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The Fall News is taking a Protein Xmas/New Year's break -- I'll be back January 5. Happy holidays to all !!


The Fall play ...

Dec. 5 The Rescue Rooms, Nottingham.
Dec. 6 Engine Rooms, Cardiff Bay.
Dec. 7

Carling Academy, Islington, London N1 (£12 adv). According to their site: "Mark E. Smith presents The Fall, John Cooper Clarke, and Heist."

According to http://www.ticketweb.co.uk/ tickets are still available for both London gigs (as of Dec. 5, anyway).

Dec. 8 Carling Academy, Islington, London.
Dec. 9 The Robin 2, Bilston, near Wolverhampton (check out their gig guide - the Fall fits right in!). Support by Pubic Fringe. Tickets available here.
Dec. 10 The Sugar Mill, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent. Tickets available here.
Dec. 11 The Boardwalk, Sheffield. Tickets available here.
Dec. 12 The Mill, Preston. Support by The Wandering Step and Wowzer. Tickets available here.
Dec. 13 The Castle, Oldham. Although their listings "page" is not much help. Tickets available here.
Jan. 23 Royal Festival Hall, London, on the same bill as the Magic Band, according to this advert in Q magazine. And they're now confirmed on the RFH website.
Feb. 2 The Barfly, Chalk Farm Road, London NW1. With McLusky and Jarcrew. Tickets available here.
Feb. 3 The Barfly, London. With Jeffrey Lewis and Ill Ease. Tickets available here.
Feb. 4 The Barfly, London. With Pink Grease and Selfish Cunt. Many thanks to Graeme for sending in this Barfly flyer. Tickets available here.

Out now!

The Real New Fall L.P. (Formerly Country On The Click) was released Monday, October 27 on CD (£10.99) and ltd. ed. LP (£11.99). Full details are on Conway's handy promo page. There are loads of reviews in the November Fall news and new ones are cropping up on the message board all the time.

A note from Action Records:

"Just to put you in the picture the first batch of cds had 3 of the middle tracks jumbled up as did the vinyl pressing. It was solely due to a manufacturing error the new pressings of the cd will have the tracks in the same order as stated on the sleeve."

The Fall Xmas single, out December 8:

(We Wish) 4 U a Protein Christmas / (We Are) Mod-Mock.Goth / Girl in Shop / Recovery Kit 2#

on CD digipak or limited edition gatefold double 7" (1000 copies). You can pre-order for £3.99 each (less the 10% Fall site discount) at www.action-records.co.uk

Action's press release:

Mark the Herald angels sing!!!!!

After making us wait all year for the new album which most people agree is The Fall's best album in 10 years, Mark E Smith decides that being in such a great mood he feels it only right to share his joy and generosity, and lay a festive single upon us. Now, we know it is not going to be a threat to Cliff or Slade, but we see it as being the alternative at this year's office party. The lead exclusive track is a cut up version of 'Proteinprotection' with added Christmas lyrics and laughter - see if it brings a little merriment to you.

The single beat Headway ("Without A Word") and the Brian Jonestown Massacre ("When Jokers Attack") on Steve Lamacq's BBC 6FM Rebel Playlist the other day. Apparently winning encourages the BBC programmers to give the victor a second listen before compiling the BBC playlists.


A couple of recent pieces from the Birmingham Post -- an interview with Mark (Nov. 27) and a RNFLPFCOTC review (Nov. 29). Many thanks to Jon for sending them in.


December 5 - Rescue Rooms, Nottingham:

Many thanks to Grez for the ticket and flyer and to Martin for the setlist.


Got to the venue around 6.15 and took advantage of the 2 for the price of one 'happy hour' in the bar while playing 'spot the fall fan' amongst all the skateboarders. Nice venue this. Despite a publicised 10.15 finish the Fall didn't appear until about 9.45.

Can't remember the setlist due to previously mentioned happy hour but set included:

Open the box / Loco-man / Mountain energy / Sparta / Contraflow / Janet, Johnny etc / MIDDLEMASS Not heard this live for years / Mere Pseud / Telephone thing / Walk Like a Man Yep, the four seasons song - couldn't beleive me ears! / Damo / White lightning / Dr. Bucks

and at least one more which I didn't recognise

Thoroughly enjoyed this gig. A lively crowd and the band seemed to be enjoying it.*

Impressed with the whole band but extra to ben and the drummer (is it dave) who were feckin awesome.

Only downside was the volume was a bit low and the vocals seemed a bit low in the mix.

*I think it was at the end of Damo that some twat launched a bottle that shattered on the drumkit showering glass all over the drummer. This caused an immediate walk-off but to their credit they came back a few minutes later (with dave milner doing a great Incredible Hulk impression to the crowd) and played on.

Also shiny new country on the click t-shirt for a tenner.

Dr. Benway:

'Scuse me while I add my tupence worth.

The band's late entrance was at least partly due to Mark demanding that some unfortunate Rescue Rooms lackey remove all extraneous gaffer tape from the stage as it "looks untidy". Have it on good authority that he behaved like a TOTAL CUNT backstage but, hey, that's showbiz, right?

Not seen 'em live for a couple of years - nice of HIM to make the effort and remain vertical for the entire set rather than slumping behind the drum riser as per the previous TWO times I caught 'em. An apparent refamiliarisation w/period lyric sheets on Mark's part (Middle Mass!) means Tempo House's reinstatement to their live set might not be totally out of the question (joke, it'd be a nice surprise though...). The Rescue Rooms is a smart little venue, they actually seem to give a shit about the bands they put on (Broadcast earlier in the week were pretty spectacular) and Ye Fall sounded fine from my balcony vantage point. Wish they'd sort out some proper air conditioning though.

Anyway, my personal highlight: Walk Like A Man (I laughed out loud - genius!).

Does anyone know if the bouncers got hold of the Phantom Bottlechucker?


One of the best nights out in donkeys years. This is the best I have seen Mark for ages, the man and the gang played a blinder. And as for the Tom Hunt lobbing the pots about, we know where you live.


