sales notes: The Fall started life in Manchester in 1977 as the dark clouds of punkís northern front gathered. At the eye of this particular storm were the scathing pronouncements of Mark E Smith, the frog prince of the provincial punk rock pulpit. The tracks compiled here are drawn from the groupís 90s repertoire, Levitate, A Past Gone Mad, Cerebral Caustic, The Marshall Suite, A World Bewitched and The Twenty-Seven Points. They are an impressive representation of Smithís craft and artistic resilience - far from piloting a course leading to a comfortable middle-age, over the Fallís 20-odd studio albums, he demonstrates time and again that he only has eyes for the jugular.

And what might be the most pointless Fall release of all time:

Receiver's Fiend with a Violin rereleased in DVD-Audio! Due out Sept. 24.

How long before DVD-As of Sinister Waltz and the rest?


Cog Sinister/Voiceprint release schedule

So, here's what's on the way from Voiceprint... The First Phase is getting out stuff that was most commonly requested in the recent fallnet/website poll.

Shift-Work (COGVP134CD) CD reissue of out of print Phonogram release. Bonus tracks: Blood Outta Stone & Xmas With Simon. Release date 23 September.

Code: Selfish (COGVP133CD) CD reissue of out of print Phonogram release. Bonus tracks: Ed's Babe & Free Ranger. Release date 23 September.

Listening In (COGVP132CD) A new compilation of all the Phonogram singles A & B sides from 1990-92 not on the Shift-Work or Code: Selfish CDs. Release date 14 October. Tracklisting:

1. Telephone Thing (Extended)
2. Butterflies 4 Brains *
3. Zandra *
4. Blood Outta Stone
5. Zagreb (Movements I+II+III)
6. Life Just Bounces
7. The Funeral Mix *
8. So What About It? (Remix 1) *+
9. Xmas With Simon *
10. Don't Take The Pizza *
11. So What About It? (Remix 2) *+
12. Ed's Babe
13. Pumpkin Head Xscapes
14. The Knight The Devil And Death
15. Free Ranger
16. So What About It? (Remix 3) *+
17. Telephone Dub

* previously unavailable on CD
+ previously promotional only release

Disclaimer: compiled by & sleeve notes written by Conway Paton. The official Fall website accepts no responsibility for any factual errors, outrageous interpretations or blatant lies contained therein, or the quality of the CD mastering, or the sleeve artwork.

The Second Phase is a tidy-up of the back catalogue for an assault on the US market (apparently a deal has been stitched up for local distribution in the States).

Live At The Witch Trials (COGVP138CD) Remastered, guaranteed skip-free. Bonus tracks: Bingo Masters Break-Out, Psycho Mafia, Repetition, It's The New Thing & Various Times. Release date 14 October.

Dragnet (COGVP140CD) Bonus tracks: Rowche Rumble, In My Area, Fiery Jack, 2nd Dark Age & Psykick Dancehall No.2. Release date 14 October.

Hex Enduction Hour (COGVP141CD) Additional tracks: Look Know & I'm Into CB. Release date 14 October.

Room To Live (COGVP139CD) Additional tracks: Marquis Cha-Cha & Papal Visit (from 7" single). The previously included, but uncredited singles tracks, Lie Dream Of A Casino Soul & Fantastic Life are still on it too. Release date 14 October.

The Third Phase will be further live CDs. This is on hold until next year. Also in the pipeline is a remastered Grotesque (although there's a Castle version of this available that doesn't have any skips) and a remastered In A Hole, which may feature some bonus live material from other shows on the 1982 New Zealand tour.


Ark album & pre-release offer

the best band in the world - ARK

1. Tzars In Their Eyes
2. Skyscraper
3. Trophy Wife
4. King Solomonís Mines
5. The Hitman
6. My Victory
7. In My Life
8. Nasty Little Lonely

Track 8 is an Alternative TV cover, the rest were written by Ark.

Released on the Urban Pyramid label via Voiceprint, catalogue no. UPY1CD.

Ark, featuring Steve & Paul Hanley, are to have their debut album Brainsold released by Voiceprint Records on September 9. Voiceprint has kindly offered us a special pre-release price of GBP 9.99 (pounds sterling). Email voiceprint_mailorder@compuserve.com to purchase, quoting: Ark pre-release offer to fallnet.

By the way, Voiceprint's MD assures me that their mail order delivery is much improved in recent times, after sacking their previous international mail handling company and installing a new mail order system.


Steve Hanley jigsaw puzzles:


"It seems that Doc Shanley is supplementing those (huge) Fall royalties by selling jigsaw puzzles: Newmemorabilia Records will be issuing some Steve Hanley jigsaws, they will be £10 including postage and packaging, cheques to be issued to Newmemorabilia Ltd and sent to po box 410 manchester m60 3wd"


Barry of the Last Sound:

"There's an excellent, self-deprecating 1994 interview with MES on the brilliant Mark Prindle Reviews site which is here: http://www.markprindle.com"


Many thanks to John Roberts for OCR'ing these articles:


Thanks to Tim for uploading a 1min36sec live clip of Slags, Slates, etc. at http://www.homestead.com/thiefoffire/ -- we think it's from the Leeds University gig of March 17, 1981.


Spotted at 2098 Gottingen Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia while on holiday:

fall tattooing etc.


Marco from Italy tells us that steps have begun to obtain a sainthood for Pope John Paul I (Albino Luciani), pope of 33 days. Hey Saint Luciani!


Thanks to John Murphy for pointing out that an MP3 of the Sick Anchors cover of Bill Is Dead is available to download on the Mogwai website.


Fall tribute band - The Hideous Replicas

... play on a day/night program of 'Cloud Busting Metacollage' on Saturday, 21 September 2002 at De Overslag, Hofstraat 89, Eindhoven, The Netherlands. The evening portion from 8pm (price: 6 Euro) includes The Bongoleeros, Diskono & Jan van den Dobbelsteen, The Hideous Replicas & Richard Sanderson. The Fall tribute band are described thus:

"The singer is a neurotic drinker, the band little more than a crashing beat, instruments collide and we all get drunk"

Notebook Carrying Plagiarists. Five Wacky Proletariat Idiots. A tribute to the early years of The Fall, featuring members and ex-members of The Mystery Bruises, Fibre Liquor, Joe's Comforters, The Charles Napiers and Ticklish.

[all music is copyright Mark E Smith and The Fall circa 77-82]


Tom Hingley (ex-Inspiral Carpet) and the Lovers (including Steve and Paul Hanley) tour dates:

Aug. 22    New Roscoe, Leeds
Aug. 23    Scooter Rally, Isle of Wight
Sep. 13    Hull Adelphi
Sep. 14    Bridge Street Tavern, Salford
Sep. 16    Barfly, Sheffield
Sep. 19    Little Civic, Wolverhampton
Sep. 28    Blowup Metro, London
Nov. 01    Leopard Club, Doncaster
Nov. 02    Barfly, Cardiff


Sept 20, 2002

This is the latest news and gossip off FallNet for those with weak stomachs.

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ta to biv for this

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