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The Fall play ...

Oct. 27 HMV, 90-100 Market Street, Manchester (6pm - live set followed by autographing)
Dec. 5 The Rescue Rooms, Nottingham
Dec. 6 Engine Rooms, Cardiff Bay
Dec. 7 Carling Academy, Islington, London N1 (£12 adv). According to their site: "Mark E. Smith presents The Fall, John Cooper Clarke, and Heist." Looks like this gig is sold out, but they've added a second night.
Dec. 8 Carling Academy, Islington, London.
Dec. 9 The Robin 2, Bilston, near Wolverhampton (check out their gig guide - the Fall fits right in!) Support by Pubic Fringe.
Dec. 10 The Sugar Mill, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent
Dec. 11 The Boardwalk, Sheffield
Dec. 12 The Mill, Preston. Support by The Wandering Step and Wowzer.
Dec. 13 Carling Castle, Oldham (to be confirmed)

Out now!

The Real New Fall L.P. (Formerly Country On The Click) release date is Monday, October 27 for both CD (£10.99) and LP editions (£11.99). Full details are on Conway's handy promo page. Lots of reviews below.

A note from Action Records:

"Just to put you in the picture the first batch of cds had 3 of the middle tracks jumbled up as did the vinyl pressing. It was solely due to a manufacturing error the new pressings of the cd will have the tracks in the same order as stated on the sleeve."



Mark has offered to answer some questions from the Fallnet fan base (including the forum, the mailing list, and website visitors). The suggestion is that this could become a regular thing. He has asked for me to select the "best" three questions each month, which he will answer.

Please email any questions directly to me (c.paton@xtra.co.nz) and we'll see how we get on. I'll post the three questions I select here and on the forum before I send them to MES.


Conway's added TRNFLPFCOTC to the Lyrics Parade and updated the navigation system.


Fall night in Dusseldorf:


For 3 years a scene from düsseldorf-bilk organizes a culture and art club called "brause" (at metzgerei schnitzel e.V.)

two of them are proud to present the 3rd "good evening! we're not the the fall-allnighter." 27th. of nov. 20.00 - 1.00. fall records-only. a presentation of rare video-tapes, interviews etc. and a 2 fall songs live perfomance by "grrrit e. und das olga schmitt"

you 'll find us at:
bilker-allee 233
40215 düsseldorf.
western germany


It's on ... it's off ... it's on again ...

Ed Blaney says the DVD of the 25th Anniversary gig in Blackburn will be released after all -- it's scheduled for March 8, 2004.

And I understand that Sanctuary's Peel Session Box Set (including this year's brilliant 23rd session with Sparta et al.) is a very likely possibility for next year.


Many thanks to Pontypoolie for scanning in this Smash Hits piece from May 20, 1987:


Ben Pritchard has been interviewed for the December issue of Unpeeled -- "the small, but perfectly deformed publication that covers the kind of music played by John Peel as well as material he's never heard of." It's available from:

102 Clifton Rd,
East Sussex,
TN35 5AP

Price £1.00 (UK) inc. postage / £1.27 (EEC) inc. postage.
Cheques only, payable to "Unpeeled."

Write to shane@unpeeled.freeserve.co.uk for more information.


From photographer Michael Pollard:

Durutti Column vs The Fall

Photographs by Michael Pollard and Mark Warner

On show at the Sand Bar, Grosvenor Street, Manchester (tel. 273 1552)
October 5th - December 31st 2003

Photographs from the 1980's of two of Manchester's most idiosyncratic and enduring bands. These photographs mark a chapter in the lives of Michael Pollard and the late Mark Warner, two photographers who met in 1979 as students at Manchester Polytechnic. Aside from photography, they shared a passion for music and both had their favourite bands: Michael's was The Fall, Mark's was the Durutti Column. Some years later they would photograph the bands that continued to inspire them.


There's a fascinating account by Michael Bracewell of his most embarrassing moment (the 1994 ICA interview with Mark) in last Saturday's Guardian (November 1). Also the first time I've read that Mark is an ex-communist (I have my doubts).

The second paragraph of the above made it into Private Eye's Pseud's Corner the week of ca. December 1 (thanks to Ian for spotting it).


As part of Goth Week, an unspecified Fall gig will air October 30th on BBC 6FM's Dream Ticket. You can listen online here. (It turned out to be a re-airing of the 1995 Roadhouse gig.)


Would you believe... another two Fall compilations?