Best I've seen from them in years. "Middlemass" blew me away. The band have gelled brilliantly, with everyone on top form. Dingo looks far more the part than Jim ever did (sorry mate, but ponytails in The Fall??), and some amazing gurning from Ben, who was obviously having a wonderful time


the name tom hunt? is that rhyming slang or do you actually know him. he was trying to cause trouble with me before the gig but i kept good humoured about his rubbish tactics

i m so glad they came back on after the glass throwing incident. feckin idiot of a man!!!

the fall were great tho'

they kind of were fluffing starts of songs sparta /joke/white lightning
but it didnt matter in the end damo suzuki was fantastic i love dave's drumming on this. middle mass was a suprise as was walk like a man

took some photos so will post them on here when i get 'em developed. no digital camera for me matey

top hole gig and mark seemed interested all the way through. I didnt see any t-shirts on sale i wanted to get one of those badges mentioned on action records site.

Monkey Puzzle:

Yes, I got the set list. Ben chucked it at the audience after they went off the first time & I caught it & shoved it in my pocket. They really were great on Friday night (just to echo what everyone here has already said). For the record...

Open the Box / Telephone Thing / Green Eyed Loco Man / Middlemass (how good was this???) / Mountain / Contraflow / Sparta / Mere Pseud Mag Ed / Walk Like a Man / Mad Mock Goth / Mr Pharmacist / Janet & Johnny / The Joke / I Am Damo Suzuki / White Lightning / Dr Bucks Letter


Am I the only one not to be besotted by the new Fall album and, especially, tour? Having read reviews posted here of the Nottingham Rescue Rooms gig, I feel like I am either witnessing the Emperor's New Clothes syndrome or I have a flawed perception. Let me be frank. I have loved the Fall since I first heard Live at the Witchtrials almost 25 years ago. I have tried to explain their appeal to countless friends and acquaintances who only hear a noisy racket and a tuneless singer. I have believed them to be on a downward track several times only to be reinvigorated by a new release. And I have never wanted to look back and watch them try to regain former glories through repetition of style or content.

Like many followers of MES and his numerous lineups that have constituted the band over the years, I listened to the new album and thought, not bad at all, if not great. This might have been because it wasn't as bad as 'Are You Are Missing Winner', but all things are relative. I was looking forward to the gig in Nottingham more than I had been for years. The long delay in coming on stage was irritating but par for the course. (I once saw them in Edinburgh when MES flounced off mid-set, only to return after about half an hour and finish off. And that was a good gig). But this was different. I realised later, after thinking for a long time over why I was so disappointed, that the one of things that made the Fall great live was the tension on stage. There seemed to be a real lack of this now. It was, particularly, a tension caused by the fact that others who had done a stint in the Fall from almost the start had an ownership of the music as much as MES. Line-ups since the departures of Craig Scanlon and Steve Hanley in particular don't seem to have this history. They seem like hired (and frequently fired) hands.

In fact, I had a horrible feeling towards the end of the gig that I was watching the equivalent of those bands that go around under the name of the Searchers or the Four Tops but have one original member and a pick up band. MES has always been central to the Fall but he is not the Fall himself. To me the heart of the Fall was always Smith/Hanley/Scanlon. There have been many interesting line-ups but they have always had this core. This was really brought home by the pitiful attempts at Middle Mass and Damo Suzuki. These are great songs and the originals have fantastic subtlety, which was completely knocked out of them in Nottingham. This (current) band has no light and shade. The new album is OK, but I do wonder how much of me gives it even that rating because of history. Fall albums and gigs never used to be just OK. It's arguable what the last truly great album is, but it's certainly not any of the last five.

By the way, it wasn't me who threw the bottle at the end. I was at the back, trying to work out what had happened to a great band, and the answer, I guess is that some of them at least were sitting at home in Manchester.


December 6 - Engine Rooms, Cardiff:

Many thanks to Mike for these photos, Pontypoolie for these photos, and Matthew for the setlist.


ermmmmmmmmmmmmm REALLY fkn wonderful if you are in any doubt about seeing them live DO IT NOW can't see them keeping it up for , what, 9 nights in a row?

never seen the fall do 2 encores before my throat is buggered from singing the FValli high bits to Walk Like A Man MES on absolute .....................
fkn knackered time for bed

[added later]
went to the City bar to meet people who weren't there - they probably took one look and walked, like we shouldve - turns out they were the couple piggybacking on stage at the end - sign of the good spirits that MES didnt barge them back into the crowd

cracking venue, probably the smallest I've seen them play - really in your face stuff - was that you picking up the setlist by the drums Maf? got lots of pics - hope they turn out ok - will pass them on. really really irritated by the music preFall - something a bit more interesting wouldn't have been difficult

the 2level tinnitus has just about gone but my ears still haven't popped
I was completely mesmerised throughout - couldn't believe it - top 5 ever sort of gig - said thankyou to Ben & Dingo afterwards and it was really heartfelt - cheers

just to cap a fantastic night, got a lift back to Ponty from Gentleman Jens the German GP - his first time and unlikely to be the last

got up this morning and the nipper asks "was the old lady on drums?" !!!! (quality screensaver)


was a top gig i agree. good to hear em given a fair crack at the new stuff which all sounded on top form really.

i think set was pretty much::::::

joke / mountain / sparta / middlemass / boxoctosis / mod mock goth / walk like a man / janet james johnny / greeneyed / contraflow / protein / mere pseud mag ed // prinz / dr bucks // white lightning


After the support act finished we were made to listen to 'The 2nd Coming' by the Stone Roses - in it's entirety - TWICE until after a short burst of PPPanzer the band came on. A few bars into The Joke and they were joined by a suited MES, not a matching suit, mind. Anyway, It was well worth the long journey I had to make 'cos it was SUPERB, a great performance, full of good spirits - no negativities, except maybe the vocals could of been louder.
I even managed to end up with a setlist. A memorable night.

I agree with Ponty, go and see them if you can.

Ding threw his setlist onto the stagefront and it luckily landed in front of me. I never bother with things like that usually. I'll scan it in. This is a transcription of the written setlist;

Joke / Mountain / Sparta / Mid. Mass / Green / Boxoctosis / Mad Mock Goth / Walk Like Man / Janet / Contraflow / Xmas / Pseud

The venue was alright, it wasn't in the Bay area leisure centre hell - bring back the docks. The sound was pretty good. Audience was of a certain age - see Demographics thread. Merchandise stall had plenty of cd's t-shirts etc. Beer was ok and not overpriced. The choice of music was very irritating but it had the effect of making the crowd restless - cue the band.


