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The Fall play ...

March 5 Babylon, Beyoglu-Istanbul, Turkey
Tickets TRL10,000,000. Doors 21:30, Fall stage time: 22:00, 18+
April 4-6 All Tomorrow's Parties, Camber Sands
June 18-22 All Tomorrow's Parties, Los Angeles

The latest on the U.S. tour. The Fall are waiting for confirmation of dates from June 19 (I'm guessing that's the date they'll play ATP in LLLLAAAA) through July 19. Apparently they're only taking two days off during that time, so this looks to be the most substantial US tour in several years (1981?).


the latest:

The Fall will play "live from the Albert docks in Liverpool" on ITV's Made in the Northwest (to be aired in the NW corner of England only, unfortunately) this Thursday (Feb. 27), at 11:30 p.m.

The band recorded their 23rd John Peel Session on Feb. 19: Theme from Sparta F.C. / Contraflow / Green-Eyed Loco Man / Mere Pseud Mag Ed. It'll be broadcast on March 13.


According to Action Records, the new album is entitled Country on the Click and will be out April 14th on vinyl (TAKE21) and CD (TAKE21cd). Tracklisting:

1. Theme From Sparta F.C.
2. Protien Protection
3. Mountain Energei
4. Contraflow
5. Green-Eyed Loco Man
6. Last Commands Of XYRALOTHEP Via M.E.S.
7. Boxoctosis
8. Ho(e)uston
9. The Past
10. Recovery Kit
11. Mike's Love Xexagon
12. Susan Vs. Youth Club


Stephen Bending's wonderful rotating multimedia website currently has I'm Frank (from the Late Show), and MES's appearance on Adam and Joe's "Vinyl Justice."


Three books:

1. Mick Middles is writing an official biography of Mark E. Smith - due for release on Omnibus in November.

2. A User's Guide to The Fall by Dave Thompson will be published by Helter Skelter on June 1.

From their website:

"Album-by-album, track-by-track guide to the extensive, highly idiosyncratic 25 year oeuvre of one of rock's most enduring cult acts. Of all the late-'70s punk and post-punk bands, none were longer-lived or more prolific than The Fall. Mark E Smith, with his snarling, near incomprehensible vocals and consuming bitter cynicism has become a true cult legend. By the mid-'80s, in spite of their near-cacaphonic, jagged amelodic sound, The Fall's British following was large enough to result in two U.K. Top 40 hits, but in essence, the group has always been a cult band - their music was always too abrasive and dense for the mainstream, yet The Fall, like many cult bands, inspired a new generation of underground bands. A User's Guide documents every Fall recording; every significant concert they have played; and every major radio session. The end result is, in its own way, a biography, peppered every step of the way with references to Smith's own loves and hates, thoughts and opinions, taste and talents, the records he loved while he was still growing up, the music he hated once he'd grown. A User's Guide gives the obsessive devotee what he wants, while helping the uninitiated navigate the ins and outs of a 25-year career."

3. Simon Ford is proofing and indexing his book Hip Priest: Mark E. Smith and The Fall. He says it should be out on Quartet Books in May.


Another 25th anniversary of punk retrospective - this time it's Mojo's top 50 punk albums: LATWT is #46. (March 2003, p. 78, MP = Mark Paytress. Thanks to Jon for the scan.)


These Amazon reviews should keep you amused for a while...


Listening In reviewed in the latest Uncut (thanks to Matt Bryden):

The Fall
Listening In: Lost Singles Tracks 1990-1992
4 stars out of 5

"Overdue Collector's B-sides Bonanza"

Whereas many recent Fall compilations have been largely superfluous, as a document of a hitherto unexplored nook in Mark E Smith's daunting discography this is invaluable; basically, all the extras from the Extricate and Shiftwork-era singles plus 1992's Ed's Babe EP and a couple of rare remixes (including 1990's 'Telephone Thing' Coldcut collaboration given the dub treatment). Worth it alone for all three 'movements' of 'Zagreb' - obscure even by Fall standards!