  • The Permanent Years (Artful - ARTFULCD50).
    Compilation of tracks originally released on Permanent Records (Infotainment, MCR, CC, 27 Points). Out November 17, 2003. Tracklist:
    Ladybird (Green Grass) / Rainmaster / Behind The Counter / Why Are People Grudgeful? / Glam-Racket / City Dweller / Service / War / Three Points / The Aphid / The Remixer / Bonkers In Phoenix / Cab Driver / The $500 Bottle Of Wine / Paranoia Man In Cheap Sh*t Room / Life Just Bounces / Noel's Chemical Effluence / Ten Points
  • Rebellious Jukebox (Shakedown Records - SHAKEBX 115/115Z). Two CDs taking tracks from '79-'82, then 6 from Extricate, then 4 from AYAMW. Plus a 40-minute DVD featuring MES interviewed in September 2002. Out now; Action Records has it for £15.

Here's a review of the latter's DVD from fallfandave, titan of the message board:

Just watched the dvd interview from rebellious jukebox....it is an interview in manchester, thurs sept 19th 2002, with martin clemins...[£17 it was]

i like this very much ...it is a 43 min interview...the longest video interview i have ever seen of mark....he is very relaxed in the interview....giddy even....i enjoyed this interview better than anything in the middles book....it is that good....the whole time the camera is on mark.....he has a pint...has a smoke....never really gets annoyed for a change....it looks like it is done in an upstairs office in manchester centre somewhere.....he talks about a lot of different things really....and some things he aint mentioned before....that is probably the most natural and relaxed i have ever seen mark appear ever on film...

not listened to the 2 cds yet....but they aren't the reason many will want to buy this...


i didn't give it 10 cos it wasn't long enough for me....i could have watched it for another 45 minutes.....it was very interesting.


Steven Bending's wonderful The Fall Multimedia Project website has the MES / Brix / Clark clip from Hail the New Puritan (1986; kindly transcribed by Philip Johnson a few years ago) and Lucifer over Lancashire from that Feb. 14 1989 German TV show.


Many thanks to Mick for sending in these War Against Intelligence - the Fontana Years reviews (top: Q, December 2003; bottom: NME, October 18, 2003)

And there's another review on the BBC's website.


TRNFLP(FCOTC) reviews:

Pitchfork, Jan. 22, 2004

Wire, December 2003:

Mojo, December 2003:

The Guardian, October 24, 2003:

(HP = Helen Pidd)

City Life, October 2003:

Prestwich legends' 75th (?) studio album

Due: Feb03. Delayed: bassist/mixer Jim Watts' exit. Six-month remix by: Mark E Smith (46½) & producer Grant Showbiz. Effect o' uncharacteristic delay: positive; hi-ceiling/low-floor stuff, but quasi-polished accessible 'songs' preferable to initiates-only "ah-fuck-it-that'll-do" ambience o' 01's Winner [nb all titles abbrev. in this 120w review]. Low-points: MES self-parodic ah-fuck-it hectoring rant-ramble spoiling tight band-efforts on 'Past', 'Protein.' Rabble-rousing live-favourite: 'Sparta FC' [amusing 'Touch-Sens'ish faux hoolie-anthem.] Better: 'Loco' [Infotainment-ish amniotic swagger-swirler infected by 'Save A Prayer'??]; 'Energei' [Iggy 'Passenger' / X-Files-theme stomp; Yggdrasil-paean lyric]; 'Boxoctosis' [take-no-prisoners crowdpleaser]. Standout: 'Xyralothep' [hyperintense 200-second drum-driven Lovecraftian crescendo ~ kicks off genius-style: Smith warns 'Beware characters connected with car adverts' to backdrop o' feuding aliens]; Oct03's funniest, darkest, most original, uncompromising (best?) track? Uh-huh.

(8) Neil Young

Sunday Times, November 9, 2003 (this may take you to a registration page):

review by Stewart Lee

THE FALL's continuing obscurity still requires all reviews to open with one career-summarising sentence, like: "Curmudgeonly autodidact Mark E Smith's Manchester punk veterans return to form again with their 26th studio album." There. Done. After the invigorating splurge of Are You Are Missing Winner, The New Real Fall LP seems like a pop record. Smith's current hired hands approximate the pile-driving guitars and oscillating electronics of early-1990s Fall albums, especially on the opener, Green Eyed Loco-Man; Contraflow pitches his declamatory bark over fluctuating feedback he would once have forbidden; and the quietly hilarious Theme from Sparta FC, a shout-along stomp coldly depicting the deserved humiliation of bobble-hat-sporting English fans by a ferocious European football team, is the single most delightful musical moment of 2003 so far.