Agree it was a top quality performance - Ben very restrained, focused, drummer excellent. I struggled to pick out a great deal of Mark's vocals, probably because I was too close to the monitors, but the whole thing came across really well. I'd gone with my elder brother and sister, who'd last seen them at the Royal Festival Hall with the previous-band-but-one. Other than being a little unsteady on their pins (we'd imbibed in the pub over the road while waiting to pick up tickets from the box office) they were both equally v much taken by the new material. Great moment when it dawned on me, after a long intro, that Middlemass was being given an airing. Walk Like A Man was a gas also. Top stuff, London Monday doesn't seem too far away...


December 7 - Carling Academy, Islington, London:

Many thanks to Paul for these photos and Jaffoon Jaffoon for these aerial shots. There's a review of the night on the Idealog site.


Just got back with The Fall still ringing in one ear and can report up front that this was a BLINDING GIG. Fully satisfied my expectations built up reading the US tour reviews here.

Heist were up first in the packed small/medium sized venue and they provided a nice hors d'oeuvre with their compelling brass section and female vocals. Then came that other NW veteran John Cooper Clarke to a cheer from the old 'uns amongst us. Only did three or four of his rapid-fire poem-rants spaced out with a stand-up comedy turn which seemed to be appreciated.

The short intermission had MES spoken word playing in the background and then on came the band with The Man following shortly after. Launched into a storming version of 'The Joke' which had the front rows immediately stoked into frenetic activity. Clearly an appreciative crowd all geared up. There followed a selection similar to the US shows but no Xralothep or Xexagon (that I remember!).

MES in generally good mood, drinking only water onstage and a few bits of mischief - swopping mikes, twiddling amp knobs, knocking over the guitarist's mike and putting his jacket over the high-hat mike. Poor Ben seemed the main target but it was taken in apparent good humour! Two encores followed and MES seemed to be having fun on Prinz singing into two mikes at once. What a bloody relief

High points for me - The Joke, Middle Mass (wow!!) I Am Damo Suzuki, Mere Pseud, White Lightning, Sparta, Boxoctosis...Oh and I was one of the those who caught the thrown mike for the Big New Prinz chorus!!!

Hmmm, my poor old addled brain will get this wrong but what I can remember (probably not in order) is:

The Joke / Middle Mass / Mountain Energei / Sparta FC / Green Eyed Loco Man / Protein Protection / Open the Boxoctosis / Contraflow / I am Damo Suzuki / Mere Pseud Mag Ed / White Lightning /Big New Prinz

at least one or two others in there as well - Janet and Johnny? The Past?

Scheme House:

joke / mountain energei / sparta / middle mass / loco man / boxotocsis / mod mock goth / walk like a man / janet v johnny / contraflow / protein /mere pseud // damo / lightning // big new prinz


Mark lookin'good,nice pair of Diesels, lot of checking the back of his hand'specially during Mountain Energei which he messed up, on purpose I reckon, super-fast version of Mere Pseud Mag,really workin'the string section....stand out trax for me were Damo Suzuki, Boxoc,and that mad mock goth dead hypnotic track...Managed to get me mits on the mic as well...quite a few lads had brought their other halves, very lacklustre performance on the whole-the audience that is-the Grolsch was v.heavy on the H2O, nice tiles in the bogs......Heist were inoffensive enough, JCClarke had the whole place laughing...'I like to eat a third of a Mars Bar a day, to help me rest'

All in all it were The Fall doin'what they do for an audience that didn't know what to do...great encore, Mark spittin'out...'He is fuckin' not..... appreciated'.... I'm off to go'n'get the new Xmas single now.....have yerselves a cha-cha-cha-cheeky little christMES time


Arrived mid-way through John Cooper Clarke into what was an already packed venue and so we headed to the upstairs bar. However the only possibility of seeing what was going on from up there was from two television screens which had me thinking of Marks interview in 'Perverted By Language Bis' (where he goes on about playing The Peppermint Lounge and how half the crowd would have their back to the band while watching them on a screen (preferring to look at "flickering things") I suppose on the plus side both the John Cooper Clarke & Fall performances were most likely recorded.

MES was on top form. Plenty of the usual messing with microphones / mic stands and occasional turning up of treble on guitar amp (which worked very well!)The opener was The Joke (not many surprises here) and this was followed by Mountain Energi which kicked things off. It was excellent as were Sparta and Boxotocsis. The latter having the crowd at the front chanting "Open The Box...open the box ..open the God damn BOX" . MES made some comment at one stage along the lines of " ah the band are a little tired, after travelling all the way from Wales"

The last number Big New Prinz saw Mark joining in on drums and being very jovial. He dropped the mic into the crowd and when a bouncer furiously grabbed it back and put it back on stage Mark just casually dropped it in again grinning

Highlights were 'Walk Like A Man'? (Hilarious) and was that drummer doing improvised drum rolls (and getting away with it!) and Middle Mass (as soon as I heard the opening bass line I thought YESSSSS). My girlfriend enjoying it two was also a definite plus (and she wanted to know who the cute bass player was). Unfortunately I've stopped noting band member's names. Anyway, recommend anyone to catch this line up live. It was very enjoyable night!


December 8 - Carling Academy, Islington, London:

Several camera-phone photos courtesy Paul Kane. And the following wonderful photo with many thanks to Nick Gibbons:

A few more of Nick's photos are here.


Just got back from this gig, and it was brilliant! John Cooper Clarke was on fine form, even if he's not your average support act. The Fall played (in no particular order) :

The Joke
Theme From Sparta FC
Green Eyed Loco Man
Mountain Energei
(We Wish) 4 U a Protein Christmas (I think. Basically Protein Protection with different lyrics)
Janet, Johnny and James
New Big Prinz (with a snippet of Secession Man thrown in)
Dr Buck's Letter
Mr Phrmacist
Walk Like A Man (!!)
Mere Pseud Mag Ed
Open the Boxoctosis

plus one more I don't recognise, and probably more that I don't remember besides*. Brilliant stuff!

P.S. Notebooks out, trivia fans: The comedians Stewart Lee and Kevin Eldon were in the audience.

* White Lightning

Biggest Librarian Yet:

A remarkably good gig, once Heist (an anag of 'shite', I couldn't help but notice) had fucked off. J Cooper Cluck hasn't changed his appearance since 1979 and... wait for it... he hasn't changed his act either! He-hey! No, but seriously, I kept expecting him to say 'Ey, now, 'appen this one's about them rubic's cubes. Ave yer seen em? I'm so thin, I have to run around in't shower to get wet. No, no.. eh... now then. Eh?' etc. But he was DAMN GOOD - anyone can be entertaining with great material; it takes real talent to be entertaining with material that's older than yer mam.