Simon Goddard


Oblique Fall content in Harry Redknap interview from the Guardian (thanks to Philip Johnson):

"Then his team was drawn against Manchester United in the FA Cup and after the game his old chum Sir Alex Ferguson invited Redknapp and his assistant Jim Smith into a private suite at Old Trafford. "He brought in a special bottle of wine," says Redknapp. "Said it cost 600. We try to look after people at Portsmouth but 600-quid bottles of wine we don't stretch to. He kept it for me and Jim and him, wouldn't let anyone else have a sip of it..."


From alt.music.the-fall:

Subject: 1974 Fender Mustang, owned by The Fall and painted by Claus Castenskiold
From: thelaughinglady@hotmail.com (yooflard)
Date: 08/02/2003 18:13 GMT Standard Time
Message-id: e9948ed3.0302081013.1a292d75@posting.google.com

I have a Fender Mustang which was once owned by the Fall and has been painted by Fall artist Claus Castenskiold. The artwork covers the whole body of the guitar and is mostly red, blue, yellow, green white and depicts numerous faces, some of which I think resemble Einstien and Marilyn Monroe. I am told that this guitar was also borrowed by Squeeze to use in one of their videos.

Can anybody help me, I am interested in any info at all that may help me prove what it is because I have no way of knowing except that I trust the guy I got it off. Would it be collectible by anyone, would it have a value? Although I don't want to, I need to sell it if possible because I need the money.

Conway followed up and got the photos:



There are several low-quality Beggars Banquet-era Fall videos on Insound's website:
https://www.insound.com/cinema/searchvids.cfm?searchby=F and there's one for League of Bald-headed Men at http://launch.yahoo.com/artist/default.asp?artistID=1008793.


Thanks to Spoon-fed:

Click on the link below to view what the lovely marketing people at Vauxhall describe as "the extended 'directors' cut of the fantastic new Vauxhall Corsa advertisement."


Here are the direct links to various versions of the clip:


Philippe Carly has a few great photos from the February 9, 1983 Plan K, Brussels gig at http://www.newwavephotos.com/Fall1.htm.


Many thanks to Paul Lewis for these great photos of last year's Garage gig in London (April 20, 2002), and for these from the October 8, 1988 performance of I Am Curious, Orange at Sadler's Wells.



i dunno if you all have seen this before - but in the light of Mr Bending's recent generosity i bring you: http://www.sp-jn.co.uk/mp3/The Fall-Live 1978.mpg its 20mb... seems to be off some tv show or other, great quality.

I think it's from Tony Wilson's "So It Goes" Granada TV show. I'd recommend plugging the URL into your mpg player of choice rather than a web browser - Stefan.


There's loads of information about all the recent Fall CDs on Voiceprint / Cog Sinister and Action Records in the previous edition of the Fall News. Also, Conway has a few comments on the new version of In a Hole:

It's a huge improvement on the original Cog Sin/Voiceprint release. No dropouts, scratches or jumps. It sounds much fuller, richer, with improved bass presence (which was tricky as the bass guitar wasn't directly recorded!). The encore tracks which were from 2 different sources also now sound much closer sonically to the 4 track taped material.

The bonus tracks are from other NZ shows on the 1982 tour - Container Drivers, C'n'C-Black Night, Look Know, Who Makes The Nazis, Gramme Friday, Slags Slates etc.

I have also made sure the split between CDs is restored to the vinyl LP/45 main gig/encores split, ie. Fantastic Life is now on CD2. The all new CD booklet is 12 pages with new sleevenotes written by me & Chris Knox (just delightful the notes he did with about a 3 hour turnaround after I asked him) plus other material from 1982 NZ magazines. The front cover now says "ten inches of ninety minutes..." - the previous "four inches..." used to piss me off something awful! Also, the incorrect band photo with Mike Hee (sic) has been ditched.

And the flood continues:

  • According to Opal Music, the Touch Sensitive single will be re-released on Feb. 17 -- no doubt to capitalize on the revived Vauxhall Corsa campaign. You can still get the original from Action Records.
  • Opal also says there's a "BBC Session" 2xCD set out on March 31.
  • Also a "Step Forward Years" 2xCD out on the same day, apparently.

Conway did some research on these latest two:

Mentioned on the newspage, scheduled for 31 March (but questionable) "The Step Forward Years" a 2CD comp from Sanctuary Records Group which includes a selection of A & B sides from the Step Forward singles and 7 tracks each from Witch Trials & Dragnet. Why, oh why? I asked Steve at Sanctuary.