Three stars (= "outstanding")

Mark Prindle's added a review to his lengthy and hugely entertaining Fall reviews page.


surprised to get the new album in the post this morning. on first impression, the packaging for the vinyl lp looks good but rather predictably there are a couple of errors in the tracklisting/labels... the album sounds surprisingly vibrant and cheerful. as opposed to ayamw which seemed a bit leaden, drab and underproduced. i feel i am going to enjoy getting stuck into this one...

Much of the following taken from Topic 571 of the message board.


My first Fall LP since "Levitate". It arrived this saturday morning and the first surprise was the brightly coloured glossy sleeve. As usual the design has an amateurish look to it. Incorrect tracklisting too. I haven't heard the early version or seen them play live lately so apart from the Peel session, all the songs are new to me. At the moment I'd say that the stand-out track is the opener "Green Eyed Loco Man" and the weakest being the "Houston" cover. There is a good sense of consistency though and not the peaks and troughs that have marred albums in the past.

The music has a rather refined sound to it and lacks either the industrial bombast of "Unutterable" or garage starkness of "AYAMW". MES sounds to be in good voice and his lyrics are as sharp as ever, I think this line-up finally shows that there is life beyond Scanlon/Hanley. This is the Real New Fall.

Cornilius Breadbasket:

Well - having been bitterly disappointed with, Are You Are, I was dubiuos about Formally, especially with the way it didn't quite make it out in February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September or October.

Well, I've heard it once now and I'm listening to it again. The first thing that suprised me is that it is so POP! I'm confused. But that is one of the things I like about The Fall. Perhaps I'll do a proper review in three weeks time when the album has sunk in a little.

In the meantime - I reckon this album could be the start of very big things for MES. Having evoloved into an international cult folk anti-hero, I forsee some ex art-student film producer using him and his music in some bizarre remake of Xanadu.

I'm not trying to imply I dislike Formerly, I just havn't decided yet.

Antler Heads + Tings:

Everything is good...but not great.

I can't deny it, I'm a little disappointed. Can't really put my finger on why. It's more consistent than "The Unutterable" but doesn't blow me away like parts of that album did. It's vastly superior to AYAMW in every department. Green Eyed Loco Man sounds AWFUL to my ears- no dynamics/no power/no drums-totally flat.

Houston is exactly how you imagine a Fall cover of Houston to sound. Nothing more-nothing less.

On the plus side ALL the other songs are at least GOOD some really memorable choruses (Open the box/Open the box..etc) Mountain Energei is cool as is Last Commands.../The Past they are all equal to a lot of Fall certainly post LEVITATE.

It sort of sounds restrained/VERY tame for a Fall release- sounds like they are playing with the volume low so the neighbour won't complain. Odd.

It is in no way a BAD album or even close- MES sounds as coherent as he has in a LONG time and you can tell the band in terms of writing and playing are into it...but i don't know...a lack of tension? Listen to Last Commands of... and then listen to Oleano from LUS.

Very similar song- a decent/basic riff with a good MES performance- Oleano really feels like it's moving "somewhere"/dramatic..it shifts gears..Last Commands simply doesn't do this..it starts...it continues...it stops- it's still a good track but it could be better than that.

Obviously it's early days and i DO like it but after all the "new blood" etc this (for me) is still only on a par with the likes of M.C.R.

Hope i'm in the minority.


Yeah, i could do without 'Houston' Janet,Jhonny +James is loads better than the single version. Mike's lurve Hexxxxxagone could be used on channel 4's intro to the top 100 scary moments Sparta should be used as the official Euro 2004 anthem....I'll take all of you on... Proteinprotection will surely be the conditioner of choice for Corsa drivers.... There seems to be quite a bit of derivative from Cerebral Couchstuck..which is no bad thing cos this was an album that needed more doing to it...hey ho....

Richard (in Australia):

But it's here already Chachie, and its fanfuckentastic, no doubt! Probably the most concise Fall document yet, a little bit of everything you ever loved about them on one disc - newcomers start here! and thank God for Houston, just to break the flow. Vinyl mispressing has JJ&J closing out side 1 with Boxoctosis as track 8. Gotta get Jim back - great songs sdok!! Bravo! And bless you Action for getting this out to the antipodes so friggin' quick and without a crease in the cover - top effort! 2003=the year of the Fall, at last! By Cripes - it's got the wife's thumbs up! (for the first time since Free Range....).

I'm one very happy chappie. Bless you MES!


First Impressions: Great! I didn't hear the earleie version so have no points of reference. But it's varied/challenging/tuneful/colourful and sounds like with was created with due love and attention. Let's hope the next one's out sooner rather than 2 years hence.

'Kick in box' (first reference to cricket to a band given to far too many soccer references..)