The Fall... well, same thing really. Amazing how galvanising MES's presence is. They come on, play a really basic, locked groove over and over and it's, y'know.. alright. MES comes on and rasps something over the top of it about PC camps or whatever, while looking like old man Steptoe with a smack habit and suddenly... it's EPOCHAL. TRANSCENDENT. GOOD AND THAT.

I was knocked out that they did Middlemass. Loved the Walk Like A Man cover. Hell, loved the whole gig. Terrible venue, but decent sound, surprisingly up-for-it crowd (the place was packed, and this on the second Fall gig in two days, on a Monday, in what is - with the best will in the world - a venue in a shopping mall in fucking Is-ling-ton) and a great deal of beer. I swooned and fell in love once more with MES's raddled visage. Oh, if only I could be a 20-something greek goth and feel his manly and mancunian loving. Mmmmm.


A fantastic night! One of the best & I've seen the Fall countless times over the years. Mark was in fine form i.e. he walked off stage a few times BUT CAME BACK!! and looked in better shape than he has done over the last few years, leaner and healthier. It looked like the great choons the band have produced on 'Click' have re-engergised them - the encore in particular was outstanding - a great crowd pleaser in 'New Big Prinz' with the mike doing the rounds in the front row for added electricity as random shouts of 'check the guy's track record' and 'he is fucking not appreciated' peppered the song in all the wrong places but somehow made it 20 times better (and it's already my fave Fall song).

Dr Buck's Letter was phenomenal - starting off as an unrecognisable heavy metal stomp as Mark went in search of a new mike after the first 2 got knackered after a number of smashes on floors, drum kit, etc, and then into a reggae trance beat with Ben and the bass player continuing the groove long after MES had left the stage for the last time. I've never seen so many people stay behind afterwards demanding a 2nd encoure (unsuccessfully as it turned out) but you could tell they were wowed by the Fall - a huge crowd as well, great atmosphere.

All in all the Fall played a good mix of new stuff off the new album plus a couple of tunes that don't normally get an airing - a good policy to keep the 'haven't seen them for years' crowd happy. And with John Cooper Clarke on the bill as well keeping everyone in stitches, this gig gets a ten out of ten in my book. Well done boys and girl.

PS - this applies to the Monday night - apparently Sunday night wasn't as great (according to ... massive name drop ... Stuart Lee ... who I met at the coatcheck - MES was more disgruntled and disjointed - not so on Monday, though - he was DEFINITELY enjoying the music and the vibe.


ok. the fall.. i'll give you the long and short of it. i went alone. no tix. had mirella on stanby for 'the call' after her workout. met a bloke as soon as i got there selling 2 tix for a tenner each. hoovered them up and made 'the call'. met me lady in a pub 'round the cona. went to the show. brand new place, set up like that kitchener mick taylor place. we went upstairs and were right over top of them. perfect view

you gotta check out 'john cooper clarke'. he's on the web and kazaa he's this poet dude, been around for a long time. he opened the show. he's got that fly look. a cross between ron wood and rick ocasik. hillarious dude. spoken word.. jokes. very funny. had a little hit song on cfny years ago called 'beasley street'. you'll recognize it. standing right next to us, we befriended mario, dom (RIP) and tony mascitelli. they were aaaaaalright!

the fall came on late , about 10. the band is young and rockin hard. jj on bass. his chick on keys. a really good guitar player. and a drummer with a 2 piece kit only. of course. where's he goin'? what he's gonna play moby dick? or some cream tune? he was doin it straigh up. fall styleee. they'd start a 2 chord song and just hammer it the whole time. sometimes possibly 3 chords.

mark e?? a different story. this guy is mister laid back in front of these repetitive loud riffs. mirella said he reminds her of hugh hefner. exactly! it's like hugh hefner being backed by the stranglers. anyway, mark e did not pick up an instrument. dressed in silver dress shirt and bbbbblack slacks. could not understand ONE word he was singing. if you didn't know the words, you were not going to learn them here. i don't know exactly how to describe what he was doing but basically... singing, walking around non chelant all over the stage. going to the guitar amp and turning 4 or 5 knobs ALL THE WAY OVER. so now the guitar is cranked and trebley. through the course of the show, he did this with everyone's amps. turned the knobs.. ALL THE WAY. fucked up their settings. in the process, completely tangling his mic up with his mic stand and then tossed his mic into the hole in the bass drum. takes the guitarist's mic and stand tangles the fuck out of that..does the same with his chick's mic and the drummer's mic. the stage was an absolute mess!! and all these wires are getting pulled into this web and are getting really tight. from overhead it was a sea of stands and wires from corner to corner. the bass player switches his bass chord to this super long one and it's coiled as well. it could probably stretch out to 50 feet. so... the sound guy's goin nuts right? because every mic's set a different way..different levels. so mark e tosses a mic into the crowd and these guys are singing along. mark's got one, two, three mics in his hand..some work, some don't. he pulls the one back out of the bass drum and gets back on that. he's a funny dude. will not conform and does not give a fuck about the sound (or does he?) or the sound guy. they played over time limit 'till about 11:30. and yes, they did, 'walk like a man', 'mr'pharmacist' and more i'm sure you know. it's totally anti- music , anti-lrehearsed live show and a whooooole lot of fun. th! e fall is...the fall. period.


December 9 - The Robin 2, Bilston:


Well now. I haven't seen The Fall live since the '98 Christmas pantomime - at that point I decided not to travel to Fall gigs any more. And the one gig in Birmingham in 2000-ish at the now-demolished Foundry was on a night when I was doing something else far more important (picking my feet, if I remember right...)

I had low expectations of this gig to be honest. The support act were great, 60s-garage rock'n'roll plus Ian Curtis twitching - before the Fall Gruppe came on I honestly thought they were going to be upstaged. But no.

MES was the most focused I've ever seen him. Good humoured, shouty, lots of words. Better still, I never saw any of the so-called "vintage" band lineups turn in a performance as strong as last night. Milner in particular is a terrific drummer - he can obviously play really well but is disciplined enough not to go flailing around all over the place. Drums and bass are great - unfussy, thundering.