He said: "The reason we have done a similar thing to Voiceprint is that we can do a lot more with it packaging wise and distribution wise around the world, facilities that Voiceprint don't have." More interesting though, a future possibility is a Step Forward singles box, similar to the Rough Trade one.

Also 31 March (questionable) from Sanctuary "The BBC Sessions". 2CDs Peel sessions from the period the Fall were on Rough Trade, which Sanctuary claim to have rights to. Unfortunately, as I pointed out to Steve, half the tracklisting he sent me was tracks that came out on Kamera & Beggars Banquet. This one may be in for a rethink. I suggested to him that if Sanctuary & Voiceprint can work together, between them they have the rights to everything pre-Beggars Banquet. So they could do a joint 2CD release of the Peel sessions 1-6... all the best ones. Of course, will this happen???


Yousef emailed the Hanley brothers and posted these excerpts to Fallnet:

[on joining Tom's band]

I've known Tom for a few years, we used to bump into each other from time to time at launch parties, gigs and rehearsal rooms during our time with The Fall and the Inspirals. We met up again when Ark and Tom did a gig at the Night & Day in Manchester and swapped numbers. I had a call from him a few months later about the band he was putting together.

[on staying in touch with Fall members]
I haven't spoken to Mark since New York but I saw The Fall play once at Castlefield Festival a couple of years ago.

I haven't seen Craig since I left The Fall which is a shame, so I can't tell you what he is doing now.

I sort of kept up with what The Fall were doing for a little while after I left, but these days it's a totally different band anyway and with Ark, playing with Tom and everything else, I've moved on. We do get Fall fans at gigs who I'm always happy to chat to if they buy me a pint.


I formed Kiss the Blade with 2 of my best friends Pete Keogh & Paul Fletcher who were playing with Marc Riley at the time (whatever happened to him?)although we'd been in a band at school before I joined The Fall. We then found out that there was already a band called Kiss the Blade (Why anyone would call a band Kiss the Blade, let alone 2 lots of people I don't know) We then changed our name to Shout Bamalam. We did have a single out - a cover of Jeepster, which shows how good our own material was! after nothing came of that (we weren't very good really) I decided I didn't want to be in a band anymore. That was it for about 8 years I think, til Steve asked me to join ARK. It wasn't til I started playing again that I realised how much I missed it!

I was aware of all the Madchester bands but I didn't follow any of them that closely (I don't own a copy of the Stone Roses first album. There, I've said it!!) With the Inspirals I obviously knew & liked the singles and I knew Clint well enough to say hello to. Happy Mondays I also rated.. I think Shaun Ryders lyrics are fantastic.

[on what he's listening to at the moment]
Nothing! I'm answering my e-mails!! Ha Ha

Actually I've been listening to Johnny Cash a lot lately, another lyricist I really admire. I got the 'Clash on Broadway' anthology a bit back which I've played to death. As far as new groups are concerned Black Rebel Motor Cycle Club look pretty good though I don't know much about them... The 'Power Trio' of just 1 guitar, bass and drums is great if you can pull it off but it's difficult.. I know, I've tried!!

[on playing with Steve and on any embarrassing recordings they might have made as kids]
Steve is one of only 2 bass players I've played with for any length of time (The other being Pete in Shout Bamalam, who moved to singing when ARK formed) so it feel entirely natural. It's been great to put a run of gigs together and get the old telepathy going again. We both instinctively know when not to improvise!!

The embarrassing tapes of me performing as a toddler are available on 'Grotesque'

I definately think that theres a side to Steve that needs to play - he wouldn't have put up with being in the Fall as long as he did if that wasn't the case. I admire the way Tom went out and gigged his arse off with just an acoustic guitar. I don't think I've got the same determination as them two! I just love to play the drums, which you can't do in your bedroom. As for fulfilling egos I think thats a thing for youth really, nothing wrong with it, but once you know you're not 2 gigs away from being signed to Geffen then all you've got is the music itself. I don't think any of us is playing with this band for any other reason than we enjoy it. Can I plug my novel now?