Got mine at about 9.07 from my regular Fall stockist. I was around before that, but it would have been sad to have actually been a queue of one waiting like an excited schoolboy to be the first in my school to have the new album (although at 43, I can't get away with that now!)

It's a long time to wait for a Fall ablum and in my humble opinion, it's been well worth it. I can hardly fault it. Music is fantastic, MES on top form and lyrically brilliant. Stand out track for me at the moment is Mountain Energei, although this will probably change in the next couple of days.

It doesn't sound like an album made by a band in their 26th year and everyone should be forced to buy it (even recommended by the crap Virgin Megastore!)


Went out and bought The Real New Fall LP formerly Country on the Click or whatever it's called today. The track listing for the middle of the album is wrong as per statement on FallNews page but I chose to be charmed rather than annoyed by the cock-up.

This is the best Fall album since the early 1990s. MES is on cracking lyrical form, burbling away about all kinds of nonsense and even hazarding the closest thing to singing since Shiftwork days. Green Eyed Loco Man, Contraflow, Sparta FC and Proteinprotection sound like the best potential live tracks but there really isn't a dud here. Mountain Energei is an instant classic and The Past #2 has some of Mark's best vocals for years After the back to basics approach of the last couple of years, it's great to hear keyboards and weird computery noises (I'm not getting too technical am I?) back in there. The band sounds good and the backing vocals help you feel this is a group rather than MES and rent-a-band. Jim's bass work is especially brilliant.

Sorry. Over-excitement over. See you next album.


I love it. Just got it last night. But a caveat, I love the Fall. I thought AYAMW was good (with a couple awesome moments like Crop Dust and Gotta See Jane). I think Unutterable (why doesn't anyone abbreviate that to just "U") is one of their best ever, and I think 2G+2 might be the biggest waste of $15 I've ever spent. When I heard the "Bootleg" version (shall we just call THAT one "Country on the Click") I thought we were in for an awesome album. So now I think:

(track listings are actual. To prove that this is a Fall album, the songs are listed in incorrect order)

1. Green Eyed Loco Man - could be one of the Fall's best songs ever, if they could fuckin' record it anywhere near as good as the Peel Session engineers did back in February. At least you can hear the guitar on this version (just not the drums).

2. Mountain Energei - I just like this one a lot. It's always cool when a keyboard line simple enough that I could play it and yet it sounds great.

3. Theme From Sparta FC - Most people around here seem to agree, this is an awesome song. Much better than the bootleg version.

4. Contraflow - Okay song. Gets a little tedious for me by the end.

5. Last Commands of Xyralothep via MES - This is one of those Fall songs that just gets better the more lyrics you are able to decipher.

6. Janet, Johnny +James - This one kicks ass. Maybe a little better than the great single version. Crush your mind!

7. The Past #2 - All right I guess. Neat vocals, more incredibly simple keyboards.

8. Open the Boxoctosis #2 - Not as heavy, and not as good as the bootleg version (so I say now)

9. Loop41 'Houston - I can do without this one.

10. Mike's Love Xexagon - This one rules. Background vocals are cool.

11. Proteinprotection - Great track, doesn't seem changed from Bootleg.

12. Recovery Kit - Great song, but I liked it better on the bootleg. I miss the line "How can you curve your ass, for a kiss" which recurred a lot on the original.

This is a great album. People who think the Creeper's were just as good as the Fall may not think so, but I do.


Some very strong songs, which many of us knew from hearing the 'leaked' version, but since then several layers of murk have been stripped away revealing actual guitars and drums and bass that were previously buried. It's a leaner, clearer, vastly better sound. It's to MES's credit that he balked at the previous version & spent the extra time (though talk about a thankless decision...at least at the time). Only 'Contraflow' sounds like it has suffered from excessive tinkering--one of those cases where they should have started over from scratch perhaps. 'Green-Eyed Loco-man' sounds a little overblown (intentionally, I assume), and I'll try not to mentally tack-on the requisite Mr. Blow intro in future listenings (what a missed opportunity there). 'Sparta FC' rips along nicely with its great backing vocals nice & clear, 'Mountain Energei' is sparse & somber (but perfectly realized). 'Houston' is a diversion, and might just be filler, but it is fairly humorous (those background 'huh! huh!' sounds). 'Mike's Love Hexagon' is terrific, a real stomper that (someone correct me if i'm off base here) has more than one reference to the Beach Boys (the harmonized backing vocals, 'Mike Love', the phrase 'good vibrations' etc. ...ahh who knows). 'Last Commands Of Xyralothep' is fractured brilliance in the best Fall tradition. 'Boxoctosis' doesn't sound as shouty as the 'non-real' version (and that is a good thing). 'Janet, Johny & James' starts full & lush & then towards the end the instrumentation is barely there (similar to Devolute where the percussion at the end consists of literally a pen tapping on a table). It's a nice effect & a fairly evocative tune. 'Recovery Kit' in its new form sounds a bit uninspired, but perhaps I need to hear it a few more times. 'The
Past #2' seems like a slight tune, but features great growling vocals, MES venting bile as only he can.