Songs played (in no particular order): The Joke, Mountain Energei, Loco Man, Contraflow, Middlemass, Mod Mock Goth (long, long introduction, MES barking lyrics out), Open the Box, Janet Johnny + James (much better live than on record), Sparta (awesome), Mere Pseud Mag Ed, Pharmacist (really tight)

Encore: F'oldin Money, White Lightning, a huge long Big New Prinz (Milner started this too fast, MES restarted it - but with a smile on his face)

Some good "manual mixing" - fading Ben in and out, usual extra mics in bass drum antics, vocal mic in front of bass amp at the end. Sounded like a plane taking off.

We had an "MES walk-off" sweepstake, which I think I won - two proper walk-offs, and a half-hearted standing-at-side-of-stage episode. I don't think I've ever enjoyed a Fall gig as much as this one - I also can't imagine it will last for long - catch this lineup while you can.


I gave it 6/10, don't get me wrong, it WAS good just not outstanding. But I did have 5 pints and scratchings Oo! got Protein Xmas CD from the gig too, have yet to hear it, not sure if I'll just keep it till xmas morn! E.Poulou is indeed very easy on the eye (with associated grrrrrrrrr noises thrown in for required effect). Was really happy Prinz made it's return. I hadn't heard that in years.

I agree with Stuart, erm it was good but me heed ist too fuzzy at this time to give a proper match report. Sorry for not shutting me yap in the back seat on way home...


Frankly, the gripes are but threefold;

(1) Stupidly hard to find unless you know precisely where you're going (unprintable psychedelic map on venue webpage - 2:14)

(2) Expensive entré and drinks

(3) Some guy smoking cigars milling about making everyone smell

Other than that (except (4) awful support, thx) top drawer rockin fab. Amusing antics and finishes and a bunch of The Greats.

w'lk l'k uh m'n / t'lk l'k uh m'ahahahan!

There's also a review on the BBC's Black Country page, with a couple of photos.


December 10 - Sugar Mill, Hanley:


Only got to see the first half a dozen or so songs last night as I was up against the injustices of public transport and the whims of Mark E Smith.

Arrived in good time at 8pm, and then spent the next 2hrs and 20 minutes staring at an empty stage listening to the same four tracks over and over on the PA.

A small venue with no direct stage access, and we found ourselves positioned by the door through which the Fall would have to walk through to get on stage.

Shortly before 10 pm, from behind the stage door there came a flurry of "You fuck off!", "No YOU fuck off!" and various people walking in and out in huffs.

Shortly after 10.15pm security appears to protect the Fall from us on their way to the stage. The guy tells me Mark E Smith has just turned up.

The Fall minus Smith take to the stage and play for a couple of minutes and then possibly the most badly dressed man with the worst haircut armed with an A4 writing pad takes to the stage.

I have always known of the Fall, have realised Smith's genius, but have only recently begun to take an active interest.

Who is this man? He was alternately fascinating and non-descript. Black school shoes with light coloured trousers, no arse, tight blue pullover revealing his slackening midriff, and atop on slightly hunched shoulders this incredible old man's face fringed with a do it yourself haircut.

No sooner was he on stage than he was twiddling with the volume nob on the guitarist's amp, blowing his nose on the corner of the back drop, re-postioning his A4 pad, constantly comparing his own mike with the guitarist's, generally wandering around as though making mental lists and fiddling, fiddling with the height adjustment of his own mic stand.

A couple of songs in and he was off stage, re-appearing unflustered after a couple of minutes with a bottle of water and a beer.

We could only make the first twenty minutes, but I did feel blessed to have been in his presence, leaving the venue, from outside we could still hear them play as we walked away and it was good to know that somewhere not too far away Mark E Smith was still doing what he does.


December 11 - The Boardwalk, Sheffield:


Alarmingly, this is the first time I've seen The Fall in 4 years. Last time I saw them was also at Sheffield Boardwalk. Not sure why I've missed them between times.

Now I've always had the impression that MES doesn't like Sheffield for some reason. Pretty much every time I've seen them here they've been either utterly shambolic (which, at least, is entertaining) or thoroughly workmanlike (you can just see them thinking "let's get this over with and get out of this student hell-hole"). The only real exception to this was last time they played the Boardwalk when they were pretty darn good (all things being relative).

From reading the reviews on this site over the last few months I dared to have high expectations for once. I turned up at the venue at about 9 pm to be surprised by the sheer number of people there. Where have all these Fall fans come from?! I never meet any! An odd mix - you had your been-into-them-since-78 types to cute young student types with hairgrips that you normally see dancing to Belle & Sebastian or some such at some indie night or other. Good stuff.

Support band (Leon?) were shite - pedestrian indie rock. We then had about an hour of the greatest hits of D.Bowie - Mark'll have loved that, I'm sure! - before a rather muffled recording of PPP began to strain through the PA. And then finally!

Started with the much overplayed "The Joke" (which I've always thought sounded like the Buzzcocks "Fast Cars"). Sounded better than I've heard it before, but Smith obviously wasn't happy as the tune came careering to a halt after about a minute. "Let's have some fuckin' monitors", or some such. He bellowed "hello" into the mic a few times, the crowd answering back. "This isn't fuckin' pop idols", he assured us.

Next came "Telephone Thing". A great tune that's always sounded awful live, but tonight it rocked! I thought so, anyway. MES didn't. Barely a minute into the track the band walk off stage. My mate, who'd never seen them before, was incredulous: "you're fuckin' joking, aren't you?" I assured him this was quite the norm, altho' I've not known them go off this early. Or for as long. Seemed like about 20 minutes before they reappeared to continue with "Telephone". From thereon in, it just got better and better.

I can never remember set lists, but tracks included (in no particular order) "Walk Like A Man" (great - I was really hoping they would play this; glad he didn't attempt the falsetto), "Mountain Energei", "Middle Mass" (fantastic! one of my all-time faves and it sounded great), "Sparta", "Loco", "Protein", "Boxoctosis", "Janet, etc", "Mr Pharmacist" (always gets the crowd goin - one for weddings, parties, bahmitzvahs, etc), "Mere Pseud Mag Ed" (a brilliant racket - surprisingly funky too, I thought), and some others... Encore included "White Lightening" (not heard this in a while, a welcome return), "Big New Prinz", one of the best renditions I've ever heard, altho' the crowd, myself included, were a little reluctant to take the mic when he handed it over. Ended with a sludgy version of the tedious Dr Buck's Letter (sorry, never been keen on this), but it didn't detract from a great night out for all the family.