[on payment for old Fall records]
I do get royalties from songs I have a writing credit on, although as drummer these tend to be songs where the whole band is credited and there was 6 of us in the band at the time, so the percentages are fairly small!! I suppose between the many members of the Fall there have been over the years, not all the money has gone exactly where it should, but I'm sure I'm not the biggest victim. It's just one of those things really. You could argue that it's the fact that the Fall are still going that keeps the old stuff selling, so if I'm subsidising that to some small degree then it's fair enough.

[on old Fall stories]
I have lots... I could tell you the true story of when Marc Riley twatted MES in Sydney, or when Mark met Brix, but I'm saving them for my autobiography. The first gig I played with the Fall was at the Electric Ballroom in London. What a day!! I had just turned 16. They picked me up from School & I was still in my uniform (Angus Young eat your heart out.) We were supporting The Cramps (who were fantastic) and Mark introduced me to Mark Perry (of Sniffin'Glue Magazine & Alternative TV) who was (and is) a big hero of mine. I was just getting over meeting him when he put his name forward for the job of drummer. Bastard!! (I don't think he was serious, but I didn't know that at the time.) I wish I had a tape of the gig. Being in a band doesn't get any better than that!! 3 days after I was back playing the school youth club with Pete & Paul to about 20 14 year olds. (When you join a band you have to fulfil your commitments to your previous outfit!!)


Mark Howard of Toy Factory wrote in:

"Hi Stefan, Check out www.toyfactory.info - my band. Steve Hanley sent me one of his Gibson guitar straps to use for the reunion gig. I contacted him through the Lovers site. Steve is a seriously nice bloke. Money can't buy a Hanley guitar strap."

Toy Factory are reforming for a reunion gig (first time they've played together in 18 years) on February 22 at the Empress Suite, 3rd floor of the Connaught Leisure Center, Worthing. Details available on their site.


I've scanned a few old press clippings from my archives. Unfortunately most of these are quite poor photocopies and the scans are far from great; sorry about that. They should all be legible, I hope. More to come when I get a chance.


From San Francisco's Shredding Paper:

The Fall "2G + 2" (Action CD - UK import)

When last we checked in with the so-called Grumpiest Man In British Rock, Mark E. Smith, he had managed a miraculous personal and creative rebound. A troubled 1998 American tour that would have had Motley Crue advising Smith to mellow out resulted in our hero limping back to Manchester, in search of new recruits. This umpteenth version of "Thee Mighty" Fall then proceeded to vent upon the unsuspecting world 1999's Marshall Suite and 2000's Unutterable. If Smith was on his last legs, the recorded evidence didn't show it; both came correct with the sort of mind-bending verbal spew and pummeling experimental rock that's rightfully earned the Fall a worldwide following. It couldn't last, of course: soon Smith was rounding up yet another bunch of dolts to mold in his twisted image, resulting in the uber-garage delirium of 2001's Are You Are Missing Winner, and the subsequent Stateside jaunt from which this disc mainly derives. The current lineup is workmanlike and aggressive where needed - the way they tear into recent perennials like "The Joke" and "Mr. Pharmacist", for ex., is righteously hair-raising. There's also four new studio tunes [three I think - Stefan], including "New Formation Sermon", a chugging bit of Country and Northern reminiscent of 1980's "Container Drivers". The set's climax is a hypnotic, live-in-L.A. gallop through further 80's Fall standard "Damo Suzuki". All told, a keeper for those wondering what the leader of the most lysergically evolved garage band on the planet will do next.

- Michael Layne Heath


PSB has a German Fall site, including a list of all the gigs played there, plus a few links.


Tom Hingley (ex-Inspiral Carpet) and the Lovers (including Steve and Paul Hanley) tour date(s):

Feb. 06    The Witchwood, Ashton U Lyne (01613305028)

more information on Tom's website: http://www.tomhingley.co.uk/

Feb. 24, 2003

This is the latest news and gossip off FallNet for those with weak stomachs.

If you have anything to say, you can mail Stefan, but you can't mail the FallNet mailing list direct anymore. To subscribe to FallNet, send mail to fallnet-subscribe@ yahoogroups.com. The Freedonia list is out of action.

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