Overall this is a great album with some very strong songs. It's a little too digital & 'synth' sounding in places, but when it cools down to a more analog-friendly zone it really hits hard. I'm not sure what I expect from The Fall after so many years & lineup changes, but this will do just fine.

There's a good review by Iain Moffat on playlouder.com.

It appears that TRNFLPFCOTC is trickling onto US import new releases lists. Here's an announcement from New York's Other Music:

THE FALL "Real New Fall LP Formerly Country On the Click" (Action) CD $23.99


In the two years since the Fall's last proper full-length "Are You Are Winner," a messy hodgepodge of a record even by Mark E Smith standards, there have been countless reissues, live albums and box sets hitting the shelves at what feels like the rate of one a week. Hopefully this won't detract from any fanfare that this new album should receive. Originally mixed by Grant Showbiz and bassist Jim Watts, Watts' departure from the line-up led to Mr. Smith re-recording and re-mixing a large percentage of the tracks, so obviously it's back to Fall business as usual. "The Real New Fall LP" is a slightly different version than when it was originally titled "Country On the Click," and subsequently leaked over the Internet. (In typical Fall fashion, there are even a couple of screw-ups in the track order listed on the back cover.) In spite of the line-up shifts following "AYAW," the latest in their monstrous catalog is one of the stronger LPs in the band's more recent history. There's less of a garage/punk/rockabilly feel than "The Marshall Suite," their fantastic 1999 album and umpteenth "comeback," but like any good Fall record this one stays familiar and fresh at the same time. Smith's murky vocals still snarl as he rails against the country folk in "Contraflow", but in rare contrast, he gets downright breathy in "Open the Boxotosis #2," both deserving to be considered new classics. Throughout the album, Smith's sardonic wit is incomprehensibly top notch as ever, at one point even placing Lord Byron and Dolly Parton together in a conversation about patriotism. Renamed "Loop41 Houston," Dean Martin's "Houston" gets a typical Fall deconstruction, Smith stumbling through the verse while supported by a skeleton backing of fuzzy bass and weird background vocals and noises while "Recovery Kit" moves against a repetitive Krautish groove amidst electronic noodling and a sleepy melody. "The Real New" LP is as schizophrenically focused as you want a Fall record to be and surprisingly good coming from this 26 year institution of music and misanthropy. [GH]


HMV, Manchester, October 27, 2003:

There are lots of posts about the in store appearance on the message board.

Fallfandave sent in some photos -- he apologizes for the poor quality.

Chris Trew sent in some great up close and personal photos. He says the Fall were "on tight and blistering form with a top notch Sparta FC. The store was packed! MES (as evidenced in the pics) was full of smiles and even told security to fuck off when they said I couldn't take his photo."

Oscar had a go at translating the Italian backdrop, but couldn't make out all the words from the photos:

Captain on Deck: Doesn't it seem to you to be somewhat ignorant to be reading the correspondence of others, sent to me by ....(?)

Pirate #1: (....) Who would dare do such a thing!

Pirate #2: Thunderbolts! (?) Commander Mark!!!


I went to the HMV thingy in Manchester yesterday. It was surprisingly excellent. They did 4 tunes - Behind The Counter, Green Eyed Loco Man, Theme from Sparta FC, Open the Boxoctosis - and then amiably signed CDs, books etc. MES was very pleasant, it's the first time I've met him and I was surprised how chatty he was.

Chris kindly posted a recording on his website (9.2 MB wav file - sound is a little distorted on the low end (or it could be my PC speakers).


Fall badges! Many thanks to Paul Cleal for sending in these scans:


I met Reuben Cervera at the NYC gigs in July, where he showed me his copy of Brian Edge's Paintwork. Here's the title page, so far signed by (left-right, top-bottom, sort of) Simon, Brix, Spencer, Karl, Dave M., Craig, Jim, Mark, Steve, Elena, Tommy, Dave B., Ben, Julia, Dingo.


Bingo-Master's Break-Out (apparently retitled "Bingo Master") will appear on Rhino's 4cd boxset No Thanks! The 70s Punk Rebellion. Tracklisting here.


Amazon has a useful new feature that searches through books - check out this link for an example.

Nov. 24, 2003

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ta to biv for this

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