Crowd didn't seem to get into it for a while (that's Sheffielders for you) but there was a bit of a moshpit by the end, with some besuited guy slam-dancing (git!).

Other stuff: really impressed by this band. I think Dave, Ben and Ding(o) are great musicians, but aren't, as far as I can tell, frustrated jazz musos - they just do their job, keep it simple and tight. Ding's bassplaying cannot be faulted. Much better than the Wilding/Helal/Head lineup.

And then there's Elini, lovely Elini. Not as glamorous as I'd expected from the photos, but very cute, with a bit of a wiggle in her walk. Nice polka-dot stilettoes, for which she deserves respect. She definitely does add something musically, too - her keyboards and vocals were well up in the mix (more so than in the days of Bush or Nagle, it seemed) and sounded great. But really, she must be about a third of her spouse's age.

Mark E Smith must have some great chat-up lines.


On the strength of reviews to date, was really looking forward to this (not always the best frame of mind for a Fall concert, but hard to avoid).

Anyway, despite excessive post gig drinking arrived in time to see both supports. The first of which, who were called somethin like atacus, were surprisingly good and I was more than happy to accept a free CD. The second band, Leon, were not, which, in fairness allowed me to concentrate on more drinking.

At the conclusion of the support I purchased two more pints and a COTC tee shirt and made my way to the front. Waited. Drank first pint. Waited some more and drank second pint. Eventually (about 10.15) the band emerged and launched into the Joke. shortly afterwards MES joined them. I have seen in him some states over the last 20 years but last night must beat all. His eyes were just about closed and I was amazed he manged to stay vertical.

'From the start trouble with the mike's' so much so that before the half way point MES drew the song to an abrupt conclusion. The confused ban launched into the second song which lasted a good 30 seconds before Mark decided it wasn't working, stopped the song and left the stage beckoning the band to join him - which they promptly did.

Then followed a good 20 mins of will they won't they return and just when I was about to bet on the won't option they came back and continued the set (not dissimilar to Nottingham). MES looked dazed and confused, constantly twiddled everyones nobs and used every mike going including the one from the bass drum. He eventually settled for a two mike option. He did not speak at all.On a couple of occasions he looked like he might be about to say something but each time the band launched into the next song before he had chance.

He didn't really snarl as he seemed beyond that, but to my amazement got just about everything right including Walk Like a Man.

They came back for a lengty encore finished by a super version of Dr Bucks letter with Ben and Dingo continuing long after everone else had finnished with proceedings ending when Ben nodded he had had enough and it was all over.

Whilst Mr Smith was not at his best, it is the first time I have seen this line up live and I was very, very impressed. Ben and Dingo were excellent and Dave Milner, who never seems to get much of a mention, is for me second only to K K Burns in the long list of Fall drummers and provides good backing vocals. I hope they all stick around for a while yet.

Given the delayed start and walk off I missed the last bus home which was even more annoying as I had paid that bit extra for a return ticket. Obviously this then necessitated a visit to the nearst Kebab House and a £10 taxi jouney. The knock on effect of this being at 10.15 arrival at work this morning.

Had this been a concert by any other band I would have been a bit fucked off. But this is not any other band, this is the Fall. I long ago gave up trying to apply any logic to my feelings for them. It was not my greatest night at a Fall concert, nor the gratest Fall concert I have seen, but I am glad I was there and will be first in the queue for tickets when they come back.


Dec. 12 - The Mill, Preston:


boxoctosis / telephone thing / mountain energei / green eyed loco-man / mod mock goth / the joke / middlemass / walk like a man / contraflow / mr. pharmacist / janet johnny james / sparta fc / protein protection / mere pseud mag // white lightnin' / new big prinz / dr. buck's // bourgeois town

essence of tong:

1st gig review, bear with me: arrived at 9.20 in time to see end of support group, bought country on the click t shirt (£10), world bewitched (£8), bbc sessions (£7), protein christmas(£4).bought pint of carling and went and stood up by the stage and waited. and waited. and waited. large crowd start getting restless but then at 10.40 band enter stage left. "good evening, we are the fall". i was expecting the joke but got boxoctosis instead.

highlights of the set include green eyed loco man (better live than recorded), sparta, mountain energei, last commands, contraflow( hope you're realizing by know that a lot of the new lp is included, best listen to it before you see them), telephone thing, mr pharmacist and a suprisingly wonderful walk like a man (complete with chicago now type organ noise).

mark e. wearing trousers and skinny fit black jumper over a white shirt ("beware of lead singers in white shirts") that had harry hill type collar! his wife (how does he pull them?) youthfully resplendent in her polka dot high heels and black dress. the worlds tallest guitarist centre stage. mark e in affable mood turns his wifes knob - she reproachingly smacks his hand and turns it back. he then alters the other guitarists settings - cue fond smile and shake of the head from the guitarist (who it must be said has a slight look of a young mark riley). microphone put inside drum, mark e crouching on floor searching through crumpled sheets that have fallen out of an a4 refill pad. soundman bemused. halfway through mark e again says good evening, we are the fall. then goes on to say "my voice's fucked, i'll do my best"

back on for encore, white lightening, prinz, dr bucks letter.
back on for another encore. familiar, do know it, name escapes me - help please [Bourgeois Town]. midnight, the end. great show go see them.

lancashire arab:

Great concert this... His present band are excellent. Highlights for me were Big New Prinz, Sparta, Telephone thing, Mr Pharmacist... In fact most were good or better. The disappointment was Contraflow. It just didn't do much for me.

The sound from bass & drums was immense. Eleni got some great sounds out of her keyboard when you could hear them (Mark kept turning her up, but she kept turning it down). Ben's guitar for Bourgeois town made the most amazing sounds. Wow


A few other thoughts:

I haven't been to many gigs in recent years, in fact the last time I saw The Fall in 1990 is one of the more recent, but this was easily the oldest and ugliest audience I've been in, average age comfortably mid-30's. Being mid-40's and bald, I didn't feel at all out of place. Don't know where the new 17-18 year old Fall audience that people have talked about were - there were a few near the front before the start but they had disappeared by the time the predominantly fat elderly 'moshers' gathered just behind me.

It was great to hear Middle Mass, and The Joke was also well done, but I would have to pick New Big Prinz as the standout for me.

Smith gave the mike to a guy just in front of me, who did a creditable job for the last minute or so of Dr. Buck's Letter.

Guitarist had a semi-permanent smirk/sneer as Smith wandered about, abandoned lyrics, bent down to peruse his A4 sheets, messed about with the mikes and stands, twiddled with his amp etc. You'd have thought he'd be used to it by now.

MES has a rather mesmerising set of tics and mannerisms and it's somehow amazing that a skinny, middle-aged, bloke with a crumpled face and a navy jumper can be so fascinating to watch.

I was ready for an average show, particularly when they didn't turn up till 10:40, but this was great ... great to see Smith has pulled it round too, dead eye stare intact.


Dec. 13 - The Castle, Oldham:


One of the most tight, well performed and professional gigs since the infotainment Scan / Middle Class revolt era.

Firstly many thanks to my g/f whom kindly agreed to drive from Leeds to the gig, and endure Oldham for one night only. Since everything was running late we were advised to go for a pint in a real ale Oldham Athletic supporters type pub opposite. My girlfriends orange juice had a foreign object floating at the surface, it looked suspiciously like grass. 50p for the lactics supporter's drinking/social welfare/keep tramps off the street/fighting fund. We settled down opposite the pool table and amused ourselves by watching The Falls pool playing skills. Mark E Smith's tactic particularly well observed by Louise, as every attempt to screw the white ball ended up with the said ball flying halfway across the pub near or next to our little island table. It was Louise's first Fall gig.

Anyway, the gig. This was defiantly the smallest venue I have ever seen the Fall play, the band had to get onto the postage stamp stage through the crowd. Set list as other gigs, starting with a joke. Whoever did the vocals for Box? It was very good indeed. Musicians were tight, PA was very good, sound was smooth, not as raw as it used to be, but much more disciplined, nothing sloppy. It would be very nice if the Fall could keep this quality up for a while. If you really like the Fall's live sound and haven't seen the Fall on this tour i strongly recommend one of the gigs next year. It will be worth it, trust me. So what did lou think? "well it was alright". Great.


Fall were 'good' last night, with most of the set played well and sounding strong, M. Smith was exceptional, (although the group looked scared of him when he ventured in their direction) best moment was when a guest (black) soul singer joined him onstage during 'open the box'? and was there was a stunning duet. encore was a bit crap I think the initial burst of (drug induced?) energy had waned after two thirds of the set and the performance was beginning to deterorate, Dingo got too loud, and M. smith got pissed off with him justifiably (imho) pulling the plug or turning him down. drummer is good on most of the songs, and Ben was good (apart from once when he started going into 'his' solo type stuff on one song), Elanor's key's were ok, backing vox good, should be more confident with them.

The Sime:

A Literary Review Of A Fall Engagement In The Mode Of A Terminally Ill Melvyn Bragg On Imbibing A Preparation Of Liquidised Laurel Leaves

The last time I came up north to see the fall I ended up sleeping under a bush. This time there was a plan. At least on paper. A4 printouts of Manc taxi nos, a list of buses to Oldham, and 3 copies of a printed e-ticket for the 12.05am coach back to Birmingham. Also a Manc a-z. I'm not a complete bloody idiot.

I had trouble organising all these pieces of paper on the 5.30pm Birmingham to Manchester coach as the low lighting left the back seat almost pitch black. My rustling disturbed the slumbers of a hog-like bloke two seats in front. After which he kept turning round and leering every few minutes like Stan Ogden looking for his tea. At couple of times he turned round quickly enough to make eye contact while I was busy picking my nose.

It was too dark on the coach to read. I had the Jim Thompson omnibus with me. I wished I had brought a smaller book not to read. The concern being that the oversized tome might cuckoo-like force my wallet out of the same pocket after a few pints.

I made a mental note to find a hiding place for the book at the coach station from which I could collect it again on the way back... then realised that I would probably forget anyway after a few pints.

It began to pour with rain as we passed through Stafford. I managed to skim through The Independent at Stafford bus station which was brightly lit. Mick Jagger on the front page collecting his knighthood, Quote Of The Day being his qualification that honours are nice if you don't take them too seriously. The Fall gig was listed in the entertainments section with a few words along the lines of "the inimitable Mark E Smith".

The Castle Oldham - a small venue approx 120ft by 100ft. Or probably a lot bigger or smaller than that. A stage to the right of the front entrance (raised perhaps a couple of feet from the main floor and this evening decorated by The Fall cartoon backdrop) and a pool room to the left. "Intimate" concealed lighting, some brushed aluminium and mirrored surfaces perhaps meant to evoke a (brewery sponsoredish) nu-rockish feel (the rough guess of a born-again philistine). The main floor carefully sectioned off into three by silver crowd barriers, two main halves and a small 4 foot wide mosh area at the front of the stage.

Guess what - the place is full of scruffy middle-agedish men. But these were no ordinary tramp-a-likes. Clearly I was privileged to be present at an unprecedented gathering of the cream of Manchester's creative cognoscenti. A dazzling variety of approaches to every conceivable stage of hair loss were paraded before the rapacious eyes of the attendant fashion press mafiosi. These were (literally) met and even exceeded in a few extreme cases by all possible configurations of facial hair up to but not including a full beard. My kind of people.

Let's just say that IF THERE IS somewhere in Manchester a specialist hair design salon for Fall fans only... and IF IT DOES have a window display of soft focus sepia-tinted photos... AND IF THOSE PHOTOS SHOULD show ex-Kays catalogue menswear models... and IF THOSE MODELS DID sport the hair designs that I witnessed last night, then sadly, I personally am not aware of it.

Of those attending, the larger proportion wore glasses. Of that proportion, the larger proportion wore small rectangular glasses. Of that proportion the larger proportion wore plain wire-rimmed rectangular glasses (my personal choice). Of the rest, these ranged from those rimless rectangular glasses (a bit fussy) to a pair of thin black plastic designerish glasses.

These last were worn with what seemed like great effort by a man in his fifties with a thin, cerebral looking face and long swept back hair. He glanced around the room intensely. The effect of the eyewear was that the semiotic relevance of everything he looked at was being deconstructed in the cauldron of his mind, torn apart in the giant clashing gears of his remorseless James Burke-like mental appendage. He was probably looking for the bogs.

A bloke remarks at about 10 to 10 that we are being kept waiting. We pass a few remarks. He says that he met MES in the pub next door earlier that evening and said to him "I've been a fan ever since the start". To which the reply was "Oh, don't start giving me that shit". Which the bloke said was spot on, because he hadn't really been a fan from the start at all...

We swap our claims to fame: he got a cartoon strip about signing on published in Zit magazine. I saw BA Robertson driving his car in London when I was 6.

The bloke lets me know that he is happy - he has a wicked bird and they travel a lot. He lifts boxes for a living. I am a caretaker. We both count ourselves lucky to have escaped the cruel fate of becoming tortured artists moaning about how nobody realises how difficult it is to create.

He asks me if I am happy. I change the subject. He changes the subject again - he says would I believe that he had a gay period when he was younger. I reply that that sounds messy. He says that he found the Manchester gay scene to be a load of bollocks. I reply that I expected that that would be the case, but was prepared to take his word for it... that seemed to bring us to the end of what we needed to discuss. A genuinely nice bloke.

I can't remember exactly what the warm up music was, but I do remember it was the good stuff, search and destroy for example was played and appreciated.

The band kicked off with The Joke, followed by Telephone Thing, nice powerful renditions, satisfying and toothsome. I lose count then, but recall Green Loco Man (fave line - "you move fast, but I am tight" or similar), f*cking pharmacist, a bewitching Janet and Johnny, an equally bewitching mountain energei, a gut rocking protein and Contraflow. Sparta FC converts me from initial indifference towards infatuation with. The outstanding number of the evening was MOD MOCK GOTH, definitely hypnotic, truly wonderful and frightening. Of the selection of old classics, probably Big Prinz was the best. I had to leave during this to head for the coach station. I dared to hope to hear Last Commands played live, but left happy enough despite this frustration.

Good bass sound last night, a bit of growl, definitely promising. Excellent guitar, better than the album version for example on Boxoctosis, the rockabilly influence notable. The keyboards are excellent - the fall I think are best when there is enough melody to get the pop angle across, which there now is. The drummer did an excellent job, on drums and backing vocals, in partic Sparta. The vocalist wasn't half bad either.

I managed to make the 12.05am coach back with 10 mins to spare. High point of the return journey was the coach driver's intercom description of how to use the toilet facilities:

[crackle pop... breathing sound] Good evening everybody... Will people please note that there are toilet facilities with a washbowl and towels to wash yer hands etcetera located at the rear of the vehicle. The way that you use the toilet, there's a little pedal at ground level, down at the left. What you do is, you put a bit of weight - just a little bit - on the pedal, and what that does is that it clears whatever you have put into the toilet. Just put a bit of weight to it, and hopefully that should stop the back area there stinking through the night. Thankyou. [static pop]

What poetry - At one point I could have sworn that i physically heard Ian Gillan screaming the classic lost Deep Purple B-side "Stinking Through The Night". But it was probably just the sound of a coach toilet being flushed repeatedly as i drifted in and out of a drunken sleep on a long ride home to the Midlands western quarter.


A few Fall bits in this week's NME - many thanks to Mick for sending them in. I have no idea what it means, but "Netto Superstar" does score a single hit on Google, which is useful.

"Them from Sparta FC" - the defenders? management? giant ants?

Fame at last...


Here's "how to buy the Fall," according to BBC 6FM (it's a real audio file). Thanks to Mike for spotting the link.



Mark has offered to answer some questions from the Fallnet fan base (including the forum, the mailing list, and website visitors). The suggestion is that this could become a regular thing. He has asked for me to select the "best" three questions each month, which he will answer.

Please email any questions directly to me (c.paton@xtra.co.nz) and we'll see how we get on. I'll post the three questions I select here and on the forum before I send them to MES.


As you've probably gathered from the message board, Sanctuary has announced the first two in their series of remastered, expanded Fall studio LPs. Details courtesy the mighty Conway:

The first two Sanctuary reissues currently being prepared are Live at the Witch Trials and Dragnet. The most amazing news is that the original master tapes have been located. Lost in the vaults of the record company - the vaults at EMI Records, to be precise!

Out on Jan. 26, 2004. Tracklistings:

Live At The Witch Trials - CD1 (Total time: 66.52)

Original LP
Frightened / Crap Rap 2 / Like To Blow / Rebellious Jukebox / No Xmas For John Quays / Mother-Sister! / Industrial Estate / Underground Medecin / Two Steps Back / Live At The Witch Trials / Futures And Pasts / Music Scene

Step Forward SF7 single
Bingo-Master's Break-Out! / Psycho Mafia / Repetition

Step Forward SF9 single
It's The New Thing / Various Times

Dresden Dolls bootleg single
Dresden Dolls

Electric Circus 10"
Stepping Out / Last Orders

Live At The Witch Trials - CD2 (Total time: 72.59)

Peel sessions 1 & 2
Rebellious Jukebox / Mother-Sister / Industrial Estate / Futures And Pasts
Put Away / Mess Of My / No Xmas For John Quays / Like To Blow

Liverpool 78 COGVP118 CD
Like To Blow / Stepping Out / Two Steps Back / Mess Of My / It's The New Thing / Various Times / Bingo Master's Breakout / Frightened / Industrial Estate / Psycho Mafia / Music Scene / Mother-Sister

Dragnet (Total time: 74.25)

Original LP
Psykick Dancehall / A Figure Walks / Printhead / Dice Man / Before The Moon Falls / Your Heart Out / Muzorewi's Daughter / Flat Of Angles / Choc-Stock / Spectre vs. Rector / Put Away

Step Forward SF11 single
Rowche Rumble / In My Area

Step Forward SF13 single
Fiery Jack / 2nd Dark Age / Psykick Dancehall 2

Unreleased from master tapes
Rowche Rumble Take 2 (4.09)
Rowche Rumble Take 3 (0.33)
Rowche Rumble Take 4 (4.14)
Rowche Rumble Take 5 (1.38)
In My Area Take 1 (0.45)
In My Area Take 2 (5.08)


A combined review by Rob Hollingworth of the Simon Ford and Mick Middles books from Bullit, a new UK magazine.


Steven Bending's wonderful The Fall Multimedia Project website has part two of Diary of a Madman (featuring Steve Evets and MES) and Brix discussing the Adult Net on some TV show.



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